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Christopher Ward C5 Malvern Automatic MKII Review

Christopher Ward C5 Malvern Automatic MKII Review

The Christopher Ward C5 Malvern Automatic MKII is a contemporary interpretation of an exemplary dress watch that combines as one a great deal of wonderful components at a significantly more surprising cost. The MKII is a development to, you got it, the MKI, which was one of C Ward’s first watches, and one of the primary watches available to have accomplished “such superb quality being made accessible at a particularly open price.” The MKII takes a significant part of the tasteful of the first, places it for a situation that is 1mm more extensive, and works on the dial a piece. The watch includes a genuine clothing rundown of incredible components like a sapphire precious stone, an improved Swiss Made Selitta SW200-1 development, a presentation case back, decent completing and trust commendable form quality at the truly average cost of $365 415 550.

Based on the components alone, you are unmistakably getting an extraordinary worth. The way that the C Ward brand has demonstrated again and again (to us) to make top notch pieces and offer truly extraordinary client assistance in their C Ward 360 program, drives the worth home. It’s one thing to make a modest watch, it’s another to remain behind it. What this all adds up to is trust in your expected buy. In any case, that regardless of, in the event that you are not into the stylish and style of the watch you won’t get it any day soon, so let’s investigate the plan and subtleties of the C Ward C5 Malvern Automatic MKII.

Christopher Ward C5 Malvern MKII Review

Case: Stainless Steel Movement: Selitta SW200-1 Dial: Silver Sun Ray Lume: no Lens: Sapphire Strap: Brown Leather with Croc design Water Res.: 50m Dimensions: 39 x 47mm Thickness: 10.8 mm Lug Width: 18 mm Crown: 3 x 6 mm screw down Warranty: multi day return/long term movement

Case and Movement

The tempered steel instance of the C5 Malvern MkII estimates a 39 x 47 x 10.8mm making it a simple to wear medium size. It’s a touch enormous for a dress watch, and a touch little for a contemporary watch, so it closes as a flexible dress/easygoing style. The case has a straightforward and exquisite shape. The focal body is an essential chamber with straight sides and dainty, agile carries jutting out. There is a moderately wide bezel with a tenderly adjusted profile that adds a consistent look to the case and changes pleasantly into the domed sapphire gem. In general, the plan comes up short on any pointless ornamentation, however there is dash of design on the carries as such a stacked profile. It’s a pleasant touch that adds a drop of limited embellishment, and expands on the early/mid 20th century tasteful of the watch.

At 3 o’clock is the marked screw down crown. Estimating a generous 6 x 3.5mm, the crown is maybe a touch larger than usual for a dress watch, yet proportioned pleasantly. I end up discovering it to be an engaging point of interest of the watch, as the enormous crown plays well off dress/easygoing 39mm size to add a dash of manliness to the plan. Likewise, the utilization of a screw down crown is somewhat sudden, however extremely welcome. Since this is an automatic, taking all things together likeliness you wont need to control the crown again and again, so this wont cause any disturbance and fundamentally adds to the general quality feel of the watch.

The case back of the watch is an exceptionally straightforward presentation type ease that shows off the pleasantly beautified Selitta SW200-1 development inside. The showcase window estimates 25mm across, giving a genuinely full perspective on the SW200-1, which includes a beautified rotor and blued screws. The rotor has been enhanced with Geneva Stripes, a Christopher Ward logo and the Christopher Ward name, scratched in and loaded up with a medium blue tone. The actual development is a Swiss made 26-gem automatic with date, a 38-hr power hold and a recurrence of 28,800 bph. In the time I had with the watch, the development was precise and generally approved of force reserve.


The C5 Malvern Automatic MkII dial has an appealing and controlled stylish that addresses dress watches from the ahead of schedule to mid 20th century. Hours are set apart with straightforward applied implement, minutes with little dark ticks. The model I had available included a silver sunburst dial, steel markers and steel hands for such a tone-on-tone metallic look. The all-metal plan is engaging and makes for an extremely adaptable watch. The dim of the metal matches well with quite a few tones, adds a fascinating gleam to the watch and is intense yet refined, drawing some consideration while not standing apart excessively. The cleaned steel hands are basic, dainty post shapes that function admirably with the generally aesthetic.

