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CODE41 DAY41: Emancipating women’s watchmaking

CODE41 DAY41: Emancipating women’s watchmaking

More than 20,000 votes and comments later, with the plan, diameter, and development chose, the DAY41 project is finally becoming a reality, 8 months after its launch. Pre-orders open: Wednesday, January 29, 2020, at 3 pm on

From women’s variant to unisex version

DAY41 was originally a task only for ladies. But CODE41 before long realized that this mechanical piece also looks great on men. The DAY41 assortment in 37 and 40mm DAY41 is available in diameters of 37mm and 40mm, with 5 shading variants for the 37mm, incorporating one set with diamonds, and 3 variants for the 40mm. What’s more, a wide range of leather straps and steel bracelet is on proposal to suit all tastes.

A plan that rebels against the traditional rules

Mechanical best replica watches are traditionally a men’s plaything. But the DAY41 project shows that ladies also love the raw, machined, mechanical side of skeletal best replica watches The case can be described as basic and yet elegant, with its carries giving it a solid, unmistakable, recognizable tasteful. The dial works effectively of accentuating the mechanical heart of the DAY41.

Swiss mechanical movement

The Swiss mechanical STP development controls the DAY41. For a standard development, the refinement of its skeletonized plates and bridges is particularly uncommon. It features an above-average force save of 44 hours (usually 40 hours), has been tried in 5 positions (normally 2 to 3 positions), and boasts a degree of accuracy deserving of the best developments (daily discrepancy of – 0/+15 seconds).

DAY41 = Swiss Made?

What makes a best replica best replica watches “Swiss Made”? To be stamped as such, at least 60% of its value should come from Switzerland, its development should be Swiss, and it should be assembled in Switzerland. The DAY41 best replica best replica watches comfortably meets these conditions, but it won’t bear the words Swiss Made. CODE41 is, and always has been, against this misleading label. CODE41 banks on total transparency and chooses Swiss or unfamiliar components for their peculiarity and value for cash, not simply to meet the Swiss Made criteria.

All pieces sold during the 30 days of pre-sales will be Creator Editions. Quantity of first arrangement units: 1000 pieces for conveyance in September/October 2020. Access the pre-orders at