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Brand Highlight: Fortis

Brand Highlight: Fortis

Founded in 1912 in Grenchen, Switzerland, Fortis is a watch brand that offers outstanding watches for all occasions: sport, dress, aviation, oceanic and space. …Wait, what? Indeed, space. Fortis is a watch company with an accomplished history, from producing the world’s first automatic wristwatches to becoming the selective provider of wristwatches to the Russian Federal Space Agency. Not to mention that amount of their current and past collections are absolutely gorgeous and remarkably well designed.

Founded by Walter Vogt in 1912, Fortis took a tremendous advance forward as a watch company in 1926 by delivering the main automatic wristwatch planned by John Harwood . While Harwood set up associations with various Swiss watch producers to execute his revolutionary watch movement, Fortis was the first. More importantly, this innovation put the wheels into action for Fortis to become a pioneer in the watch world, and a company known for innovation and specialized accomplishment. In 1956, Fortis delivered the first “highly accurate” waterproof caution wristwatches. Most fundamentally, in 1994, Fortis turned into the selective provider of wristwatches to the Russian Space program and therefore, in 1998 produced the main Automatic Chronograph Alarm planned by Paul Gerber .

But Fortis is substantially more than history and reputation, incorporating heavenly plan and craftsmanship into their watches. Take for instance this MarineMaster , that so richly combines function and style. Here’s another version in red. The MarineMaster is powered by a swiss automatic movement, and highlights a date function, rotating inner bezel and decompression measure (don’t ask me how that works). The bottom line is, function not only doesn’t repress fashion, it encourages it.

From their present line of watches, I truly love the B-42 Marinemaster in white. It includes a 26 gem swiss automatic movement (with day/date function), housed in a 42mm brushed treated steel case. Unfortunately, the Fortis site doesn’t allow for direct connecting to their products, however here are some extraordinary photos of the B-42 on a metal wristband . It also looks extraordinary here on a blue silicone lash . I also truly love the Black PVD Pilot Professional , again with a swiss automatic movement. This thing is simply amazing.

For more incredible shots of some other beautigul fortis models, look at this “show us your Fortis” string on watchuseek.