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Ancon Sea Shadow Hands-On

Ancon Sea Shadow Hands-On

It’s consistently amusing to discover a brand you’ve never knew about, however for us, it happens less and less nowadays. Thus, when I unearthed Ancon watches half a month prior, I was incredibly energized. A fast look uncovered curiously large, over-constructed apparatus watches with looks much the same as war machines, not your normal work area jumper. A more profound examination uncovered that the watches were a blend of natural components, all around tuned colors and fascinating itemizing that when combined made watches that were all the while beguiling and savage. Like an old fashioned weapon, there is something sculptural and hypnotizing about them, however under, the forceful goals are still apparent.

The motivation for the watches is the USS Ancon AGC-4, which was a changed commercial traveler freight transport implied for conveying troops that saw a great deal of utilization in WWII. The actual watches, of which there are 3 unmistakable models and numerous varieties right now accessible, are an unusual blend of enormous present day cases with exemplary dials. The individuals who are natural will rapidly see components of Rolexs, Panerais, Benrus, etc… however these are a long way from reverence watches. The dials, however for the most part starting post WWII, just work with the tasteful they are going for. In any case, to my eyes, the watches are truly about material. Bronze, PVD, steel, weapon metal, dreary shading overlaid dials, bronze hands, slick cowhide lashes, velvety lume… the Ancons have a crudeness to them that addresses vintage military equipment.

Ancon offers numerous varieties, from dial to bezel so you can truly pick the model that suits you. For this active, I couldn’t help however be somewhat childish and pick the model that, for no good reason, truly shouted to me. The Sea Shadow California 1943 – AGC-4/SSC008 highlights a steel case with a weapon metal bezel and an earthy colored California dial. The blend of tones truly struck me, I’m a sucker for Cali dials and the vigorous case plan of the Sea Shadow was something I just needed to see. Coming in at $523 delivered, the Sea Shadow packs a Miyota 8215 programmed development, 3.5mm thick sapphire gem and an Italian calfskin lash. While the cost isn’t excessively high, it’s at about as far as possible for what it is…so let’s check whether it satisfies expectations.

Case: St Steel Movement: Miyota 8215 Dial: Brown Lume: Yes Lens: Sapphire Strap: Leather Water Res.: 200M Dimensions: 45 x 56mm Thickness: 15 mm Lug Width: 24 mm Crown: 8.5 x 5 mm Warranty: 1 year Price: $523 (as shown)


Perhaps case is some unacceptable word here… fuselage? shielded exterior?… you get the point. Regardless of what you call it, the instance of the Sea Shadow is enormous, estimating 45 x 56 x 15.5mm. Thick, tall, long carries overwhelm the profile, while the view from above is all bezel. What puts forth the defense however isn’t its size or hugeness; it’s a small bunch of cool details.

On the correct side of the case are two of the most fierce crown monitors you’ve at any point seen. They are enormous, have fascinating math and are really screwed into the case, instead of part of the actual case. The little components here, similar to the hole where the gatekeeper meets the case, uphold swagger shape and the actual screw award the general plan an exceptionally modern feel. The watch really comes with a little screwdriver that one can use to unscrew the watchman. Lamentably, I couldn’t haul the watchman out once the screw was eliminated, even with pliers… I didn’t need to pull excessively hard, and figured out how to put a few stamps on it at any rate, so not certain if the screw is utilitarian or not.

Another decent detail, but less energizing than the gatekeepers, is the inclining around the whole case edge. It’s unpretentious, yet gives the case a touch of required refinement. The drags likewise include screw-bars, with apparently curiously large level head screws, which is again a modern detail. The bezel is additionally exceptionally cool and professional. It’s very tall with piece sides and profound cut teeth for what it’s worth. The gunmetal PVD embed contrasts the brushed steel case, adding much more forceful components to the all around severe looking watch.

Now…those with a sharp eye may be taking a gander at the case on this watch and think…hmmm, that appears to be outrageously recognizable. What’s more, that’s in light of the fact that it is by all accounts an adjusted rendition of the case that Helson utilizes on their Shark Diver 45mm. This persuades the case is really a nonexclusive plan that is offered by a Chinese producer that brands can take and use as they see fit. While this detracts from the creativity of the watch, I figure they worked effectively of blending things up to get their own stylish out of it.


The Sea Shadow comes in two flavors, California and Submariner/Benrus Type 1 style. Since the watch is motivated by WWII Naval gear, the California appears to be more proper. The substance of the dial is a dull chocolate earthy colored that when combined with the cream tone lume gives the watch a “tropical” or patina look. The file, similarly as with all California dial watches, is a blend of Roman and Arabic numerals, with flat square shapes for 3, 6,9 and a triangle for 12. Around the edge of the dial is an artificial overlaid railroad track file that completes the dial nicely.

