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Ancon M26 Tank Hands-On

Ancon M26 Tank Hands-On

You shouldn’t name a watch after a war machine without being almost certain it satisfies it. Fortunately, that’s not an issue with the Ancon M26 Tank , which is among the biggest and beefiest watches we’ve had the delight of testing out. Likewise with the Sea Shadow we took a gander at beforehand, the Tank is a mishmash of referential plans in a gigantic case that is intended to tastefully act out mid century military machines. Regardless of whether a ship or a tank, these watches are low on quietly and high on style, blending crude materials and dim tones to make something proudly manly and enjoyable to wear. For a major ass bronze watch with a domed sapphire gem and a Miyota 9015 development, the Ancon M26 Tank is additionally fairly estimated at $839.

Case: CuSn8 Bronze Movement: Miyota 9015 Dial: Green Lume: Yes Crystal: Domed Sapphire Crystal Strap: Italian Leather + Canvas Water Res.: 200M Dimensions: 45 x 56mm Thickness: 13 – 17 mm Lug Width: 26mm Crown: Screw down 8 x 5mm Warranty: Yes Weight: 135g w/o lash Price: $839 w/delivering in US


Jumping directly in, the great beginnings with the apparently shot confirmation strong bronze case. Estimating an incredible 45 x 56 x 13mm (Ancon say 17mm on their site, however that is misleading, as it is a complete stature, instead of the territory from case back to precious stone) this thing isn’t kidding around. The plan is likewise out and out entrancing. The Tank has a barbed plan, with peculiar chunk hauls and a huge bezel that all the while resembles the missing piece from a machine some place or some kind of hazardous collectible. In the event that you saw this on a rack in an odd old garbage shop, you’d anticipate that the owner should glower at you and reveal to you not to contact (alright, I’ve observed such a large number of 80’s repulsiveness movies).

From over, the case is overwhelmed by the 47mm wide, sculptural bezel. Made of strong bronze with engraved markers, the 120-click uni-directional bezel is more tasteful than practical. The system is nice, however a cycle simpler to turn than I needed with a particularly gigantic watch. The look is amazing however, addressing a period before extravagant addition materials. It’s additionally got a lot of Panerai in there without being a 1:1 duplicate. Something else, the top view just uncovers the uncommon drag plan. Instead of distending outwards, they more come down, with a level surface that faces outwards from the watch, giving the entire case somewhat of a barrel shape.

Ancon utilized this open space for some marking, etching “M26” as an afterthought towards the wearer and an enormous “Ancon” logo on the contrary side. I go to and fro on how I feel about this. On one hand, it’s an intriguing subtlety that is uncommon, adding surface and a touch of specialized allure, that essentially looks cool. On the other, it transforms the side of the watch into an announcement for the brand, however one doesn’t see that side a lot of themselves. In would have jumped at the chance to have seen the subtleties regularly held for the case back engraved here all things being equal, similar to some kind of spec list.

The side of the watch resembles a short scaffold, with enormous hauls coming down like backings at a sharp point and a thick range between them. Climbing, the eye is lead across the strangely formed bezel lastly to the delightfully domed sapphire precious stone. The sheer thickness of the focal case merits wondering at…so much bronze. It would appear that you could run it over with truck and it would be no most exceedingly terrible for the wear.

On the correct side, at 3 is a huge onion-esque crown, additionally made of strong bronze, that estimates 8 x 5mm. It’s another fascinating piece, with pleasant subtleties that make it extraordinary. It’s a screw down crown, which adds to the robustness of the case, with a shape that tightens on the two sides, giving it a squat barrel structure. It is likewise endorsed outwardly face with a little Ancon “A” logo that looks great. Regularly bronze watches use steel or titanium crowns to keep the bronze from contacting your skin. I end up reasoning the bronze crown looks great, particularly as it has patinated, however I saw some green on my skin. Likewise, the showcase case back is steel with an opening instead of bronze.The Miyota 9015 inside is stock save an Ancon logo on the rotor, however alway pleasant to look at.

Unfortunately, similar to the case with the Sea Shadow, this also is a reused plan by another brand. VintageVDB , which is a bespoke European brand, utilized this case on a watch from 2012. Despite the fact that the general usage is unique, for example, having the crown at 12 and diverse drag size, and distinctive bezel, the likeness is clear. I got some information about this, and they say they have a patent in HK for the design…


There are two dial choices for the tank, the two of which are accessible in various tones. We went with the “mark 1” dial in military green, since its Explorer-esque plan truly clicked with the general tasteful. It’s an extremely basic and intentional plan with a perfect design and text style. The fundamental record comprises of rectangular markers and numerals for 3, 6, 9 and 12 of every a cream hued lume that looks extraordinary with the bronze case and green surface under. This format, just as the textual style utilized, is very much like the Explorer plan, however they utilized a 12 numeral rather than a triangle. On the external edge of the dial, in false plated, is a minutes record with little lines, which ends the dial well.

