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Bravur Watches Review

Bravur Watches Review

Sometimes we come across brands that challenge the ideas we have in regards to watches and worth. In the discussions we have, it’s barely noticeable maybe quite possibly the most basic parts of any watch, and excuse it as not being a fundamental belief snake. That feature of a watch is basically plan. An overall term unto itself, this incorporates everything from the fine subtleties to generally stylish to marking. It’s so natural to become involved with what development is inside, what material is X or Y, we neglect that a watch’s configuration may be subordinate or somewhat conventional. We endeavor to take a gander at a mixed cluster here on w&w, however how regularly do we relate a detail to something from another watch, some other juncture? Don’t misunderstand me, that approach has extraordinary incentive too and I regularly love a significant number of those watches, however isn’t there and verifiable incentive in something new? During the time spent getting there?

This is the thing that interests me about Bravur Watches of Sweden. Established in 2011, their first line of watches opened up the previous fall. Comprising of five models worked off of a similar DNA, they are thoroughly itemized and made, yet present day and limited, in the vein of Scandinavian plan. Author Johan Sahlin and Magnus Svensson are both mechanical planners who felt that an excessive number of contemporary watches appeared to be identical, by brands lacking extraordinary characters. Moreover, that an excessive number of watches were propelled by similar manly roots; vehicles, planes and specialized pursuit. All things considered, they needed to make watches that addressed an advanced, metropolitan way of life, with materiality that oozes luxury.

To that end, they made Bravur, which from the logo alone addresses an alternate style. A greater amount of what you’d expect for the front of a style magazine, the all capitalized type is a cutting edge serif text style with stems and cross bars that have been disintegrated, to make a striking and interesting imprint. The “A” and “V” are then reutilized as a curtailed logo, which are found at different focuses all through the watch. The logo establishes the pace of the brand and the watch, one that is refined with an attention on aesthetics.

Before we get to the actual watches, it merits addressing what will positively be a questionable point: the cost. The Bravur watches start at $960 (transported) and are fueled by Swiss made Ronda 715 Quartz developments, which can be found in watches that cost undeniably less. Anyway, the legitimate inquiry is, the reason do these expense to such an extent? In their own words, the cost “is dependent on the way that the watches are solely created in Switzerland in incredibly low volumes”. Just as the way that development is very complex (it is, we’ll address that later) and the material quality is extremely high (likewise obvious). The volume angle is truly critical in assembling. It’s simple to compare this to a Hamilton, whose Swiss made mechanical watches are comparably valued, however the distinction in scale is gigantic. One brand is delivering a great many watches, the other a little handful… that changes things significantly, particularly when tooling is involved.

I have blended emotions on this. On one hand, there is such a huge amount to like about these watches, as you’ll see, yet being an expensive quartz causes it to feel like it’s a shell. Those of us with mechanical assortments realize that a significant part of the appeal and gravity of a watch comes from the thumping heart inside. It’s not exclusively, X costs more than Y, in this way a costly watch ought to have X. What’s more, on account of the Bravur watches they could cost more, have a mechanical, and not be disdained for doing as such. Toward the day’s end, it comes down to the objective market and crowd. The Bravur watches sell at Barney’s, who have a customer base that are searching for style and extravagance, paying little heed to cost and mechanical versus quartz doesn’t play into it. For us having a quartz development is a huge “but” in the discussion. The watches are flawless and exceptional, but…

Bravur Watch Review

Case: Steel/Black IP/Gold IP Movement: Ronda 715 Dial: Various Lume: Yes Lens: Sapphire Strap: Leather Water Res.: 5 ATM Dimensions: 41 x 48.5 mm Thickness: 11.5mm Lug Width: 20 mm Crown: 6 x 3.45mm Warranty: 2 years Price: $960+


When I previously removed the watches from their bundling (which is dazzling too) I was struck by how intricate and sharp the case configuration was. I didn’t even get the watches on for a few minutes as I poured over the little subtleties of the development, math and wrapping up. These are stunning cases; unmistakably the eyes and brains of mechanical planners were impacting everything. The 316L steel cases, one with black IP and the other with gold, measure 41 x 48.5 x 11.5 mm (to the highest point of the vaults sapphire precious stone). A size that suits a cutting edge, medium/huge easygoing watch.

From over, the case appears to be straightforward with a tube shaped focus and meager straight carries, all consideration zeroing in on the sweeping dial. A slight point uncovers the sheer complexity of the plan. A case in at any rate four sections; there is a case back that incorporates the carries, a mid-case with an amazing surface, a differentiating ring (black on gold or steel cases, steel on black cases) and afterward a slim bezel. The sapphire precious stone at that point ventures up with a chamfered edge prompting a considerably tall vault, which energetically contorts the dial at slanted points. Of off three is a 6 x 3.45mm push-pull crown that additionally has a multi-part construction.

