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Blancpain Air Command: A Contemporary Remake Of An Officer And A Gentleman | Quill & Pad

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Spot the difference: Blancpain Air Command unique (left) and 2019 edition

The new Air Command is very dedicated to the first, yet not a complete re-creation. With a diameter of 42.5 mm it is anyway just marginally bigger than the 42 mm of the first. What’s more, the dial is marginally revised.

Blancpain Air Command

The railroad track and tachymeter scale not, at this point cut into the subdials, and the Arabic numerals are a smidgen more pronounced. In any case, beside these minor subtleties, the new Air Command looks a lot of the same as the first, however it has a serious distinctive feel.

I had the chance to deal with both the vintage Air Command and its modern kin, and the direct comparison featured how technical advances gave the modern watch more strength. It feels more grounded. Tougher.

Air Command: new doesn’t generally mean better, however it does this time

While some may find out if Blancpain lacked the creativity to create something genuinely new, I don’t have a place with that camp. I consider the new Air Command an incredible watch keeping part of the brand’s history alive, just as an impeccable chance for 500 lovers to make the most of its contemporary plan and modern construction and materials.

View through the presentation back to the propeller-molded twisting rotor of the Blancpain Air Command

Purists may detest the back perspective on the new Air Command watch, with its rotor resembling the propeller of a plane obvious through the showcase back. To some it might resemble a gimmick, yet it is crafted with care and eye for detail. For me it adds a touch of extra charm.

Back of the Blancpain Air Command

What is additionally extraordinary about the rotor is that it doesn’t cover a lot of Caliber F388B (which I actually think seems like the assignment of a Ferrari model).

Blancpain picked a refined technical completion for the movement, which suits the watch nicely. The same can be said of some of the more exceptional specs: high frequency of 5 Hz, column haggle clutch in addition to flyback function for the chronograph.

I discover the Air Command’s dial format very satisfying to the eye.

Blancpain Air Command

Overall, I believe that Blancpain has made an exceptionally dependable translation of the Air Command using modern-day technology. You will appreciate vintage style with the advantage of modern highlights including a ceramic bezel and superior movement.

The just disadvantage I see to the new Air Command is that it is limited to only 500 pieces. I would have cherished for it to be important for Blancpain’s normal collection with a limited yearly production rather than the limited version because I imagine that this watch is so cool, I would appreciate the chance of seeing it on more than 500 wrists.

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Quick Facts Blancpain Air Command

Case: 42.5 x 13.77 mm, tempered steel

Movement: automatic Caliber F388B with flyback function, column haggle clutch, 5 Hz/36,000 vph frequency, 50 hours power save

Functions: hours, minutes; flyback chronograph

Limitation: 500 pieces

Price: CHF 18,500

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