One thing I very preferred about this form of the Sea Shadow over others is that it needs most content on the dial. Different models include bigger worked out logos, profundity evaluations, etc… While standard toll, there is a pleasant thing about basically having the Ancon An above 6…it’s obscure and theoretical, which helps me to remember some military images, similar to the wide bolt. Something else, the solitary other non-time component is a little date window somewhere in the range of 4 and 5. While not actually essential on this watch, it is very discreet.

The hour and moment hands on the Sea Shadow are straightforward fence post style, made likely out of metal and intently look like those found on the Benrus Type 1. The second hand is a dainty stick with a little circle of lume towards the tip. The yellow metal plays well with the warm tones of the dial and lume. The plan of great importance and moment additionally is a touch not the same as anticipated. Very close, it looks like there is a direct in the middle that has been stepped down, making a touch of surface. It’s inconspicuous, however I like it.

One keep going note, the lume on the watch looks incredible during the day, yet isn’t the most brilliant shining on earth. It’s not horrendous either, but rather don’t hope to have the option to peruse it in the night.

Straps and Wearability

Unexpectedly, the Ancon Sea Shadow comes on one of the more pleasant cowhide ties I’ve come across as of late. Made of Italian cowhide, the 24mm tie has a rough look that works impeccably with the watch. It’s a sleek dim earthy colored that changes tone as it flexes to be lighter and redder. This is alluded to as a “pull-up” cowhide, and the shading changing is from oils moving around the actual calfskin. It’s additionally thoroughly matte and gets scratches and wear rapidly, adding to the general character of the watch.

Contrasting the profound chocolate earthy colored of the cowhide is cream sewing finished with a substantial string that may be waxed. Finally, there is an uncompromising pre-v clasp made of brushed steel. With everything taken into account, it’s a standout amongst other matched lashes I’ve seen in at some point. The Sea Shadow additionally comes with dark nylon NATO, however alternately, it’s excessively wobbly and not actually worth talking about.

On the wrist, the Sea Shadow looks as huge as the boats that motivated it. 45 x 56mm is colossal, so I didn’t discover the watch all to wearable on my 7″ wrist. All things considered, it looks phenomenal. Each component comes together to make a truly all around styled entirety. It’s intense and manly, yet not garish as everything is quieted and dim. The blend of steel, firearm metal, earthy colored, cream and metal is truly ravishing. Regularly, the materials a watch is made of appear to be coincidental to the plan. Here, they make the watch.

Having as of late spent at some point around WWII airplanes, I can see the Sea Shadow finding a place with the basic, crude stylish of vintage military gear. There is an absence of the superfluous and accentuation on strength that both offer. Essentially, the watch works out in a good way for downplayed and tough dress. Pants, earthy colored cowhide boots, plaid… you get the image. It’s not a watch you wear to the Opera. Or maybe take this person to a lager corridor, request a 1.5L pilsner, a larger than average pretzel and it will appear at home.


One last thing worth referencing is that the Ancon Sea Shadow comes stuffed in a shockingly pleasant wooden box. It’s bigger than your normal watch box holding the actual watch, just as a screwdriver for the drags and a more modest one apparently for the crown monitors. The outside is a dull mahogany hued wood with a matte completion and inside is a light cream delicate inside. I was amazed to see such consideration paid to the packaging.

The Ancon Sea Shadow is an extremely fulfilling, though genuinely predictable, watch. I truly like what it looks like, it’s fabricated like a stone and it has a modest bunch of cool subtleties that give it a remarkable character. All things considered, it pretty much seems like everything emerged from an index and was really all around picked. At $523, it’s in an intense region close by the watch it imparts a case to, as that watch goes for $599, has a superior development and a water opposition of 2000M. All things considered, I don’t think the Sea Shadow is attempting to be a genuine jumper, and it may win in the general style department.

So, if you’re searching for a more vintage, military variant of the overbuilt instrument jumper, the Sea Shadow is a practical watch. It would be more enticing at $400 but considerably seriously enticing in the event that they had a more modest adaptation for those of us with more slender wrists, yet it’s not terrible with no guarantees. Ancon has some different models that may be a smidgen more novel too. In particular, the Magnus, which is a bronze and highlights some inquisitive Milgauss enlivened components. Or then again the recently delivered M26 Tank, which has an alternate (and liekly interesting) case, a Miyota 9015 auto and seems as though it is really a piece of tank. Ideally, we’ll get our hands on that one soon, so stay tuned.

By Zach Weiss Sample unit provided by Ancon Watches