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Affordable Design: NAVA Watches

Affordable Design: NAVA Watches

Planned by Italian item fashioner and planner, Denis Guidone, the NAVA line of watches present a fun, insignificant interpretation of time telling.  The pieces accomplish something special by dodging the backbone shows of watch plan, while remaining (moderately) viable and wearable.  Best of all, every one of the NAVA watches sell for well under $200, making them a reasonable alternative for somebody hoping to add something conceptual and configuration situated to their watch collection.

There are as of now four NAVA watches accessible, each with their own remarkable styling.  All element humble components, including dark tempered steel case development, a dark calfskin tie, 3 ATM water obstruction and mineral glass.  All  also come in both 42 mm and 36 mm measures and are controlled by a vague quartz movement.

Possibly the most straight forward of the gathering is the Ora , which includes a conventional three hand format with spotless, highly contrasting design.   Straight dark hour, moment and second hands, alongside the non-mathematical dark moment and hour markings, balance well with the perfect white background.  What separates this watch anyway is the uneven case plan, which highlights precise cuts at the base and base right of the case.  This makes the fantasy that the moment and second hands may catch the side of the case, yet oh, they don’t.

The second most regular watch in the Guidone planned NAVA line is the Ora Lattea .  The watch includes no markings on its white face by any stretch of the imagination, beside a solitary dark speck in its center.  Most curiously anyway is that the hour and moment hands are addressed by two drifting dabs, one bigger than the other to recognize the two.  This may make for a marginally harder perusing of the time initially, however should make for an intriguing discussion starter.

With the Tempo Libero , Guidone removes a genuinely enormous advance from the shows of time telling by disengaging the hour marker from the middle hub of the watch.  Amazingly, the Tempo Libero remains very intelligible notwithstanding its theoretical design.  This is supported by extremely negligible highlights, including an all dark dial with no hour or moment markings and white moment hand.  Meanwhile, the off pivot hour hand is splendid orange, drawing your eye straightforwardly to it, reducing to some degree the test of reorienting your eye to its off hub positioning.

The last and generally conceptual of the NAVA line is the Ora Unica .  The dial is dark, and all that shows on the face is a white twisting formed line taking after a piece of string.  Elegant and insignificant, this basic shape is the hour and moment hands of the watch.  The tip of the winding that lies in the dial is the hour hand, while the external tip is the moment hand.  This format may not make for the least demanding fast read of the time, yet it makes a really exceptional and wonderful timepiece that  makes certain to draw some attention.

So there you have the Denis Guidone planned NAVA line of watches.  Some more than dynamic than others, they are largely all around executed.  For those of you searching for a particularly planned contemporary watch, you can make a beeline for and get yours today.