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Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro Review

Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro Review

We’ve explored numerous Christopher Ward watches since we began worn&wound, yet by one way or another we’ve never checked on one of their most well known models; the C60 Trident Pro (please note this model is not, at this point in production). All things considered, it’s time to address that. This watch isn’t simply incredibly well known due to its exemplary jumper looks, it’s likewise in light of the fact that it offers an enormous worth that couple of different watches can compete with. Swiss made, Selitta SW200 development, 4mm thick sapphire gem make this $535-$635, lash choice depending, an extraordinary deal.

Christopher Ward doesn’t dance around the motivation of the Trident line with language like “based on a specific popular watch” they go straight for it, saying that the watch follows the 1954 Rolex GMT Master. This is more clear in the C60 Trident GMT models, as they have GMT hands and a comparative bezel (however the famous “pepsi” adaptation appears to have been ended). The 3-hand model we are seeing today has more similitudes to the Submariner, yet in the two cases C Ward has worked effectively of taking components of those watches, blending them in with new and various thoughts, to make a novel line. These aren’t praise watches in the conventional sense, just truly inspired.

The C60 has been around for some time and now comes in various styles and tones, from hot orange to COSC confirmed to a recently delivered 38mm rendition. Despite the fact that maybe the most exemplary adaptation would be that with a dark bezel, for taking a gander at something else, we went with the khaki form on NATO …and kid are we happy we did. Inconspicuous subtleties will in general be the most significant, and the impeccably tuned olive green utilized in the bezel truly took the style of this watch somewhere special. $535

Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro Review

Case Stainless Steel Movement Sellita SW 200-1 Dial Black Lume Yes Lens Sapphire Strap Nylon Water Resistance 300m Dimensions 42 x 50mm Thickness 13mm Lug Width 22mm Crown 6 x 5mm screw-down Warranty Yes Price $535


The instance of the C60 is basic and clean with sharp edges and a general novel plan. Estimating 42 x 50 x 13mm with 22mm, the C60 is medium measured and genuinely slender, particularly for a watch with a 4mm sapphire precious stone. From over head, the lines stream easily from the pleasantly proportioned hauls to the crown watches and back once more. From the side, the exquisite shape is even more clear. The focal case is kept genuinely flimsy all through, giving it a smooth profile. One little detail I very like is the manner by which the drags have a blunted edge that scales back under the case. This doesn’t do anything exceptional, it simply looks pleasant, polishing off the state of the case well.

At 3 is a 6 x 5mm screw down crown that while somewhat thin, has a decent length making it simple to get a handle on. Relatively, it works with the case plan, particularly since it is flanked by crown monitors that add visual weight. The actual crown is basic, yet all around nitty gritty with coin edging and a little C Ward logo on its end.

The case back comes up short on the standard subtleties one finds on jumpers and rather has a solitary huge token. The insignia contains a profoundly carved trident over an example of waves with the word “Deus Maris Altum” (lord of the great oceans) recorded around it. Else, it basic states Swiss made, and leaves the remainder of the subtleties to the dial. The image is decent looking and first rate, however I couldn’t help yet think the back felt a little empty.

The bezel of the C60 has an extremely exemplary plan. It’s genuinely dainty, with a slight slope towards the outside of the gem. Around the edge is some instituting that gives required hold. The actual bezel has a 120-click uni-directional component that has a good vibe. It adjusts precisely properly, however it has a touch of back-play. The addition is wonderful, yet we’ll get to that later.

Overall, the case has basic, yet professional wrapping up. The top surface is completely cleaned, giving the watch a touch of glamour, while the sides are brushed to a glossy silk finish. The edges all around are extremely fresh, which addresses the general assembling quality. It’s a solid and very much constructed case that feels like it can take a knock or two, and with the 300M water opposition, could be utilized in a functioning environment.


As said previously, the dial plan of the C60 Trident Pro acquires from Rolex GMT Masters and Submariners, yet adds some novel components, giving it a particular character. Beginning with the essential list, you have a progression of applied square shapes at 3, 6, 9 and 12 and circles for different hours. This gives the dial a prompt Sub-look, however the extents of the circles and square shapes are very unique. There is likewise a twofold square shape at 12, as opposed to the typical triangle. The applied markers are pleasantly executed, each having a touch of cleaned steel around a white community that gets light nicely.

Around the actual border of the dial is a seconds/minutes record with little white hash marks. The lines are printed to an accuracy of 1/fifth a second, which integrates with the compass of the seconds hand. Like clockwork is a little lume speck, which gives it such a vintage tritium spot look. One detail here that stands apart is the manner by which the rectangular markers of the dial break into this file, giving the dial somewhat of a crosshair look. I end up loving the way this off sets the round markers, which are further in towards the center.

The most fascinating aspect of the plan, one that truly recognizes this watch and gives it a special presence, is simply the example on the face. Rather than being a level matte dark, the dial has a progression of wavy lines covering it. This piece of surface plays with light pleasantly, and adds a touch of profundity and interest to the dial. This is a degree of enumerating you don’t find time and again in this value range, so it’s a genuine worth snake. It’s additionally basically very attractive.

The bezel embed likewise adds some interesting flavor to the watch. It’s an aluminum embed with markings that are suggestive of Submariners, with long queues and numerals exchanging. The initial fifteen minutes is separated to simply lines each five and little specks for the minutes in the middle. Since it is an aluminum embed, the markers are really holes through the shading showing the metal under. At 0/60 is a three-sided marker with a shaped lume pearl or pip.

