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A Look at the Timefactors PRS-9 Czech Air Force

A Look at the Timefactors PRS-9 Czech Air Force

Flying watches almost consistently have some legacy behind them.  The Bremont MB arrangement, for instance.  You’ll just get your gloves on a MB I (the uncommon one with the red knurled barrel) if you’re ‘fortunate’ enough to discharge from your airplane in a Martin Baker ejector seat.  That’s adequately great, however what about a watch that was worn by individuals from THE best WWII RAF unit, 312 – the ‘Czech Squadron’?  We’re estimating accomplishment by flying capacity here; there are as yet seven Spitfires in presence today that were flown by 312. That’s the most from any one WWII squadron.

Strangely, the watch related with 312 is preferably less notable over most chronicled flight watches.  It’s the Longines Czech Air Force (CAF) 3582 .

The Longines CAF was initially fabricated in 1935 and utilized the pocketwatch cal.15.94 development. Set apart on the caseback were the unambiguous words “MAJETEK VOJENSKÉ SPRÁVY” or “Property of Military Affairs”.  Longines provided three dial and development varieties of the watch to the Czech Air Force from 1935 until 1947.

You’ll pay a premium for one of these notable watches today.  And they aren’t the most wearable of regular tickers either – so on the off chance that you need some set of experiences AND something you can wear, where do you look?  How about UK watch company Timefactors and their Precista brand?

The TimeFactors PRS-9 (full title “Precista Czech Air Force – PRS-9”) draws its motivation from the Longines CAF 3582. What’s more, it’s that RAF Czech unit – No. 312 – that this watch recalls. (

Originally, you would have required wings on your tunic and huge generosity to claim a Longines CAF.  To lash one to your wrist today you’d need around £2,000, more for one of the more uncommon models.  Timefactors’ PRS-9, is yours for a fairly simpler £385.  What do you get for your cash? Also, how comparable are the first and the new?

First up, the case is extraordinary.  Turn a unique CAF over and you can perceive how its tempered steel case has been collapsed to make the seamed carries.  You’ll see run of the mill military fixed spring bars as well, and a back that flies off to permit you to eliminate the development and dial complete.  That implies a unique CAF is pretty much as waterproof as the normal RAF Nissen cabin.  The PRS-9 is as yet spotless, however it’s processed from 316L evaluation in Germany, the drags are machined and the case is water-impervious to 30m.

The caseback merits an extraordinary notice.  Not just is it hung on with four pure, flathead screws, it is engraved with the group peak of 312 in such a fine, accuracy detail that makes them reach for a loupe.

The PRS-9 is a reverence that is, severally, undeniably more wearable than the first.  The Longines’ acrylic gem was rarely watertight, just on the grounds that it was intended to pivot.  Turning the precious stone moved a little pointer.  The pilot could utilize it as a crude GMT marker or to record passed flight time.  The PRS-9 does similarly, however figures out how to hold its water opposition.  So you turn the plexi precious stone – not the bezel – to move the marker.  As the PRS’ producer, Eddie Platts, clarifies, “The reality that the PRS-9 is water impervious to 30 meters is no little plan achievement.”

The spotless, coin-edged bezel outlines the somewhat matte traditional dark dial.  Originally, Longines plated their dials.  The PRS is fairly less delicate however very little less exquisite.  The fine, squelette hands are loaded up with brilliant C3 Super Luminova and go around a shut moment track.  6 o’clock seconds and lumed arabic numerals – no date.  Who needs a date in a Spitfire anyway?

The development, a little incidentally, is another, old stock,17 gem AS1130 “Wehrmacht” development, made in Switzerland.  It’s hand-wound, strong and – on my watch – precise.  It’s a type with some legacy as well, tracing all the way back to the mid 1930s.  I speculate it would likewise demonstrate powerful; huge stuff wheels, weighty plates and a lot of metal associated with development.  It positively doesn’t wind with the occasionally characterless perfection of an advanced watch.  Instead, there’s much more certainty and character when you turn the crown.  And, at 18,000bph it likewise matches the beat of the first Longines type.  A flawless touch.

Straps frequently appear to wind up as somewhat of an idea in retrospect.  Not here.  The PRS-9 runs a 24mm handcrafted cowhide tie sourced from the Somerset firm of leather experts, Pittards.  Somerset is an agrarian district completely and the PRS’ lash would cheerfully serve as a pony harness – it’s that thick and all around made.  It mellow over the long haul to give a smooth, warm cowhide.  Hardware is tanned steel and the lash closes are decidedly riveted.

The Longines CAF wasn’t a little watch.  Neither is the PRS.  It tips the scales at a little more than 3 1/2 ounces and measures 44mm including crown.  The downswept hauls ensure it doesn’t wear like a morning timer however, and it’ll handily fit under a shirt sleeve, guideline issue or not. Furthermore, truth be told, the 24mm haul width adds equilibrium to the case.

As ever, Timefactors have pondered their bundling.  No plain, cardboard boxes here.  Instead, you’ll locate a wooden box with a cowhide pouch inside.  The acclaimed Aero Leathers make the pouch and, in it, you’ll discover your PRS.  There’s likewise a wooden pen, an enormous finishing fabric and a genuine, no-wrecking about springbar instrument.  You could most likely get a chamber head off a Spitfire utilizing it.

You could put the two watches one next to the other and despite the fact that they wouldn’t very be twins, the legacy and impact are clear.

But verifiable looks and DNA aren’t all the PRS is about.  It’s an appropriate, functional watch. Let’s face it, you’d be probably not going to wear a unique Longines CAF consistently.  Even simply the absence of water obstruction excludes it for ordinary wrist-time.  But there’s the authentic meaning of the first.  That likely could be the greatest hindrance to numerous individuals choosing to clasp it on.  It’s not a watch for wearing, it’s for looking at, thinking on and finding out about.  It’s actually a piece of military history.

In contrast, the PRS is certainly not a relic.  It’s a truly hearty every day wearer.  It’ll do everything a cutting edge watch will do yet with rather more character.  And that superb, new-old-stock 18,000bph development too.

by Mark McArthur-Christie