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A Trip to Frankfurt: Visiting Guinand and Sinn

A Trip to Frankfurt: Visiting Guinand and Sinn

For the first run through in w&w history, we are satisfied to present to you a peruser submitted article. Richard Wheeler is an expat living in Europe, working for Specialized Bikes. It’s a given that he is a watch collector, and in the wake of going on an outing to Frankfurt and visiting Guinand and Sinn, set up a concise experience of his roadtrip. Enjoy!

It’s been more than a long time since I moved to Europe and I can sincerely say I have never been too partial to Germany. Aftre having lived there for about a month and a half, the choice was immediately taken to leap toward the opposite side of the line, and live in the Netherlands. That all changed on my last trip to Frankfurt.

I am lucky in my responsibility to go around Europe a lot and as of late wound up in Frankfurt. Rather than the standard thing: gatherings, supper, back to the inn and work.  I chose to look out a couple of watch finds.  After some gathering look through I chose to visit Guinand and Sinn. Also, for great measure I chose to hit up one watch store, David No. 10. My day finished early so I had the option to get to every one of the three out of one evening. I connected the location for Guinand to my GPS and off I went. I didn’t look too carefully where it would take me, and as I was drawing nearer to the area it was beginning to look somewhat like a mechanical region. I thought what the hell, simply put it all on the line. Sure enough it took me right to Guinand.

Upon opening the entryway you are welcomed by a progression of photos and banners identifying with watches and flight. Before long, a secretary came out to help me. I inquired as to whether she communicated in English and she dismissed. A second later Horst Hassler, overseeing director, came out to welcome me. He was somewhat dubious, however was adequately decent to show me the watch assortment for Guinand.

The show-room was little, loaded up with the current models for offer, hand machines, a couple mementos. Pocket watches, and a Heuer Chrono with a Buren 12 development –  same as their restricted watch.

After searching for some time, I expressed gratitude toward Mr Hessler and vowed to be back with one or the other cash close by or a bicycle…

Next it was set for Sinn Spezialuhren. I connected their location the GPS and acknowledged it was in the equivalent neighborhood.  I am certain the majority of you know the history between Guinand, Sinn Spezialuren and Helmut Sinn, just seeming well and good that they would be found very close. The GPS lead me through a progression of spaghetti bowl one way roads, at long last putting me straightforwardly before the building.

I strolled in the ground level and in into what resembled a holding up territory. It was truth be told the hanging tight region for individuals getting watches that had been adjusted, I asked an individual pausing if there was a display area. He told me it was up on the primary floor, so up I went. On the primary floor, I found a clean display area with pleasantly showed watches, work region, and bits.

A Sinn representative was occupied with a customer that was getting himself a present to pay tribute to his first youngster being conceived (incidentally, the gent had on a decent NOMOS Club Dunke l). One thing that I thought was incredible, this purchaser was taking a stab at a lot of various watches with different ties and wristbands until he found the combo he enjoyed – with the representative more than willing to help. Psyche you this isn’t the degree of customer administration I have come to expect in Europe – reviving. I inquired as to whether it was OK to take pictures and The Sinn representative, Sean Patrick Becker said it was Ok and was glad to help.

The courteous fellows buying the watch wrapped up the arrangement and left happily. I at that point got the opportunity to converse with Sean about their watches and the developments they are placing in them. They too are worried about ETA accessibility and are beginning to show watches with Sellita developments. Be that as it may, with Sellita unfit to fulfill creation need it will be intriguing to perceive what the future brings for a large portion of the watch creators utilizing ETA and Sellita movements.

On to David No. 10. I picked this shop for a few reasons. It was near my inn, straightforwardly across the road from the Frankfurt Central Train Station and inside a square of an excellent spot for Turkish food.

He conveys a ton of watches that are in the value range you would discover on worn&wound. The spot is jam-loaded with watches. It will take you some time to figure out the wheat from the abrade. Heaps of German brands are available here, from Ingersoll to Nomos, with most costs goes in the middle.  It took some time for David and his better half to heat up. I suppose is doesn’t help when you come in inquiring as to whether they sell vintage watches when the sum total of what they have are new…But, in the end they were very well disposed. He has been doing business for more than 50 years and is very shrewd. We proceeded to discuss what’s to come. As I would like to think he is on the imprint about Nomos being one to look out for. The most awesome aspect of the night was the point at which I asked him what he thought was the best watch size… His answer was very adroit and basic: “your eyes will tell you.” In the end I left with a Seiko SZNH 55K1 (Fifty Five Fathoms) with English and German day checking. Enjoyable to get this work area jumper that isn’t too promptly accessible is the states.

If your movements at any point take you to Frankfurt, don’t wonder whether or not to visit these spots and others. So what’s next? Glashuette anyone?

by Richard Wheeler

I am a watch fellow, it began about 18 months ago.  I surmise I am simply attempting to get up to speed for lost time. Presently in my assortment – Omega Speedmaster Professional, Hamilton Pan Europ 1971 #1960, Seiko SKX175 on a Jubilee (my top pick), 1980 Citizen Challenger Timer and Orient Defender both on a NATO’s. I have no chalice now. I surmise once I do I surmise the game is over.