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A Collector’s View: Is Akrivia Bound For Glory? - Reprise | Quill & Pad

A Collector’s View: Is Akrivia Bound For Glory? – Reprise | Quill & Pad

If you follow the universe of autonomous watchmaking, at this point you’ve in all likelihood knew about watchmaker Rexhep Rexhepi and his Akrivia watches . Since showing up on the scene in 2012 with its first tourbillon-based watch, Akrivia has kept on pleasing with a progression of new presentations, most as of late including its first non-tourbillon watch, the AK-06 that made its introduction at Baselworld 2017.

The Akrivia AK-06 at Baselworld 2017

For a particularly little and generally new undertaking, the buzz around Akrivia has been amazing, and the watches are really uncommon, too.

However, the universe of free watchmaking is an extreme spot to get by (see Why Independents Struggle ), and there is no deficiency of splendid autonomous personalities out there comparative with the quantity of likely purchasers for their profoundly particular watches.

So, for what reason may Akrivia move to the fore?

Living tone: Akrivia Tourbillon Monopusher Chronograph

It’s about the product

Years back, the prominent promoting channels master Professor Lou Stern trusted in me his three insider facts of appropriation channel technique: “Item, item, and product!”

The premise, obviously, is that in case you’re selling something incredible, standing out enough to be noticed of merchants and retailers and get through from energetic purchasers becomes much easier.

Rexhepi and Akrivia have conveyed on the item front in an assortment of ways.

No little plans: From the absolute starting point, Akrivia’s watches have highlighted complex instruments, for example, tourbillons at the center of its initial five models and extra complications including bouncing hours, chronographs, and ringing hours among others.

Tourbillon Chiming Jump Hour from Akrivia on the creator’s wrist

Thoughtful relocation: Akrivia’s first models depended on a previous tourbillon type from (presently dead) BNB Concept; indeed, the establishment of the underlying tourbillon chronograph was a ébauche additionally utilized in watches from Hublot, among others.

To that beginning stage, in any case, Akrivia added its own worth, re-working the development and adding magnificent completing and styling that to me is suggestive of Kari Voutilainen’s utilization of types, including the Peseux 260, in his initial pieces.

Akrivia Tourbillon Monopusher Chronograph

After a few models dependent on the tourbillon design, in its fifth year Akrivia has now made the enormous stride of presenting its own inside created development with the emotional AK-06.

In-house excellence: Akrivia AK-06

Famous for completing: While various free thinkers are known for their astounding completing work, Rexhepi has raised the risk nearly to the level of a challenge by planning his developments to require handfuls – and at times more than fifty – forcefully completed inside points on the development spans and plates.

A bliss to see: great completing and even plan, converse of Akrivia AK-06

Akrivia’s anglage is done in adjusted bombé style, requiring extra ability and time, and the dial sides of his watches highlight a confounding assortment of completing options including matte, profoundly cleaned, and pounded surfaces in different tones just as dark cleaning and flawlessly blued numerals.

Hand-pounded gold dial, Akrivia Tourbillon Regulateur

At a similar time, there’s sufficient “defective flawlessness” in components, for example, the engraved engravings to make it evident that these watches are obviously the result of difficult hand-working.

Handmade: development detail, Akrivia Tourbillon Regulateur with hand-engraved plaques

Distinctiveness and consistency: It’s not difficult to perceive an Akrivia watch when you see one, and it’s not simply the unmistakably formed case that parts with it. For example, with regards to development engineering Rexhepi uses a steady mechanical plan language that relies intensely upon balance and the utilization of mark components like an “epicentric” and profoundly noticeable focus wheel.

With maybe one special case that I’ll talk about beneath, Akrivia’s plan rules aren’t a restraint: I’ve been satisfied to see an assortment of hand shapes, for example, including both expansive and nearly needle-slight variations on hour and moment hands.

Inventiveness: The watches are simply darned cunning! The current year’s AK-06 ( my top watch pick at Baselworld 2017 ) may appear to be “only” a three-hand watch, yet the dial-side force save includes a novel development that incorporates two-toothed racks and counter-turning pointers, and the development additionally includes a zero-reset component for the little seconds as a heart-molded cam noticeable at the focal point of the seconds subdial in the photograph below.

Akrivia AK-06 with heart cam for zero-reset at base center

It’s about the people

For me, it’s by and large evident that the watch world is about its kin, and doubly so when we are discussing the free movers, where the actual items straightforwardly mirror the encounters, points of view, and characters of their makers.

When it comes to encounter, Rexhepi absolutely has the required family, starting with an apprenticeship at Patek Philippe and including stops en route at BNB Concept and F.P. Journe prior to firing up Akrivia.

And his sibling and partner Xhevdet apprenticed at Patek Philippe as well.

Training ground: Rexhep Rexhepi’s Patek Philippe Montre Ecole

The siblings additionally have youth on their side, and as can be found in their plans they likewise carry an energetic and reviving viewpoint to watch aesthetics.

