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Bulova Precisionist Champlain 1/1000 Chronograph Review

Bulova Precisionist Champlain 1/1000 Chronograph Review

Bulova isn’t a brand that needs a lot of presentation. One of the first American watchmakers, their set of experiences and importance is notable having created numerous developments in its 100+ year life. Presently possessed by Citizen, the brand actually keeps on creating intriguing and interesting lines of watches. One such line that was first presented in 2010, however appears to go somewhat under the radar, is the Precisionist line.

Featuring an interesting development, the Precisionists are not normal for some other quartz watches you’ve at any point seen. Unfathomably exact and with a smooth clearing seconds, you’ll twofold take the first occasion when you see them in real life. While a smooth clearing seconds quartz may be sufficient to separate these as of now, Bulova proceeded to make a chronograph variant with accuracy up to a thousandth of a second. Obviously, we needed to get our hands on one to perceive what they were about and Bulova was adequately thoughtful to loan us a Precisionist Champlain Chronograph for this survey. Coming in at $799, it’s pricey for a quartz watch, conceded it has numerous uncommon features.

Case: St Steel Movement: Bulova Precisionist Quartz Dial: Black Lume: Yes Lens: Mineral Strap: Bracelet Water Res.: 300M Dimensions: 46.4 x 54.6mm Thickness: 17.9 mm Lug Width: 24 mm Crown: 7 x 4 mm Warranty: long term Price: $799


Bulova abandoned nuance they approached planning the instance of the Champlain Precisionist Chronograph. Estimating 46.5 x 54.6 x 17.9mm, this is probably the greatest watch we’ve come across. A forceful and mathematical plan further expands the sheer greatness of the watch, which additionally weighs 260g, belying the quartz development inside. There is likewise a ton going on from surfaces to completions to raised zones, screws, aspects, etc… This makes a case that is less a lodging for a development than a genuine fortress.

On top of focal zone is a tall, fixed bezel that seems, by all accounts, to be held set up by four tall hex head fasteners. Imitating a touch of the style of extravagance sport watches like Hublot or Audemars Piguet, the jolts add a pleasant mechanical detail to the plan that talks the general hustling tasteful of the watch. From straightforwardly overhead it is maybe difficult to see, however the bezel and mineral precious stone really bend. One of the more one of a kind assembling subtleties of the watch, the bended cyrstal makes some intriguing twisting of the dial at slanted angles.

On the correct side of the case are two low and wide chrono-pushers at 2 and 4. Between them is a screw down crown that is completely covered by huge watchmen. The crown has spiraling depressions, giving it an emotional look and an effectively graspable surface. All things considered, considering the watch is exact to inside 10/sec a year, you are not prone to change the crown regularly. On the left half of the watch at 8 is another pusher, being utilized to change the watch from time mode over to chronograph mode.

All in all, the case is both one of a kind and all around made, yet to some degree fierce in plan. They were truly going for a forceful and manly, larger than usual look, which they accomplished hands-down. Having said that, the size and vastness doesn’t fill a specific need and cutoff points wearability.


The dial of the Precionist Chronograph proceeds with the over-the-top plan with a huge number of surfaces, materials and shadings. The base surface comprises of an internal territory with a carbon fiber surface and an external ring of shimmering steel with a perlage design. The two surfaces mirror light in fascinating and dynamic, however totally different ways. On top of the base surface is a cross section of grained blue metal, which is definite with two little screws like they are holding it down.

On top of the blue grid is the essential hour list, which comprises of huge applied steel markers of different lengths with lume fill. Raised well over the remainder of the dial is a tachymeter section ring, which outlines the entire dial and adds some specialized subtleties. The feeling of profundity in the dial is gigantic, like it sits a few millimeters underneath the mineral gem. The different surface medicines, particularly the carbon fiber and perlage, underscore this by having an artificial, holographic effect.

Within the focal point of the dial are four sub-dials (indeed, five actually) that relate to the chronograph work. At 9 and 3 you have hour long and 12-hour aggregators separately. At 12 is a bunch of stacked sub-dials for 1/10 and 1/100 second exactness, each with their own hand. Despite the fact that stacked, they are not difficult to peruse. At 6, reflecting the sub-dial at 12, is 1/1000 second record, which is a little bend instead of a round trip. The plan of the sub-dials and their separate lists is all around done. Regardless of adding a ton of data and visual components to the dial, everything is clear and readable, with some fascinating enumerating. I very like that they put an accentuation of looking after evenness, however the date window somewhere in the range of 4 and 5 disturbs this somewhat.

The hour and moment hands have a skeletonized blade/fence post plan with lumed tips that suits the dial well. The sub-dials all have three-sided hands of a similar plan in one or the other white or yellow, with the stacked register having both for clearness. The essential seconds hand/chrono seconds is a long slender yellow stick with a Precisionist figure 8 logo on its end.


The star of this watch is the Precisionist Quartz development inside. There are a few things that make this development fascinating, beginning with the most self-evident, the smooth clearing seconds hand. Regularly, quartz watches, as you surely understand, tick once each second while mechanical watches, because of the wavering recurrence of the equilibrium wheel, have a smooth range (some smoother than others, for example, the Zodiac SST 36000 hello there beat). The Precisionist move uses a special 3-pronged gem, as opposed to the ordinary 2-pronged assortment, to accomplish a recurrence multiple times more noteworthy than a standard quartz.

This permits the second hand to move inconceivably easily and awards the Precisionist with a fantastic exactness of inside 10/sec… a year! To place this in context, COSC Chronometer grade mechanical keeps time with – 4/+6 seconds every day (which is 99.9% exact). That’s an exceptionally large distinction in accuracy.

