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A Short History Of Vianney Halter And His Watches: A Wild Ride That's Not Over Yet | Quill & Pad

A Short History Of Vianney Halter And His Watches: A Wild Ride That's Not Over Yet | Quill & Pad

The Deep Space Tourbillon , disclosed in 2013 by then 50-year-old Vianney Halter, is a watch that resembles no other and has a story like no other. A Herculean watch with a triple-hub tourbillon at its middle, fringe hands and a science fiction appearance, it was legitimately granted the Innovation prize at the 2013 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève .

Deep Space Tourbillon by Vianney Halter

The Deep Space Tourbillon additionally denoted the victorious comeback of one of the absolute generally compelling and imaginative horological craftsmen of his generation.

Halter had not created a watch in the seven years preceding it. Maybe most oddly of all, it was Star Trek that in any event in part motivated his re-visitation of the horological spotlight in 2013.

Vianney Halter wearing his Deep Space Tourbillon at Baselworld 2014

The star(t) of another millennium

In the early long stretches of the new thousand years, Halter was hailed as the complete new ability in the realm of autonomous watchmaking. He had followed his companion François-Paul Journe from Paris to Switzerland in 1990, where the pair, the two specialists in rehabilitating old experts, worked close by Denis Flageollet (presently De Bethune’s specialized chief) and other gifted watchmakers in a research organization for complicated watchmaking called THA (Techniques Horlogères Appliquées SA). THA was equaled in those days maybe exclusively by the Audemars Piguet-supported APRP ( Audemars Piguet Renaud et Papi ).

Many of THA’s free thinker watchmakers have since decided to make their own brands, Halter notwithstanding. He got comfortable Sainte-Croix, where THA was found. THA has had a place with Carl F. Bucherer since 2007 and has become so coordinated that it no longer passes by that name.

Halter set up a little production and named it Janvier SA after nineteenth-century watchmaker Antide Janvier, his idol.

Vianney Halter Antiqua

Halter presented the primary watch bearing his name in 1998, a trying unending schedule named Antiqua , which set the pace for quite a bit of his work to come. In reality, it addressed his retro-modern vision of the customary marine chronometer and laid the base for a line of watches he initiated “Futur Antérieur” (“future past”).

Halter had made a sprinkle, yet it was the Opus project with the then-youngster Harry Winston Rare Timepieces that drove him further into the spotlight. Initiated by Maximilian Büsser, at that point CEO of the gem dealer’s watch division, the Opus project connected with an alternate autonomous watchmaker every year to break new horological ground and was from various perspectives the herald for Büsser’s own straightforwardly cooperative brand, MB&F .

Harry Winston Opus 3: the magnum opus

The Harry Winston Opus 3 was a defining moment for Halter, Büsser, and the Opus project by and large. Getting where his own marine chronometer-propelled watches left off, and very dissimilar to anything seen previously or since, the Opus 3 was a mechanical-computerized work of art with windows showing singular numerals for the hours and date.

Harry Winston Opus 3 by Vianney Halter

As so regularly occurs inside Halter’s incomprehensible psyche, in any case, things got complicated. Excessively complicated. The improvement got far pricier than initially suspected, and creation turned out to be truly postponed. It would in the long run require seven years, and the contribution of APRP, to complete the watch as indicated by Halter’s unique designs.

Halter likewise effectively completed a useful model of the Cabestan with planner Jean-François Ruchonnet, another exceptionally driven piece of mechanics fusing steady power given by a modernly styled chain and fusée , a vintage consistent power mechanism.

Crash, blast, bang

It should maybe come as nothing unexpected that, as an especially talented craftsman in his field, Halter’s enthusiastic world is a smidgen more intensely hued than a few. Fundamentally, his inventive yield is successfully constrained by his demeanor – like that of such countless significant artists, craftsmen, and writers.

In 2007 Halter completed a contemporary interpretation of an exemplary marine chronometer in his commonly steampunk style, complete with a spellbindingly baffling rotor and condition of time complication, which he called the Classic Janvier Sun & Moon .

Classic Janvier Sun & Moon by Vianney Halter

But Halter, similar to all extravagance watch makers, was hit hard by the 2008 monetary emergency. In spite of comparatively lively deals of the model that established the assortment in 2000, the Classic Janvier, it addressed a monetary misfortune because of a value error failing for the purchaser. The outcome: his once-humming Janvier industrial facility gradually turned out to be essentially without workers, and creation ground to a halt.

“Indeed, I was depleted, as I had delivered a huge measure of work for quite a long time,” he says, relating the components that sent him spiraling into a time of self-doubt.

It welcomed on something much the same as an inability to write. “During such a period, you question yourself about your work, your life, your way, your objective, their implications . . . also, toward the end, the Deep Space Tourbillon was conceived during this groundbreaking time.”