Under the 12 marker is the new Chris Ward logo, which includes such an impossible to miss “Chr” shortened form for Chris. Straightforwardly under that it says London. The logo is genuinely huge, yet not very huge or diverting. Over the 6-marker is the word “automatic” and on one or the other side of the marker are the words “Swiss Made”. I discover the position and plan of the word “automatic” to be somewhat irritating, it is kind of coasting in space, and the text style is a plain sans-serif, nearly feeling like it was not thought of. Regardless of whether the watch even necessities to say automatic at all is one inquiry, yet notwithstanding I figure it might have been applied with a similar restriction and nuance present in the remainder of the watch plan. That being said, this detail in no way, shape or form cheapens the general look and feel of the watch, and is honestly a genuinely abstract issue.

Just off of the 3-marker is a roundabout date window. The window has been cut into the dial so as to have a chamfered cleaned edge, which adds a decent piece of completing to the window. This way it doesn’t just feel like an opening in the dial. The date under is introduced in dark on a white foundation, which functions admirably with the silver dial. There is no lume present on the dial.

Strap and Wearability

The C5 Malvern Automatic MKII is accessible with a couple of various lash alternatives: dark or earthy colored calfskin or a steel arm band. The rendition close by highlights the 18mm earthy colored cowhide lash, with an artificial gator surface. The nature of the tie is high, with a decent flexible surface, great sewing and edge finish. The earthy colored of the lash has a wonderful rich tone with a good measure of red present. A pleasant aspect regarding this false gator is that it isn’t only a squeezed in surface, the shading of the earthy colored moves around, getting more obscure at edges and lighter in valleys, making for a significantly more natural look and the blend of browns makes for a seriously intriguing tone to wear with garments. The lash additionally includes a sending catch in coordinating cleaned, which is a pleasant option that adds to the over all estimation of the tie. Finally, the tie has “quick-release” spring bars, which makes for simple, apparatus free changing of straps.

On the wrist, the C5 is an overall quite comfortable size. The 39 x 10.8mm case has respectable presence however is in no way, shape or form excessively huge. The thickness indeed makes for a dress/easygoing style, adding a touch of strength that makes it decent for ordinary wear, yet it’s adequately slender to effortlessly fit under a shirt sleeve. The proportioning of the case to the 18mm lash is likewise very thoroughly examined. Time after time watches appear to air on having a more extensive than needed lash. In this example the 18mm lash underlines the dial, and doesn’t add an excess of material around the wrist. The vibe of the cleaned pure case with the silver tone-on-tone dial and the rich earthy colored cowhide lash is truly right on target. This watch looks great with pretty much anything you wear it with. The all metal stylish functions too with dark pants as a delicate blue dress shirt, as does the calfskin lash. Obviously, in the event that you needed to put this on with a suit, it would be welcome as well.


The C5 comes in a decent introduction bundle. The external box is a lovely custard/cream hued cardboard with a foil stepped C. Ward logo on top. Inside is the genuine, underlying bundling that secures the watch, however presents it to the client in a decent design. The container is strong and I really accept is made of a wooden design with different wrapping materials and cushioning. Around the outside of the crate is a matte dark fake cowhide and inside is a cream calfskin. The watch is introduced on a cream “pillow” that has been situated in a little break in the focal point of the crate. In general, the case had an exceptionally generous form quality that makes it valuable around once received.


Sometimes, we come across watches on w&w that offer an evidently incredible worth. Watches that have outstanding highlights, strong form quality and intriguing ganders at costs that appear to be unrealistic. The C5 Malvern Automatic MKII is one such watch. It includes an enlivened Swiss Made Selitta SW200-1 development that is noticeable through a showcase case back, a domed sapphire precious stone, a great calfskin tie with a sending catch, strong form quality, a basic however exceptional case plan a rich dial and an in general controlled and modern aesthetic…and for the individuals who put added confidence in such things, it is a Swiss Made watch. All that said, it costs a simple $365 415.

C. Ward can make a watch like this at this value due to their size, the more you improve the your expenses, and on the grounds that they aren’t compensating for showcasing or retail. The C5 shows the accomplishment of their plan of action, in that they are offering quality and highlights that regularly cost more at a feasible value point. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, an alternate brand could sell this watch at a few times this cost and individuals wouldn’t flicker an eye.

So, should you purchase a C5 Malvern Automatic MKII ? I don’t know, that’s up to you. In the event that you are searching for an adaptable dress watch, this is an incredible choice. There aren’t such a large number of mechanical dress watches in this value range, so it unquestionably stands apart as a competitor. On the off chance that you are searching for a rich everyday watch, or a watch with an ahead of schedule to mid 20th century stylish, at that point you also should look at the C5. What I can be sure of is that despite the fact that this watch costs under $5000…heck, it costs under $500, it is an amazing watch and if the look suits you, you will be happy with it.

Review unit mercifully provided by Christopher Ward watches

by Zach Weiss