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Antoine Preziuso's Stella Polare Tourbillon Muonionalusta Fell From The Cosmos - Reprise | Quill & Pad

Antoine Preziuso's Stella Polare Tourbillon Muonionalusta Fell From The Cosmos – Reprise | Quill & Pad

Who would have fixed Antoine Preziuso for such a romantic?

The autonomous watchmaker who got not one, but rather two, grants at the 2015 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève for his amazingly manly and robust Tourbillon of Tourbillons (see Antoine Preziuso Tourbillon Of Tourbillons: Fractals Meet ‘Commencement’ ) returns in 2016 with a watch roused by one of his #1 components: the heart of a shooting star.

Antoine Preziuso Stella Polare Tourbillon Muonionalusta

Let’s get this straight right from the start: regardless of its incredible great looks, the Stella Polare Tourbillon Muonionalusta is not really less specialized than the Tourbillon of Tourbillons somehow or another gratitude to both its complicated controller mechanics, and the specialized material used to prop and secure those mechanics. Notwithstanding the entirety of its academic innovation, as I would see it the Stella Polare Tourbillon Muonionalusta is definitely more wearable for slimmer wrists than a portion of this specialized virtuoso’s other creations.

And significantly more tastefully pleasing.

Antoine Preziuso: A rich career

Preziuso can think back on a long and prosperous profession as a free watchmaker.

He is a Geneva-born watchmaker of Italian plunge whose father was likewise a watchmaker (which makes his child, Florian, who works with him, the third era of Preziuso watchmakers). Graduating in 1974 from the Geneva Watchmaking School at the highest point of his group, he was enlisted by Patek Philippe.

By 1980 Preziuso was setting up Antiquorum’s first rebuilding and examination workshop; in 1981 he established his own atelier at the age of only 24. It was then that he joined the Cabinôtiers de Genève, an archetype to the A.H.C.I., which was in like manner established by A.H.C.I. prime supporter Svend Andersen. Preziuso both dealt with advancements for significant watch companies and his own one of a kind watches before eventually dispatching his own brand in 1990. He previously exhibited at Baselworld as an applicant member of the A.H.C.I. in 1995, becoming a full member in 1996.

The Opus 2 by Antoine Preziuso for Harry Winston

Preziuso’s visibility among a more extensive watch gathering public was heightened when he made the Opus 2, the second Harry Winston Opus for the newly established Harry Winston Rare Timepiece division headed up by then-CEO Maximilian Büsser delivered in 2002 (see The Harry Winston Opus Series: A Complete Overview From Opus 1 Through Opus 13 ). Today, Preziuso’s business is a very close family affair.

Antoine Preziuso: A long-standing affection affair

The ladies in Antoine Preziuso’s close family – spouse May and little girl Laura – center around making adornments, while the men – Antoine and child Florian – focus on watchmaking. This gifted and profoundly imaginative family has normally figured out how to cooperate, most notably by combining both controls in one of a kind pieces offered in the ” By Laura Preziuso ” line.

Therefore it ought not come as so amazing that Antoine has a genuine eye for style. What’s more, rising up out of this, it can really be said that he has played a spearheading part in the utilization of meteorite in watchmaking.

Antoine began getting increasingly more keen on space science as a youthful watchmaker lastly hit upon reaching a meteorite tracker to check whether it were possible to locate the correct sort of material for use in his very own art of watchmaking. It was a long and complicated excursion to locate his ideal piece of the sky, but he discovered it – and his adoration for the material has remained with him this time.

Seduced by the beauty of meteorite notwithstanding its philosophical and symbolic portrayals, his creative mind was animated – and incredibly tempting and uncommon remarkable pieces have risen up out of his workshop in a reliable manner.

Meteorite is ferrous “stone” that is really a piece of iron-rich space rock that sooner or later entered our earth’s air and arrived on solid land, standing by to be found.

Cutting a watch case for the Antoine Preziuso Stella Polare Tourbillon Muonionalusta from meteorite

Meteorites are named for the spots they are found, and Preziuso likes to work with two passing by the names of Gibeon and Muonionalusta . These two iron-nickel-based meteorites exhibit noticeable Widmanstätten structures – the regular striations and examples that become obvious once the material is subjected to a compound bath.

Gibeon, believed to have tumbled to earth in ancient occasions, was found in Namibia, while Muonionalusta, first found by youngsters in Sweden in 1906, is assessed to be about 1,000,000 years old.

Case of the Antoine Preziuso Stella Polare Tourbillon Muonionalusta cut from a cut of meteorite

The crude stone comes from meteorite trackers, who should give an enormous enough block from which Preziuso should be able to cut a case. Cuts are first sliced by wire flash disintegration to get the overall size. Whenever that is accomplished, the pattern is sent back to the sparkle disintegration bath to put forth the exact defense shape.

Then the case is then accuracy processed by a CNC machine to add the vital specialized highlights like openings for screws and the crown, grooves for the case back, and different components. At that point the case is cleaned, cleaned, and absorbed corrosive, which permits the meteorite design to completely materialize.

The last advance is to cover it with rhodium for that beautiful brilliant sparkle that Preziuso’s meteorite cases for the most part exhibit or black gold for a more yellow gleam, which a portion of Preziuso’s meteorite observes additionally have. The covering accomplishes more than embellish the tone; it likewise secures the material.