Starting at the base, the case back is outwardly striking, and cunningly created. The base surface is altogether domed and features a scratching that plays off of their different marking marks. Around which there is some content, most eminently a brand proclamation “Swedish Soul, Swiss Heart”. Maybe the most intriguing component is that the drags are processed from a similar piece of steel, going for the situation. This permits them to give the drags a coarse level brushing, that may have been hindered by the case community had they been one piece. The actual carries have a straightforward shape. It’s natural, however somewhat extraordinary and definite with a level head screw from the screw bars.

The next level is the mid-case which is absolutely exceptional. Instead of an exemplary completion, the entire are a features a knurled surface, comprising of fine three-sided shapes. Outwardly, this makes a powerful surface, each edge getting light distinctively and projecting their own shadows. Actually, this adds a decent tangible component when taking care of the watch. Despite the fact that not the MO for a watch, having substance and surface makes it a superior planned article in the round. The knurling is actually a particular perspective to the Bravur watches, one that I envision was complicated to pull off and costly to fabricate well.

Getting to the top now, there is a metal differentiating ring between the fluted focus and bezel, which lines up with the top edge of the hauls. Completely stylish, however a rich and alluring point of interest, the ring is adornment at its best. It adds surface, separates the generally mono-chromatic case, gives it somewhat of a more modern feel (they say they took some motivation from vintage camera focal points in the plan) which adds to the watches character and just looks cool. The bezel sandwiches the ring and completes the case with a basic, downplayed surface.

The crown at 3 additionally has a basic appearance, yet misleadingly complex plan. From an external perspective, it has all the earmarks of being a straight chamber with fine sections, outwardly complimenting the knurled case, covered by smooth surfaces on one or the flip side. Things get inquisitive when you take a gander at the external surface, which is sunken. Inside the depression that is shaped is the Bravur “AV” logo in alleviation. To accomplish this plan, the crown is composed of different parts fit along with special case resistances, to such an extent that you can’t see where one piece stops and the following beginnings. Easily overlooked details like this success me over.


If you at any point quit taking a gander at the case, you’ll wind up enchanted by the dial inside. The huge dial is correspondingly an activity in effortlessness and specifying. Initially, things are extremely straight-forward. In reality, they are exceptionally straight-forward, yet the execution is great, and the composition blends things up marginally, as to be an unobtrusively novel interpretation of a dial. As a side note, it’s ideal to see an advanced brand with a twist towards design do whatever it takes not to waste time, in other words change things for evolving them, rather reconsider uniquely.

The dial surface tone is diverse relying upon the model, dark for the black case, pale silver for the gold. The lists and hands on both are the equivalent, notwithstanding. The hour list comprises or enormous applied black numerals which circle the external edge of the dial, pivoting around with the point. The size and dimensionality of the markers makes them exceptionally understood and decipherable. There’s nothing especially uncommon about them, however they look great, figuring out how to be strong and spare at the same time. On the dark dial, everything is less neat by plan, however not very difficult to peruse in nice lighting.

Stepping in, you have a bunch of reflected files, both comprising of a circle with lines jutting from it. The external list is bolder, with lines bringing up towards the hour markers. The inward file is a more slender weight, with lines pointing in towards the dial place, and features numerals for the minutes/seconds. There is an intriguing harmony between the hour numerals/external list and the internal numerals/inward file. One appearing to be a sorry excuse for the other. The two roundabout lists have an extremely fascinating realistic presence, nearly showing up as a logo unto themselves, or reductive representation. The transformed relationship of the hours to seconds, it is more normal for the hours to be nearer to the middle, functions admirably with the advanced methodology of the watch.

Much of the internal dial is left open, however it doesn’t feel unfilled. Running from the middle towards 3 is the Bravur logo, which as I referenced before is engaging. At 6, sitting where the 30 numeral should be, is a round date window with an angled silver edge. This is by and large where it ought to be. It doesn’t meddle with anything, lose the equilibrium of the dial or post of spot. It’s quietly incorporated and keeping in mind that pleasantly definite with an intelligent edge, doesn’t surpass. This is particularly evident on the lighter dial. On the dim dial, the white of the date circle leaps out, yet there it really separates the thick grey.

The hands are quite possibly the most intriguing components of the dial. The hour and moment are both genuinely expansive matte black square shapes with white lume tips, a discouraged focus and an open region towards their tips. The just separating factor is that the hour hand closes at the internal list, and the moment reaches out to over the numerals. On the moment hand the open zone uncovers the scramble of the list it is finished, making a basic and fairly novel presentation. The second hand is then a basic matte black stick. The lone thing significant there is the means by which the stem of the seconds hand easily advances into the middle; an unpretentious however pleasant detail.

Overall, the most compelling part of the dial is the demanding extents of the components and the even format. Everything feels appropriate for the space it is in. Nothing is too huge, or excessively little. Nothing is difficult to peruse or diverting from whatever else. Tastefully, I think it was brilliant to venture back somewhat after the complexity of the case to make something where clearness was principal. The hands at that point add a smidgen seriously specifying, however not really as to be the star of the show.