Between 4 and 5 you’ll locate your standard date window, which presents a white on dark date. Superfluous, however not unwelcome, the date window tosses the evenness a piece, yet the dial is huge to the point that it appears to be unimportant. The content on the dial is unmistakable, yet not diverting. Just under 12 is an Ancon logo (which is shockingly fair looking) and the content “M26 Tank”. Simply over 6 is a little square of text that is pretty much torn straightforwardly from the dials of early Tudor Submariners, for example, the ref 7928. Here, the content peruses “660ft – 200m”, “Rotor” and “Self-Winding”, each of the 3 of which show up on the Tudors, however the obvious detail is simply the bended Winding”.

Ancon’s style is to take different known components and fasten them together to make Chimeras of sorts. It’s odd as the watch all in all isn’t a reverence, yet the subtleties they take function admirably together. It’s difficult to say whether they mean/anticipate that people should recognize the individual parts and their sources, yet I do imagine that it is imperative to know about such things. The utilization of the Tudor format functions admirably on the dial, no-question, yet it’s a lovely conspicuous reorder component here, which is somewhat sad. I wish they had at any rate changed the words.

The M26 Tank sports a similar straight sword hands as the Sea Shadow, with split lume filling. The gold tone looks extraordinary against the dial and the hands are well proportioned.

Straps and Wearability

The best thing, and I mean total best thing, about the Ancon M26 Tank is the manner by which well it wears. In the event that you’re a customary peruser of w&w, you’ll realize that however much I attempt, enormous watches just don’t look or feel directly on my wrist. So my own assortment steers towards more modest watches, presumably averaging 40mm. The Tank, in spite of it’s 45mm case and 47mm bezel measurement, wears very well on my 7″ wrist. The stunt is the extreme descending point of the hauls and barrel shape.

When you tie the watch on, it kind of embraces on to your wrist, adjusting to the regular shape, regardless of its dull, square shaped plan. What you get is a watch that fits pleasantly and is very comfortable. Fundamentally, this is the huge watch for folks with fairly more modest wrists. All things considered, it will in any case fit bigger wrists, however at one point I envision the carries would begin to dive in. To the extent presence goes, similar to its namesake, you see this watch coming well in advance. It’s large, thick and strong, yet the bronze and green dial are charmingly understated.

Adding to the comfort, the M26 Tank highlights 26mm carries and comes with 2 extraordinary ties. First is a generous, dim Italian calfskin, with a matte completion, dark edges and cream sewing. The warm, chocolatey earthy colored draws out the shade of the bronze pleasantly, and the rough plan works with the by and large forceful stylish. The lash includes a thick, bronze pre-V clasp also, tying the entire thing together.

The second tie, and maybe my liked, is made of a dreary olive green material with dark cowhide lining. The straightforward, finished material plays off of the crudeness of patinated bronze, accentuates the case tone and draws out the dial. Since 26mm NATOs are uncommon, and would probably make the watch somewhat more bulky, this material tie accomplishes a comparable stylish. It additionally will make for a more comfortable alternative throughout the mid year. The watch just comes with one clasp, so you do have to trade it between ties, however that is simple enough.

In the two cases, this is a watch that is best complimented by also vigorous and tough dress. Weighty material shirts, pants, boots, etc… Think Carhart and Chippewa with this person. This is an extraordinary colder climate watch, that while easygoing, would in any case work in a more laid back office climate. Just don’t hope to fit this under a shirt sleeve.


There is something fulfilling about the Ancon M26 Tank . Like eating meat from the bone, it scratches a tingle you probably won’t have acknowledged you had. Something basic, masculine. The warm yet boring tones, obtuse straightforward subtleties, and crude components make this savage watch novel, yet sharp. The blend of referred to components, likewise with the Sea Shadow, basically works. In the event that you can swallow the absence of innovation and that they very probably duplicated somebody else’s case plan, you will truly appreciate the general look and particularly the vibe. In the event that everybody needs at any rate one larger than usual watch in their assortment (easy to refute) this is a solid competitor. Wearing it at the present time, I am as yet flabbergasted by the way that it is comfortable and doesn’t look senseless on my 7″ wrist.

The other solid contention for this watch is the worth. at $839 sent (US, Canada, Asia), it’s a really nice arrangement for what it has going on. Bronze, sapphire, Miyota 9015, 2 incredible ties and apparently slug confirmation development. While not modest, it’s additionally not overrated and appears to add up. Along these lines, eventually, this is truly pleasant watch, however the potential copyright infringement is an issue that positively could dissuade a many individuals, and actually has me a piece torn.

Dear Ancon, you realize how to get a decent watch constructed and you appear to have extraordinary insight regarding terms of styling, presently come up with your own damn case plans and you’ll be set!

by Zach Weiss