A new sunrise through science fiction

What hauled Halter out of his funk was a fairly surprising new development. Without obvious explanation, as Halter had not dispatched another watch since 2007, the 2011 jury of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève granted him the “best watchmaker” prize. This honor could be – and clearly was – made as a tribute.

“It reloaded me, mixed me with energy to chip away at the Deep Space Tourbillon,” he said in retrospect.

Star Trek Deep Space 9 space station (photograph graciousness Gamepedia)

In truth, Halter’s motivation for this lively watch involved a preferably more disgraceful put on the social guide over the marine chronometers and memorable watches that had recently filled his vision. In his season of reflection, Halter had watch completely the Star Trek TV arrangement Deep Space Nine . It reignited his affection for sci-fi and returned him to his instilled set of ideals.

This creative proclamation addressed the victorious comeback of one of the absolute generally persuasive and inventive horological craftsmen of our age. What’s more, the jury of the 2013 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève got this and granted this extraordinary watch with the 2013 Innovation Award. More than proper acknowledgment for this Herculean timepiece.

Vianney Halter Deep Space Tourbillon in plain view at the ‘Watchmakers: The Masters of Art Horology’ presentation at Maxxi, Rome

“I needed to investigate another style as opposed to continuing with the Futur Antérieur,” he clarified. The Deep Space Tourbillon, accordingly, is both a flight and a continuation. Like his past watches, it utilizes a horological gadget from the records of conventional watchmaking (the tourbillon), however includes it in a contemporary manner.

“I needed to astound my devotees, not baffle them; this was a serious test, however the answer for overcome this test was simply to buckle down on it.”

2013: A Space Oddity, the Vianney Halter Deep Space Tourbillon

Halter says his Deep Space Tourbillon is certainly not an actually situated watch. “As I would like to think, the most fascinating part is the way that the tourbillon is utilized in this watch not for its supposed focal points regarding precision, yet for a more inconspicuous (and ground-breaking) purpose.”

He utilizes the triple-hub tourbillon as a kind of motor model “that is probably going to decipher the calculated thought of the three components of Euclidean space, encircled by the fourth measurement (time).”

The Deep Space Tourbillon by Vianney Halter

In truth, he sees the triple-hub tourbillon as a kind of dynamic figure that motivates far greater thoughts than simple exact timekeeping. The tourbillon’s three concurrent pivots (40 seconds, 6 minutes, and 30 minutes), ringed by the dial, take a philosophical thought and make it literal.

Here’s the way it’s built: the huge, focal, triple-hub tourbillon is immovably tucked away inside a licensed support upheld from the base just on one single metal roller. With this center idea, it needed to stay light so as limit its energy prerequisites. The development, with fringe hands bending over the ring of the dial, was then planned around this system and set under an exceptionally domed sapphire crystal.

The result was a haute horlogerie watch with the appearance of a UFO – and observably of the space station in Deep Space Nine – with a 46 mm case in lightweight titanium.

“The focus of the Classic Janvier was a sort of accolade for Antide Janvier and furthermore to show the level of my work,” Halter advised me. “Also, the objective of the Deep Space Tourbillon is an approach to share my philosophy.”

2018: Vianney Halter Anniversary Watch

Celebrating a long time since his first watch, the Antiqua, was presented at Baselworld 1998, Halter drew out his Anniversary Watch at Baselworld 2018. It is an accolade, however, to his Classic model of the year 2000.

The unique Vianney Halter Classic

While the Antiqua was a somewhat stunning watch for 1998, unquestionably breaking standards of the time, the Classic was more restrained in its methodology. There were steampunk components of it, nonetheless, that either commanded your quick notice or turned you directly off. Both of these watches inspired forceful enthusiastic responses.

Anniversary by Vianney Halter

The Anniversary catches a ton of what made the Classic so incredible however refreshes these components for the advanced watch-purchasing public. One such alteration is the case size: while the first was a then-exemplary 36 mm, the 2018 restricted release variant is 38 mm.

Another is the case material: the present feel for the easygoing strength of treated steel is a major draw, and the Anniversary obliges regardless of whether it was never Halter’s own style to utilize this material.

One significant component of Halter’s initial work was the gold bolts that embellished his watches’ crowns. The more up to date Anniversary holds the bolts, yet not so many of them as the crown is more extensive, lower, and to some degree compliment, in this way simply ready to accommodate one column of bolts instead of the two of his prior work.

Among other corrective subtleties that combine to make this watch famously unmistakable as a tribute, yet marginally refreshed for the cutting edge time, there is additionally the matter of the development. While the utilization of Halter’s unmistakable sapphire gem secret rotor is held, the development uncovered under is another one: Caliber U30A has a more slow beat pace of 3 Hz and an updated 56-hour power save as compared to the Lémania-based Caliber VH100 in the first Classic.

