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CT Scuderia City Racer Review

CT Scuderia City Racer Review

At the point when we previously saw the ContaTempo Scuderia watches at Basel World 2013 , we were quickly energized. Comprising exclusively of enormous bullhead cases with unmistakable and smart plans, they figured out how to champion from the group at the world’s biggest watch reasonable, not a simple undertaking. The watches spoke to that equivalent piece of us that stops on the road when we see an old muscle vehicle or a very much reestablished vintage cruiser. That part that is attracted to things that are all the while manly and traditionally cool. Obviously, we’ve been anxious to get our hands on one for review.

But before we get to that, it’s worth learning somewhat more about the brand and its appealling organizer and lead fashioner, Enrico Margaritelli. I had the delight of plunking down with him for a concise visit half a month prior, where I studied his set of experiences and the intentions behind the brand. Watches are a privately-owned company for Enrico, who alongside his siblings have been in the business for numerous ages. Notwithstanding, in contrast to the remainder of his family, his inclinations ran towards the imaginative side things; plan, advancement, quality control, etc…

In the 80’s his enthusiasm for watches sprouted as he started gathering vintage. With an eye for the Art Deco, his assortment was basically from the 30’s and 40’s, including Rolex Princes and so forth. He likewise got some more contemporary Rolexes that were disagreeable at that point, frequently covered up in back drawers. Indeed, in the 80’s on the off chance that you had a savvy eye you could get Daytonas for a couple hundred bucks, just to sell them as it were for a ton more.

After beginning his own image in the US called Soviet Watches (best of luck googling that), Enrico worked with Fossil for a very long time, where he built up the brand from a moderately little player to a worldwide establishment and commonly recognized name. During that time he took in the intricate details of the business, met and worked together with noticeable creators like Phillipe Stark and Giorgio Armani. Presently, with his better half, he runs Glam Rock and CT Scuderia.

The motivation for CT Scuderia has different sides, one was just to make something novel with the starting purpose of the stopwatch, and the other is his deep rooted love of bikes. At 14 years old, Enrico beginning riding bikes, in the long run proceeding to race expertly and test drive for brands. The tasteful of the CT Scuderia bullheads owes a lot to this passion.

Case: PVD Movement: ValSwiss CHR – 01 STD Dial: Black Lume: Yes Lens: Sapphire Strap: Leather Water Res.: 100M Dimensions: 44 (46 recorded) x 52mm Thickness: 14.4 mm Lug Width: 26 mm Crown: 10 x 2 mm Warranty: NA Price: $3,095

The CT Scuderia line incorporates numerous models, going from Ronda Quartz chronos to 3-hand automatics to programmed chronographs. Despite the fact that the most un-conservative, we couldn’t pass by the opportunity to play with and wear an auto chronograph bullhead. The City Racer , which Enrico was wearing when we talked, highlights a designed ValSwiss development, PVD case, sapphire gem, striking looks and a strong sticker price of $3,095. Despite the fact that very spendy, maybe to an extreme along these lines, the watch is a decent pointer of what the whole line is all about.


The fundamental fascination of the CT Scuderia watches is the novel bullhead case plan. With a multi-part development, it not just has a tough modern stylish, it recounts the tale of the bullhead through plan. Estimating a sizable 44 x 52 x 14.4mm (however it’s recorded at 46mm width, maybe as a normal), the case can be separated into three principle areas: the top hauls, base carries and focal case. The focal case is intended to resemble an independent stopwatch; it’s a smooth puck shape with bended sides and crowns/pushers at 12 that appears like it would feel pleasant in the hand.

The top and base drags are then intended to show up as connections to the stopwatch case that permit it to be worn as a watch. There are many intriguing little subtleties going on here, for example, how the drags grasp the top and lower part of the case with a little lip, and the numerous little hex head screws that seem both useful and stylish. The actual drags, which have an astounding 26mm width, are tear formed on the base set, with an enormous hex head detail proposing a screw bar that tragically doesn’t line up with the genuine spring bar.