To a few, the smooth range is kind of covering the quartz idea of the watch. Certainly, you could make that guarantee, however in all actuality this is a consistent enhancement for the quartz watch. I don’t think about you, yet when I get a quartz and locate that the second hand is ticking, yet not agreeing with the markers (which is consistently), I get very disappointed. This overcomes that via expanded exactness. Also, it’s so smooth that it’s past the compass of a mechanical. Curiously, there are some extremely fine mechanical watches with “dead stop seconds&rdquo, for example, the Gronefeld 1hz , which feature second hands that hop instead of sweep.

Increasing both the capacity and adaptability of the Precisionist is the 1/1000-second chronograph worked in. To utilize the chronograph, one initially should press the catch at 8. This sends the second hand around to 0 or the cause. Since this is neither mechanical nor mecha-quartz, the recycled sets aside some effort to travel, particularly if it’s simply past the root. This can be a bother on the off chance that you are hoping to time something the entirety of the sudden.

Once arrangement, the chronograph is started in the average style with the pusher at 2. Quickly you will see 2 fascinating things. 1, the second hand is done clearing, but instead bouncing in exceptionally estimated steps, step by step. 2, the 1/10 and 1/100 hands are turning uncontrollably. When 30 seconds have slipped by, the 1/10 and 1/100 hands reset and all that is moving is the seconds counter. This frustrated me as the rapidly turning hands are novel, and an ordinarily quartz just capacity (indeed, the Tag Heuer Mikrographs are an exemption). I expect this is to save energy, yet it detracts from the display and pulls back the drape on the development a piece. In other words, that is becomes evident that the development is figuring inside with a computer as opposed to with a functioning stopwatch.

Upon stopping the development with the pusher at 2, the 1/10, 1/100 and 1/1000 hands all out of nowhere bounce into place, demonstrating the slipped by an ideal opportunity to ludicrous accuracy. Realizing that something occurred in 60 minutes, 5 minutes and 43.864 seconds probably won’t be the most helpful information, particularly since the response season of your thumb is far more slow than a thousandth of a second, however it is cool. In the event that you, start the chronograph once more, the 1/10 and 1/100 hands will turn for an additional 30 seconds. In the event that you restart, the sub-dials reset, and the seconds hand returns an excursion to the origin.

Strap and Wearability

The Precisionist Champlain chronograph features a strong steel arm band that confronts the larger than average case, and is maybe a touch more refined. The wristband begins with a gigantic, strong 24mm end interface that coordinates with the carry plan. The connections of the arm band tighten marginally down to 22mm, yet at the same time appear to be truly gigantic. Each connection comprises of three sections, 2 sides and a focal board. The focal board has a remarkable inclined plan that points it to raise over the side regions. The connections are likewise intensely completed, with brushing, lines of cleaned steel and a score that has all the earmarks of being matte. Finishing this off is a generally basic, however secure catch with jump expansion. It’s a serious wonderful wristband and I was extremely happy to see it was a one of a kind plan for the watch.

You may have gotten the image as of now, yet this watch is immense. Until you put in on your wrist, you’re not mindful of exactly how massive it is. The 46.5 width isn’t anything to laugh at, nor is the transcending 17.9mm tallness, yet what drives the watch over the edge (in a real sense) is the separation from end-connection to end-interface. At 62mm, these projections from the focal case expanded well past the edges of my 7″ wrist, which is the place where I for one take a stand. All things considered, for fellows with huge wrists or the individuals who are into the larger than average look, this will likely be simply fine.

The look itself is thoroughly examined and accomplished. The watch promptly carries hustling and auto plan to mind just as addresses stronger and more conspicuous watch patterns. This isn’t a watch you wear to be covertness, on the opposite you wear it trusting individuals will see it. On the off chance that the sheer size of it doesn’t gather consideration, the gleaming reflections from the finished dial will. The yellow emphasize hands add some required tone and style.

I envision for the opportune individual this is an adaptable plan. It’s forceful, energetic and clearly manly, however has some exquisite completing and subtleties. Plainly it would work with shorts and shirt, or business clothing. It’s comparable to a Hummer or other “luxury” SUV in that it can go rough terrain, yet additionally looks suitable stopped outside of a club.


What makes the Bulova Precisionist Champlain Chronograph an intriguing watch is the creative development inside. Clear seconds, unrivaled precision and a 1/1000 chronograph combine to make a by and large extraordinary quartz experience. The actual watch while very ridiculous, is all around made, tolerably completed and has some quality components, like the bended gem (wish it was sapphire however) and an extraordinary wristband. All things considered, at $799 MSRP (different models start at less) this is a great deal to pay for quartz watch. As I would see it, any quartz that costs two or three hundred dollars has to bring to the table something truly unique. Plainly, the Bulova Precisionist does, however whether it’s worth $799 is far from being obviously true. A similar case with a programmed and a sapphire wouldn’t be addressed, and this is a restrictive movement.

That said, I do feel that while the plan is fruitful as a larger than average, über-manly watch, it is inalienably restricting. It’s not interesting to the individuals who lean toward downplayed plans, and is uncomfortable on individuals with even medium measured wrists. They obviously attempted to make an interesting and predictable language for the Precisionist line, 3-handers and chronos, however in planning a particularly outrageous look, maybe sabotaged the main feature, the development. The possibility of a work of art, flexible easygoing watch, perhaps 40mm, with a development that is exact to inside 10 seconds a year seems like a success to me. On the off chance that they just put it in the Commemorative Hack watch (thumped two or three hundred off the cost) they’d have a clique favorite.

By Zach Weiss Review unit provided by Bulova