Preziuso brought his first watch containing meteorite out in 1991, well before any other person was dabbling in a particularly hard to-work material. The primary watch he made with it was 1991’s Quarter Repeater, which was equipped with a Gibeon meteorite dial and a pivoting bezel that went about as the repeater trigger.

About 10 years after the fact, in 2002, he presented the Tourbillon Meteor, particularly housed in a meteorite case, trailed by the Tourbillon Muonionalusta of 2004, for which he utilized that new kind of meteorite for the first time.

The New Art of Tourbillon Meteor by Antoine Preziuso from 2006

The New Art of Tourbillon Meteor from 2006 and the Next Full Moon of 2007 included not just case and dial made of the material, but now and again even hands and buckles. Next Full Moon was a watch that additionally uncovered Preziuso’s perky mechanical side: a red hand focuses to a date show at 2 o’clock, whose sole reason for existing is to caution the wearer when the following full moon will be found in the night sky. An enormous moon stage show in the contrary corner of the dial between 7 and 8 o’clock offsets it.

To date, Preziuso has created ten watches utilizing Muonionalusta meteorite.

Stella Polare Tourbillon Muonionalusta

This brings us straight up to the now, and the most recent in line just as the first in a little new arrangement of meteorite watches by Preziuso: the Stella Polare Tourbillon Muonionalusta, whose name enlightens us precisely about this watch (“stella polare” signifies “polar star” in Italian). The “polar” bit alludes to the Arctic Circle, which is the place where the Muonionalusta meteorite came to rest.

Antoine Preziuso Stella Polare Tourbillon Muonionalusta

This particular model is imagined as a watch for ladies, however I for one discover it to be very unisex relying upon the lash joined to it. The light green lash it as of now wears, which consummately offsets the surfaces of the meteorite case and visible hand-engraved bridges and plates of the development, is made of Nile roost fixed with reptile skin.

Perhaps it is the different surfaces of this watch that cause it to appear to be female: the Nile roost lash, which is colored to improve the difference, is graced with huge scopes much the same as snakeskins that are utilized for watch ties. The tie isn’t just nonchalantly rich, but additionally very present day in its style.

Antoine Preziuso Stella Polare Tourbillon Muonionalusta

The Widmanstätten examples of the Muonionalusta meteorite embellishing the 40 x 10 mm case are unmistakably visible, while the hand-engraved bas alleviation stars of shifting sizes and holes in between them cover the enormous focal bridges and plate looking out under in the lower third of the dial area.

The upper plate looks as though it very well may be set with jewels on the off chance that you simply look at it rapidly since it shimmers so brilliantly. Upon closer scrutiny, you find that it’s actually another arrangement of holes set substantially more near one another. The impact is a brilliant focus that gets the light energetically – like a brilliant sky in a far off area on a super clear night.

Antoine Preziuso Stella Polare Tourbillon Muonionalusta

This is an incredible illustration of the etcher’s art; it even tricked my accomplished eye the first occasion when I saw it.

The combination of these different surfaces is absolutely charming: the compelling appeal I felt inside was genuine and visceral.

Thank goodness this watch has no genuine dial to conceal the fascinating perspective on the lavishly adorned plates and bridges – which nearly pull the whole consideration away from that which ought to be the primary center: the one-minute tourbillon beating its heart away at 6 o’clock.

Between those eye catching components, you nearly don’t understand that the luxuriously cratered plate at 12 o’clock covers a huge spring barrel, which is just marginally visible through the openworking.

Oh, and the back of the Antoine Preziuso Stella Polare Tourbillon Muonionalusta!

If you turn the watch over, the bedazzling view (counting the reptile skin on the lash) is enhanced, but the spring barrel becomes more visible gratitude to a deliberately positioned cutaway. This spring barrel should be difficult to miss because it contains a heart sufficiently huge to control this incredible physically twisted watch for 110 hours without winding again.

View through the showcase back of the Antoine Preziuso Stella Polare Tourbillon Muonionalusta

The case back made of white gold likewise includes two little stars set with brilliant-cut precious stones duplicating meteorites. An enormous territory of sapphire precious stone uncovers the whole enchanting beauty of the movement.

A close glance at the back of the Antoine Preziuso Stella Polare Tourbillon Muonionalusta

The base plate proceeds with the star-and-cavity engraved plan from the front, but adds a meteorite on the correct side, whose tail includes the words “Stella Polare” in blue engraved-and-lacquered letters that proceed with the blue subject from the lettering and hands on the facade of the watch.

“I planned this watch because it made me dream,” Preziuso said. Much thanks to you, Antoine, for doing that because now you’ve likewise made me dream.

Antoine Preziuso Stella Polare Tourbillon Muonionalusta

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Quick Facts Antoine Preziuso Stella Polare Tourbillon Muonionalusta

Movement: physically twisted Preziuso caliber T.21 with one-minute tourbillon and 110 hours power save

Case: Muonionalusta meteorite and white gold (case back), 40 x 10 mm

Capacities: hours, minutes

Impediment: remarkable piece inside a restricted arrangement

Cost: 240,000 Swiss francs

* This article was first published on August 11, 2016 at Antoine Preziuso Stella Polare Tourbillon Muonionalusta Fell From Heaven .

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