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Behind The Lens: Kari Voutilainen Masterpiece Chronograph II In Platinum | Quill & Pad

Behind The Lens: Kari Voutilainen Masterpiece Chronograph II In Platinum | Quill & Pad

Without an uncertainty, my number one watch obtaining venture was the chance to team up with five of my Northern California watch buddies in commissioning a modified arrangement of chronographs from ace autonomous watchmaker Kari Voutilainen (see more about it in Commissioning A Watch: My Journey With The Kari Voutilainen Masterpiece Chronograph II ).

Since the conveyance of our watches in mid 2013, it’s constantly been a treat to see at least one of my piece’s sisters, particularly as those events consistently harmonize with a party of a few or the entirety of our group. Also, throughout the long term I’ve gotten the opportunity to several the other bespoke looks for photograph meetings however had so far neglected to get one of my top picks into my light tent: the dark dialed platinum variant claimed by an individual from our gathering who currently lives in London.

Kari Voutilainen Masterpiece II Chronograph in platinum with dark dial

Heart of darkness

Our six-watch arrangement comprised 60% of the complete run of ten Masterpiece II Chronographs. The other four were completely cased in white gold with two-tone dim dials. Among our set there were two pink gold pieces ( including mine ), one white gold, one in hardened steel for our lover of lightweight watches, and two in platinum – one with a dull blue dial and the current model in black.

Unique piece: dark dialed Voutilainen Masterpiece II Chronograph in platinum

As we worked through the way toward creating point by point dial mockups to impart to Kari, the purchaser of this watch was roused by the appearance of the F.P. Journe “Dark Label” Chronomètre Souverain effectively in his assortment. You can see the outcomes in a portion of the subtleties of the completed watch that are one of a kind to this example:

  • Of course, the all-dark dial
  • Printed, as opposed to applied, hour numerals and records, all in white
  • Bright, silver-hued hands without the blued rings and focal circles normal for Voutilainen watches

There’s one extra change that makes this piece unique: would you be able to select it in the picture below?

Do you see it? Exceptional dial, Voutilainen Masterpiece Chronograph II

In this case, it’s not something that is added, but instead something eliminated. Curiously for a Voutilainen watch, the customary “Hand Made” documentation was precluded from the base part of the dial at the purchaser’s request.

On the flip side

There’s nothing precluded on the converse side of this watch, though!

Caliber 25Q, Voutilainen Masterpiece Chronograph II

If the front of this watch (with the sole special case of the sprinkle of blue in the moon stage sign) is an investigation in monochromatic collectedness, the back is an uproar of shadings and surfaces. Icing, brushing, perlage, dark cleaning, brilliant inclines, yellow, pink, ruby, and blue – it’s all there.

Movement detail, Masterpiece Chronograph II by Kari Voutilainen

I for one could go through hours (truth be told, I may as of now have done as such) gazing at the detail picture above and looking at highlights, for example, the splendid mirror cleaning of the sinks, the inconspicuous tightening of the icing as it approaches the edges of the plates, the genuine obscurity of the dark cleaning, the crazy state of the equilibrium cockerel and stud holder, and the angled inside edges of the wheels.

An added feast for the eyes is that splendid blue hairspring with Voutilainen’s trademark Breguet overcoil and Grossmann inward bend added.

Chronograph component detail, Voutilainen Masterpiece Chronograph II

One thing you can’t see, however about which I’ll joyfully advise you, is the way acceptable the pusher feel is on this infant. The chronograph incitation on these watches is very acceptable, however this specific watch appears to have a touch of additional mystery ingredient as the smooth, reformist obstruction from the pushers is simply sublime.

To some degree that should be credited to the design of the chronograph system whose family can be followed to the previous Valjoux 23, yet I realize that Voutilainen likewise did some broad tuning of the spring shapes and thicknesses on this specific model’s development – and you can see it as well in the event that you take a gander at the profiles of the springs at the left and upper left of the picture above.

That sublime execution comes to some degree from a penance in the water-opposition of the case at the pusher openings, however this is such a watch that legitimizes the couple of additional seconds expected to take it off prior to doing the cleaning up, in the event that you ask me.

This development has profundity, as well: I couldn’t oppose the impulse to lay the watch practically level and make a center stack (from 23 source pictures) of the worm’s-eye perspective on Caliber 25Q gleaming in the darkness.

Check out the sparkle: center heap of the Voutilainen Caliber 25Q

Photographing the Voutilainen Masterpiece II in platinum

Imagine that you’re attempting to photo a dark cow within an animal dwellingplace at 12 PM on a moonless evening, you and the cow are both wearing blindfolds, and you’re attempting to ensure that you get the shade of the cow’s eyes in the shot. Gracious, and the cow is wearing a reflected collar that will shoot out blinding impressions of any light that compasses it.

That’s essentially how I felt after my two or three efforts to photo the dial side of this watch!

A bit simpler: dark dialed Voutilainen Masterpiece II Chronograph against a white background

I did at last prevail with regards to catching some strong shots against my supported dark foundation, yet additionally had a great time utilizing a white base and setting to catch substitute perspectives – including the picture beneath, which is the way I envision this watch may have showed up in a 1950s item brochure.

Back to the 1950s: Voutilainen Masterpiece Chronograph II

Shooting the back was easier, and notwithstanding the beautiful shots utilizing direct light it demonstrated conceivable to get some more emotional pictures utilizing calculated light – including the one beneath additionally shot against a lighter foundation – in which the visual accentuation is on the etching of the watchmaker’s name.

What was that name again?

Since last November’s burglary of my Hasselblad X1D I’ve been returned to shooting with my old dependable Nikon D810. While I miss the unbelievable settling force and shading delivering of the Hassy another sort of mystery ingredient as a bunch of customized Camera Raw presets has assisted a great deal with the tone and tone execution I’m ready to accomplish with the Nikon. What’s more, I’m currently ready to deliberately make an assortment of looks including lower-key ones.

Low-key: curbed light and the Voutilainen Masterpiece Chronograph II in platinum

It’s about the people!

More than anything, I love this specific watch since seeing it helps me to remember my incredible companion who possesses it, the common experience of our little gathering of authorities, and the caring work put into its creation by Kari Voutilainen.

Voutilainen watches at a new NorCal Gang supper with Mr. Voutilainen, including three Masterpiece II Chronographs at center

With the progression of time our obligations of fellowship have just developed, and I firmly speculate that further undertakings of the sort that brought about our Chronographs will be in our future!

Parting shot: development side, Kari Voutilainen Masterpiece Chronograph II in platinum

For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, visit opus chronograph-ii .

Quick Facts Kari Voutilainen Masterpiece Chronograph II

Case: pink gold, white gold, steel, or platinum, 40 mm; one watch with special official case back engraved by Eddy Jaquet

Dial: 18-karat gold dial in an assortment of shading plans (dark, anthracite, silver, blue) with applied or printed files and printed markings

Development: physically twisted Caliber 25Q with gold or rhodium plating; 55-hour power hold

Capacities: hours, minutes, auxiliary seconds; enormous date, 30-minute chronograph, moon stage show

Restriction: restricted arrangement of 10 watches

Creation year: 2013

Cost: not disclosed

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