And as should be obvious, there’s no deficiency of devotion and regular difficult work, as Xhevdet’s online feeds specifically appear to highlight a great deal of late-night and end of the week workshop shots!

It’s about the promotion

Speaking of online feeds, one thing that has plainly assisted with raising Akrivia over the messiness is the utilization of a few sorts of promotion.

Online presence: At the far extraordinary, while I’ve managed a few free thinkers who have sent me precisely zero in-progress photos during the creation of watches that I’ve commissioned, by contrast the Akrivia group appears to have a fantastic comprehension of the craving of the present authorities to have in the background admittance to the inside activities of their workshop just as a constant flow of Instagram and Facebook posts of completed eye candy.

Live and face to face: parts completing exhibit at Akrivia’s Geneva workshop

In-individual openness: Unlike most free movers, Akrivia has its workshop in the core of Geneva and excitedly welcomes guests. At the point when I’ve been there, the visit has unmistakably highlighted shows of strategies like dark cleaning and fire dye just as freedoms to see the watchmakers’ continuous work and handle various completed pieces.

And, obviously, toward the finish of any visit there’s consistently the gathering photograph of the “recognized guests” for internet posting, connecting the physical and virtual special worlds.

Example parts (not creation things), dye demonstration

Patronage and impact: While Akrivia doesn’t meddle with the security of its purchasers in its limited time materials, it’s notable in the gatherer community that various compelling outside the box authorities have purchased the miniature brand’s watches; that is the sort of advancement that can’t be purchased, yet merits its weight in gold.

So what might actually go wrong?

Akrivia has remembered some lovely non-conventional components for its prosperity equation to date, and keeping in mind that it is by all accounts working up until this point, there are maybe a couple of mists on the horizon.

Live by the advancement, pass on by the advancement: I imagine that it’s excessively that Akrivia is adopting a twenty-first-century strategy to showcasing mindfulness, however especially with regards to more “develop” authorities, what one individual may see as a new and straightforward methodology may be seen by others as in-your-face pushiness.

For case, I realize one noted authority who was thinking about a commission with Akrivia yet felt he was being “sold” too forcefully and at last picked another option.

And, while the Akrivia group works really hard of remaining current via web-based media, other online devices appear to endure a piece: for example, while the AkriviA site includes a photograph of yours genuinely with companions taken during our visit in 2016, there is still no data there about the current year’s AK-06.

See the advancement, be the advancement: a photograph of the creator and companions on Akrivia’s website

Live by the case, bite the dust by the case: Earlier, I referenced that Akrivia’s plan codes don’t appear to be a restraint. One special case for that standard for me may be the plan of their cases, which one can decide to see as either refreshingly current or excessively sporty.

I realize that it’s an extreme line to stroll to be adequately adaptable while trying not to be everything to all individuals; simultaneously, even producers like Kari Voutilainen, who is known for his exemplary tear carried cases, have now and again attempted different shapes (as in the Voutilainen Caliber 27).

Uniformly unmistakable: trademark case state of Akrivia watches, here on the Tourbillon Hour Minutes

Degrees of division: In numerous ways, Rexhepi and Akrivia are standing separated from the group, and for the existence of me I’m not exactly certain whether that is a splendid system or a conceivably restricting tactic.

In my innermost self I wish that Rexhepi would partake all the more straightforwardly in the community of autonomous watchmakers, however with activities, for example, situating at the Ramada as opposed to Les Ateliers at Baselworld and even the utilization of Akrivia as a brand personality instead of setting up an eponymous brand, he appears to have picked an “free” path.

Charting an autonomous way: Rexhep Rexhepi of Akrivia

Critical mass: As I referenced over, various persuasive authorities have jumped onto the Akrivia fad; however after some time will the brand pass the tipping point where request takes off and gatherers aren’t worried about “getting injured” on watches that range in retail cost from about $80,000 to more than $200,000?

I’ll be intrigued to perceive how the story unfurls whether Akrivia assembles the establishment of steadfast authorities and rehash purchasers that it will need to satisfy the drawn out capability of its splendid watches and their similarly splendid makers.

Parting shot: Akrivia Tourbillon Monopusher Chronograph

For more data, kindly visit .

Quick Facts Akrivia AK-06

Case: 41 x 9.9 mm, accessible in treated steel, titanium, 5N red gold, or platinum

Dial: different dial completes and colors accessible

Development: physically twisted Caliber AK-06; breadth 30.0 mm; hacking seconds and zero reset; Breguet overcoil; 18,000 vph, 100-hour power save

Capacities: hours, minutes; auxiliary seconds; power save pointer

Cost: 79,000 Swiss francs (steel) to 91,000 Swiss francs (titanium)

* This story was initially posted on June 17, 2017 at   A Collector’s View: Is Akrivia Bound For Glory?

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