The development side of Vianney Halter’s Anniversary

Halter sourced this appealing development from an individual AHCI part, who a significant number of us accept to be Andreas Strehler. Encompassing the perspective on the development working on it back bezel is an inquisitive engraving: for the message to be decoded, each watch conveys one-20th of a scrambled message that should be combined with the comparative messages on the other 19 watches in this restricted release .

Halter has as of late said that he is dealing with another watch yet to be disclosed. So stay tuned in light of the fact that who understands what it very well may be. Just he does, and he’s not saying.

For more data if it’s not too much trouble, visit .

Quick Facts Vianney Halter Anniversary

Case: 38 x 9.5 mm, hardened steel with 18-karat gold bolts

Dial and hands: two-level silver dial with iced and cleaned completing and blue or dark printed numerals, logo, mark, and files; cleaned or blued steel hands

Development: programmed Caliber U30A; 56-hour power save; 21,600 vph/3 Hz recurrence; sapphire precious stone plate secret rotor with encoded code on external fringe

Capacities: hours, minutes, focal seconds

Limit: 20 pieces

Creation year: 2018

Value: unique retail cost €54,000 including VAT; late closeout cost ( Phillips, June 2020 ) CHF 47,500

Significant watches by Vianney Halter

Antiqua (1998)

Halter’s first free watch was a never-ending schedule and the establishing piece in his Futur Antérieur line, his vision of a current marine chronometer. Its case alone comprised almost 100 individual components, including strong gold rivets.

Vianney Halter Antiqua

Quick Facts Vianney Halter Antiqua

Case: yellow gold, pink gold, white gold, platinum; one pearl set platinum case, 46.5 x 42.5 mm (counting carries and crown), fundamental round case 36 mm

Dial: hand-engraved platinum dials (yellow and pink gold cases); platinum, yellow gold, and pink gold dials (platinum and white gold cases

Development: programmed Caliber VH 198 with 35-hour power save

Capacities: hours, minutes; quick ceaseless schedule with day, date, month, and jump year cycle

Creation years: 1998 to 2016

Cost: latest closeout cost 500,000 HKD (approx. $65,000) for white gold, December 2015

Harry Winston Opus 3 (2003)

A concurrent victory and dissatisfaction for the watchmaker, the Opus 3 remaining parts the most baffling, enchanted, and significant of Halter’s manifestations. Six “windows” uncover an advanced showcase of the hours, minutes and date, with the most recent four seconds of every moment checked down. The blue daytime hour numerals separate from the evening time numerals, which are burrowed out. At 12 PM the date numerals hop immediately, alongside the minutes and hours. Restricted to only 55 pieces, proprietors needed to stand by over seven years to take delivery.

The Harry Winston Opus 3 by Vianney Halter

Quick Facts Harry Winston Opus Three

Case: 36 x 52.5 x 13.7 mm, platinum or pink gold (25 pieces every), 5 pieces in platinum set with roll and splendid cut jewels (4.44 ct)

Development: physically twisted development with two separate stuff prepares and twin spring barrels

Capacities: advanced presentation of hours, minutes (commencement of most recent four seconds to hop), seconds; date (commencement of most recent four seconds to bounce), day/night sign

Limit: 55 pieces

Value: unique retail cost $80,000

Classic Janvier Moon & Sun (2007)

An respect to Halter’s number one watchmaker, Antide Janvier , the principal adaptation of this watch was restricted to only 12 pieces dressed in platinum. Containing both moon stages and the subtle condition of time, it was furnished with a straightforward rotor for programmed winding that regardless permitted full perspective on the beautiful mechanics.

Classic Janvier Moon & Sun by Vianney Halter

Quick Facts Vianney Halter Classic Janvier Moon & Sun

Case: platinum, 40 x 12.5 mm

Development: programmed Caliber VH 110 with 40-hour power save, 28,800 vph/4 Hz recurrence

Capacities: hours, minutes, seconds; yearly schedule, lunar schedule, moon stage, running condition of time

Creation years: 2007 forward

Cost: latest sale cost 500,000 HKD (approx. $65,000) for white gold, December 2015

Deep Space Tourbillon (2013)

Halter’s comeback watch, this triple-pivot tourbillon uncovered a totally new style for the free watchmaker just as the utilization of another case material for him: titanium. It is conceivable that the Deep Space Tourbillon envoys a totally new future for the watchmaker.

Vianney Halter Deep Space Tourbillon

Quick Facts Vianney Halter Deep Space Tourbillon

Case: 46 x 48 x 20 mm, grade 5 titanium

Development: manual winding Caliber VH113 with focal triple-pivot tourbillon, 3 Hz/21,600 vph recurrence, 60-hour power save

Capacities: hours, minutes

Cost in 2019: 241,500 Swiss francs (without delivery and taxes)

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