Straps and Wearability

Bravur’s lashes are especially pleasantly made, and suit the stylish of the watches well. They have a straightforward plan with negligible sewing, just having emphasized bunches towards the hauls. The two watches we got were made with various kinds of cowhide, and in various areas. At the point when you request a Bravur, you can browse an assortment lashes, some adding cost. In the first place, the black IP model went ahead a dull olive calfskin. It’s an especially cool tone, helping me to remember green/black tattoo ink. The lash is very graceful and delicate, and features a black calfskin backing. The gold model delivered on an earthy colored Swedish vegetable tanned calfskin. This and the black cowhide models cost more as they are additionally made in Sweden…which comparably to creating in the US comes at an expense. The earthy colored calfskin isn’t sponsored, and is a more basic, rough look.

Both lashes come with sending catches with coordinating IP wraps up. It’s a pleasant looking catch, having the “AV” scratched in, that works appropriately, yet I found that the sending segment that wraps under the cowhide and against my skin to be somewhat uncomfortable, squeezing every so often. Given the straightforward style of the ties, I figure a thumbnail would have done the trick. Stylishly, both truly look incredible on the watches, however the olive calfskin is my top choice of the two. The tone is somewhat secretive and difficult to portray, it’s unobtrusive by and large, however has a touch of manliness to it. The shade of the earthy colored tie is flawless as well, a genuine sparkling tan, yet the white differentiation sewing felt excessively brilliant and new for me.

On the wrist, everything arranges truly well. The 41mm case is a comfortable size to wear, however the watch seems bigger because of the broad dial. The specifying of the case is more unpretentious than it may have appeared to be in the portrayal, from a good ways just adding intriguing flickers of light as it moves around. Close up, the subtleties are more obvious, yet never showy. Normally, the black IP rendition is the significantly more unpretentious, the differentiating steel ring being the solitary detail that sticks out. The gold amazed me. I’m not a gold person, and maybe it’s in light of the fact that with this styling it peruses nearly as metal, yet the yellow tone truly worked.

The dial is additionally seriously energizing when worn then one may anticipate from something genuinely insignificant. It’s solid, current and refreshingly basic. The two tones we attempted are genuinely various encounters however. The silver is brilliant and enthusiastic, everything is overly fresh and clear. The dim is quiet, just uncovering itself close up. Truly, between the two I favored the silver dial as it emphasizd the realistic markers and components. Style shrewd, these appear to simply go with present day wear. Certainly a regular easygoing style, instead of game or dress, these look directly with a material Jack Spade satchel in hand.


Bravur takes unique consideration with their bundling in evident and inconspicuous manners. The bundling comprises of a huge black cardboard introduction box with their logo debossed on the front. Contingent upon the shade of the watch case, the logo will be foil stepped gold, silver or visually impaired (unfilled). The size and style of the case causes you to hope to locate a costly tie inside, as opposed to a watch. In any case, a watch really isn’t what you find right away. All things considered, coasting in a pass on cut addition, is a calfskin wallet with a zipper. The zipper, similar to the foil on the outside, matches the case.

This isn’t your standard off the rack perk with a brand’s name stepped, this is a delightful item unto itself. Created by for Bravur, it’s made of black entire grain calfskin all around with an inflexible development and a YKK zipper. The development and itemizing are excellent, the marking is unpretentious and the pockets are useful.Take a gander at Mismo’s site…cool and costly stuff. So this really is presumably a $200 watch voyaging wallet.


The Bravur Watches are especially cool and novel. I love any item that has subtleties I can lose all sense of direction in, and all the better that its a watch. The case plan specifically is something to see, particularly the knurled sides. It’s amazing, most definitely, that this is their initial attack into watch making, thinking about the degree of detail and art that went into the pieces. The dials at that point have that relieving Scandinavian restriction that makes for something you can’t become ill of. Extraordinary lashes and the uncommon wallet that comes with it make quite a compelling bundle. No, the plan isn’t for everybody, except I think for an advanced, plan disapproved of individual, it will strike a chord.

So, on the off chance that you love the appearance of these watches and will pay for the plan, the subtleties, the sheer measure of exertion that went into them,  I am sure you will be content with what you get. From multiple points of view, what they have done here outperforms what we regularly find at the around the $1,000 dollar cost. Everything about the watches addresses quality and materiality. They have that refined look and feel of open extravagance that comes about through cautious plan and great taste. It’s simply the development, the one section they would purchase from another brand in any case, that holds these back from being an all out progress. In any event, to those of us who are obstinately pulled in to mechanicals. Bravur watches said future assortments will probably feature mechanical just as quartz developments. I for one can’t hold back to see that second hand sweep.

by Zach Weiss