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Braun 1970’s Reissue

Braun 1970’s Reissue

Braun has reissued a few of its time demonstrated works of art, including this attractive model. Initially planned by Dietrich Lubs and Dieter Rams in the 1970’s,

this negligibly styled watch has a deliberate appearance that puts an accentuation on clarity and capacity, while radiating controlled energy as a yellow seconds hand. Some portion of what makes this watch so intriguing is its verifiable pertinence throughout the entire existence of planned articles, specifically as a famous piece of Dieter Rams’ work. Rams, perhaps the most compelling fashioners of the twentieth century, planned by a bunch of 10 standards, some of which appear to be clear in this design:

  1. Good configuration is innovative
  2. Good configuration makes an item useful
  3. Good configuration is aesthetic
  4. Good configuration causes us to comprehend a product
  5. Good configuration is unobtrusive
  6. Good configuration is honest
  7. Good configuration is long-lasting
  8. Good configuration is resulting to the last detail
  9. Good configuration is worried about the environment
  10. Good configuration is as little plan as possible

Watch Specs:

  • case: 38 x 8.5mm impeccable steel
  • movement: 3-hand quartz (make unknown)
  • band: 19 mm leather
  • lens: scratch-safe mineral glass
  • price: $150.00 (approx.)

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