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Affordable Vintage: 1974 Gruen Precision

Affordable Vintage: 1974 Gruen Precision

Since yesterday was the fourth, we figured today would be a decent day to momentarily discuss an American brand that used to be. A brand that, however one of the first American wristwatch companies, isn’t frequently discussed: Gruen. In contrast to Hamilton, Bulova, Elgin, Waltham, etc… they essentially are not as famous or pursued. Gruen delivered huge loads of watches in the 70+ years they were near, some of which are notable and prestigious, for example, the Curvex and Techni-Quadron models, however as a rule they are not entirely collectable and data on explicit models is meager. A brisk peruse on Ebay and you will find that they once in a while break $300, however on more curated vintage locales, for example, , you will locate some drawing nearer $2,000.

The history of the brand is exceptionally fascinating and for a nitty gritty look I recommend perusing this completely investigated on-line book by Paul Schlisser . Mr. Schlisser separates the narrative of Gruen from the appearance of Dietrich Gruen in America to the end of their Ohio plant, Time Hill, in 1958. In the time that Gruen was near, they were a really an imaginative watch brand. They planned and fabricated large numbers of their own developments, some of which had fascinating complications, in offices in Biel, Switzerland called the “Precision Factory” (which are currently possessed by Rolex, and evidently utilized as administrator offices). That said they were a US based company with base camp in Columbus, Ohio, where they got the developments, and amassed them into American made cases. Their Ohio offices were additionally quite an amazing thing, with design that gave it a fantasy quality.

Unfortunately, the brand self-destructed in the last part of the 50’s following the takeoff of the first Gruen family, embarrassment and monetary disorder, which prompted the selling of the name and conclusion of their Ohio workplaces. Under new proprietorship, Gruen kept delivering watches until the mid 70’s, with workplaces then in NYC. After helpless administration and monetary flimsiness grabbed hold, the second flood of Gruen shut in 1976. Amazingly, the records of the brand pre-1958 were obliterated, which one could just envision has influenced the collectability now as Gruens are hard to date and price.

Gruens presently can be had for genuinely modest. Indeed, even noteworthy pre-1958 models are a couple of amazing, which isn’t anything thinking about their age and uniqueness. Despite the fact that models from the post-Ohio days are worth practically nothing, they are not awful watches, and are a moderate method of getting an alluring vintage piece with a Swiss mechanical development. I end up being adequately fortunate to have been given an almost mint model from 1974, which has a particularly mid-century plan that is very beautiful.

The watch is small by today’s guidelines, however feels very proportional and maybe a touch bigger than it is. The gold plated case estimates 33.5 x 41 x 10mm, making it by a long shot the littlest watch I’ve worn, yet there is a manly thing about the plan that gives a false representation of its size. The case has an exquisite shape with slim drags that turn marginally within edge. The bezel is additionally exceptionally slim, scarcely a millimeter, which advances the case side into the huge domed acrylic gem. Without the gem, it really would have been an amazingly dainty watch, about 6mm, as the case back is absolutely level, yet I can’t contend with a decent dome.

The dial is totally beautiful. I’ve never been attracted to gold, however seeing this monochromatic champagne dial with gold markers in a gold case may have prevailed upon me. Like most dress watches from this period, the plan is basic, negligible and refined. The hour list comprises of gold applied three-sided markers with numerals for 12 and 6. At 3 there is a genuinely enormous date window (compared to the general dial size) and at 9 is a marginally unique marker, with a Dauphine shape. Running along the external edge is a printed dark record for the minutes and seconds, with cool minimal domed lume specks at 12, 3, 6 and 9.

Though difficult to affirm, the dial peruses “Gruen Precision”, which did at first imply that the development was produced in their “Precision” offices in Biel. Since the watch is from the 70’s, well after the Gruen’s were a piece of the brand, I don’t know whether that is as yet the situation. By the by, a 17-gem manual injury development with date work that actually runs very well powers the watch.

When I said this watch was mint, I truly would not joke about this. I don’t think it has seen a lot of sunshine since 1974, so everything is safeguarded. This gives you a feeling of what precisely these watches resembled when they were new, or, in other words, exceptionally overall quite excellent. At the point when you take a gander at pictures of models with weighty patina, they frequently look modest, yet these truly were incredible watches in their day. On the wrist, the Gruen is an exquisite dress watch with a downplayed presence. For a gold watch, it doesn’t yell valuable, and is not difficult to wear.

Gruen is an intriguing brand that we desire to discuss more. Their set of experiences is rich, though dark, and this article just scarcely scratches the surface. Despite the fact that they created their developments in Switzerland, they were a significant US brand for quite a while, one that delivered some beautiful astounding watches. Had it not been for blunder and a deficiency of records, Gruen would almost certainly be close by Bulova today.

The 1974 model seen here is a decent gander at the second era of Gruens that could be had for inexpensively. To the extent moderate vintage goes, these are an intriguing choice for individuals who are searching for something just to wear. This watch is likely not worth a lot, however a careful cost is difficult to set up. Given its condition, around $500 would be max esteem, however a lesser cost would be likely. Thus, on the off chance that you end up being searching for something to scratch that vintage tingle that wont use up every last cent, add Gruen to your ventures. In the event that you are fortunate, you may discover something pre-1958 that is appealing, uncommon and precisely interesting.

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by Zach Weiss