The most noteworthy feature here is the olive green “khaki” shading (khaki in England and the US are characterized a piece in an unexpected way, doubtlessly). It’s not a shading that I’ve at any point seen utilized on a watch bezel previously, and it’s genuinely lovely. It’s a dull green with bronzy hints that appears as though it was chosen from a cutting of camo. It works delightfully with the dial under and adds an edge to the general stylish that wouldn’t in any case be there.

At simply past 4 is a rectangular date window showing the dark on white date. The window has a metal boundary, which gives it a comparative look to one of the applied markers while additionally underscoring it more. I discover the usage of the date to be quite problematic to the dial. On Subs and GMTs, the date is consistently at 3. While I comprehend needing to isolate the plans, having the date askew tosses the equilibrium of the dial. The window, which replaces the 4 o’clock marker, is likewise not by and large where 4 ought to be (it’s more like 5), so it simply feels off-kilter. It’s likewise further towards the middle than the roundabout markers, which is because of the size of the development, however that causes it to feel like it’s simply skimming off. However advantageous as it could be to have a date, I would prefer they had renounced it completely to keep the balance and design predictable or if nothing else offered a no date option.

That hands of the C60 are a significant takeoff from the Rolex source material, yet function admirably with the general style of the watch. The hour and moment hands are both traditionally molded, yet have such a workmanship deco wind through tightening stretched tip. The hour hand at that point daintily alludes to the Mercedes hand by being more limited and generally roundabout, however it does not have the three-sided cross. The moment hand is then an enormous roman sword shape, which is very not the same as what you’d find on Sub. The second hand is a long slim steel stay with a red tip and a trident on the contrary side. I very like the trident, it is one of a kind, supports the marking of the line and connects to the waveform on the dial.

The C60 features lume on the hands, applied markers, little spots on the external file and the bezel pearl. The lume pearl features green lume, while all the other things has blue. Lamentably, I discovered the quality to be exceptionally frustrating. Under direct charge from an UV electric lamp, the pearl shines splendidly, however it blurs rapidly, the hands gleam medium strength likewise blurring quick, and the dial scarcely sparkles. On the dial the little markers on the edge sparkle most splendid, while the applied markers, in spite of their size, scarcely gleam by any stretch of the imagination. Considering this is a plunge watch from a trustworthy brand, also the nature of lume we’ve seen on less expensive jump watches made in Asia, I was extremely astonished by this. This doesn’t ruin the watch as eventually it is a style piece with some plunge specs, however I think it restricts its potential greatly.

Straps and Wearability

There are modest bunch of various tie alternatives one can browse while choosing a C60, yet the easiest and most affordable, is on a NATO. They delivered this alternative to pay tribute to James Bond’s 50th commemoration on screen. Contingent upon what bezel shading the watch has the NATO will change, yet the Khaki comes on a conventional Bond regimental lash with dark, red and green lines. In the event that you watch Dr. No intently, you will see Bond’s Submariner 6538 on a strip lash of a similar tone. Various NATOs are called “Bond” style, however this is the genuine adaptation. At any rate, as we as a whole know, paying little mind to the tone, Sub style jumpers look stunning on NATO ties and the C60 is no exception.

The Khaki bezel as of now has added some military vibes to the watch, and the NATO takes that further. Presently, I will be truly fussy here, yet I do think the bezel and Bond NATO conflict a tad. The greens are very much like, yet are not exactly the same… Will anybody notice that, presumably not, however once I got receptive to it, I couldn’t help yet see it. The particular NATO it comes with is likewise beautiful conventional as far as assembling. It has heat welds as opposed to sewing and unbranded equipment. I was trusting it would be a beefier NATO that was remarkable to C Ward, instead of the regular purchased from-a-index variety.

Luckily NATOs are too simple to trade, and on the off chance that you resemble me you have tons, so I liked to wear it on military tan NATO, which gives the entire watch a camo feel and mixes with the olive/khaki bezel. Another incredible choice (sorry for the bold fitting) was on one of our  Graphite NYC NATOs . The matte dark underscores the bezel and dial tones while such a blurred nature of the nubuck draws out some vintage components to the design.

On the wrist, the C60 wears unimaginably well. It’s one of those watches you put on and disregard, in light of the fact that it’s just so comfortable. The 42 x 50mm size wears less than it is, and truly looks extraordinary on the wrist. My wrist is 7″ and 42mm is probably pretty much as extensive as I like to go, so the C60 truly fit consummately, however I figure it would chip away at bigger and some marginally more modest wrists as well.

Some of the grumbles I had before about the date window, and so forth truly vacate the premises when you are wearing it. It just looks incredible. It’s attractive, manly, downplayed and classic… While it doesn’t appear as though a vintage Sub or GMT, it has a touch of similar mentality and incredible style all alone, so it takes care of business. Like a Sub, it’s energetic, yet refined so it works with any clothing and can be worn anyplace. The khaki bezel includes something else and one of a kind along with the blend that makes it all the really fascinating and cool.


It’s pretty straightforward the prominence of the  C Ward C60 Trident Pro . It’s incredible looking, honoring some notable plans while additionally having its own character. Subtleties, for example, the wave designed dial, applied markers, fascinating hands and exceptional bezel shading choices truly make the C60 that additional stride that makes a watch unique. By and large, it’s likewise all around made and has the qualifications of both Swiss assembling and a Swiss programmed development. At the cost of $535-635 it truly offers a ton of style and quality.

That said, I do think the lume is baffling and I wish there was a no date choice for those of us who would prefer to save the dial’s evenness. I’m additionally not certain in the event that it truly bodes well to get the NATO choice instead of the calfskin lash for a simple $15 more. NATOs like this are common and reasonable, while C Ward’s cowhide ties are superior to average. To be honest, they should simply incorporate the NATO with the other lash options.