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Affordable Equivalent: Rolex vs Steinhart

Affordable Equivalent: Rolex vs Steinhart

So I’m back with another post roused by a solicitation for watch exhortation from a companion. About seven days prior, a pal of mine moving toward his 30th kept in touch with me that he is on the lookout for a decent time piece.

20-something at heart, he has his eye on this custom Rolex Submariner by Black-Out . Worn by Kanye, and loved by many, this watch is dazzling. That is to say, simply take a gander at it. Unfortunately, the $7,000+ sticker price for the Submariner is somewhat restrictive, and my companion is searching for a more reasonable alternative. I’ve searched high and low for the ideal substitute, and I think I’ve found a watch that doesn’t penance an ounce of style, extravagance or mechanical greatness, for a small amount of the price.

So the principal thing you notice about the Black-Out Rolex Submariner is that it is drop-dead stunning. Take exemplary Submariner styling, combine it with excessively solid jewel like coating (DLC), and you have a piece that you wouldn’t be astounded to see come out of one of Rolex’s own personal workshops. Another watch that accomplices exemplary jumper looks with a more contemporary shading palate very well is the Seiko SNZH59 , the all dark variant of a watch we referenced on worn&wound in the relatively recent past. You can peruse Zach’s starting musings for a more complete picture, however the SNZH in any tone brings a great deal of value for your money. At just $170 (or something like that), you get an attempted and tried Seiko automatic second, hardlex gem, day/date work and remarkable form quality. Coat that bundle in dark particle plating, and you have a truly attractive watch .

But lets be realistic, a Seiko automatic doesn’t very match up to a Rolex Caliber 3135. In any case, you realize what does? A 25 gem, ETA 2824-2 automatic. Furthermore, do you understand what watch takes this development and places it in a lovely dark DLC exemplary jumper body? The Steinhart Ocean Black DLC . I love this watch. It’s actually the ideal combination of exemplary and contemporary styling at an extraordinarily sensible cost. Past it’s development, the Steinhart Ocean Black offers various features likewise found in the exemplary Submariner. Both house profoundly accurate automatic developments in dark DLC coated tempered steel cases, both are water resistent to 300 meters, both have a sapphire gem, both offer a date work, and the rundown goes on. In the mean time, the Black-Out Submariner will run you about $7,000, and the Ocean Black can be yours for simply more than $400.

I truly can’t envision a watch that offers this much quality and styling at the cost (a statement I get myself making about a great deal of Steinhart watches). For those of you inspired by the Ocean Black DLC, head over to the Steinhart site .