The top hauls seem like they began with a similar shape, however were machined away to permit admittance to the chrono-pushers and huge 10mm wide screw down crown. The top drags additionally consider the lash to drop away when held in the hand, so one can have full admittance to the pushers. Enrico clarified that the haul configuration is a genuine purpose of pride on this watch. Different bullheads, vintage and contemporary, have the top part of the lash joining the case straightforwardly, in lugless style. In spite of the fact that this accentuates the top pushers, it makes for a less ergonomic design.

The case back highlights a showcase window for survey the ValSwiss chrono inside, which makes them finish worth getting a charge out of. The plan of the encompassing region is somewhat extraordinary as the case back is PVD and is finished with green, white and red (Italian banner) scallop shapes. There is a touch of text, which is filled in white as well. Being that the PVD City Racer is sandblasted matter, there isn’t a lot to talk about as far as finish. All things considered, the multi-part case takes into consideration various completions on different components for a more unique look. For instance, on the Mastertime chronograph (which we additionally had available) the focal case is cleaned while the hauls are brushed. I would have wanted to have seen a drop more minor departure from the City Racer, maybe with a weapon metal PVD, or a blend of matte and brushed finishing.


The City Racer dial is probably pretty much as inconspicuous as the vehicles that enlivened it. The striking, in-your-face configuration is forceful, yet fun and energetic with a touch of 60’s energy, inferring dashing, tachometers, and so on The dark dial surface differentiations the different files. The external most list, which is very occupied, has a checkered banner theme. The minutes substitute, all over, with white squares and lined regions. At regular intervals or hour, there is little break for a rectangular marker. It’s unquestionably a striking plan that pauses for a minute to become accustomed to perusing, yet once you do reading a clock is natural.

Moving in, there is a file of curiously large numerals for the minutes. It’s first rate with exceptionally fresh edges, however there is a touch of swarming, especially around “55” which feels altogether too near 60. Disturbing this file are the three sub-registers. At 3 and 9 are the moment and hour chronograph aggregators, individually, and at 6 is the dynamic seconds show. The sub-registers are generally very enormous and rimmed with a cleaned steel trim, to isolate them from the remainder of the dial, and each has it’s own somewhat extraordinary record vocabulary.

The minute register has 10, 20 and 30 numerals with hash marks at a time frame minutes. The hour register has numerals for 12, 3, 6 and 9 rotating with spots. The sub seconds at that point has simply lines at 10 second spans. Inside the seconds register is text perusing “CT-014” in white, “Automatico” in red and two checkered flags.

The City Racer includes a genuinely current handset plan with slender roman blades for both the moment and hour. The sub-enlists all element little stick hands, however the chronograph aggregators are recognized by being red. The 60-second chronograph hand about the focal point of the dial is white. I truly preferred that the chronograph sub-registers had red hands and was astounded that the 60-second hand wasn’t red also. There is lume present on the moment and hour hands, just as the numerals on the dial, however it is very frail all around.


Inside of the City Racer is the to some degree secretive ValSwiss CHR – 01 STD development. The actual brand isn’t one we knew about before this watch and tragically there is little data about them accessible. Enrico clarified that they are tiny and new to making full types, yet are a full-highlighted fabricate that makes the entirety of their own complications. Plainly they are attempting to give a substitute wellspring of Swiss made developments since ETAs are to a great extent inaccessible to new brands.

The ValSwiss CHR – 01 STD is a 27-gem programmed with a cam chronograph, hacking seconds, hand winding, date (however not being used), 40-hour power save and a recurrence of 28,800 BPH. For all concentrated purposed, it is by all accounts a substitute for the business standard Valjoux 7750, with a similar design and capacity, however a couple of more gems. The development, which is distinguishable through the case back, makes them interest completing as a rotor with dark PVD and perlage surface, a twisting plate with PVD and cote de Geneve and blue screw all through. The dark subtleties are a decent touch and somewhat extraordinary, however for a $3,095 watch, I expected a smidgen more completing throughout.

In my time with the watch, I generally approved of exactness, power save or chronograph function.

Straps and Wearability

The City Racer comes mounted on a medium to dull earthy colored cowhide lash that compliments its forceful style. Beginning at 26mm at the hauls, the tie rapidly tightens to 19.5mm to give a more comfortable wear. The lash is pleasantly planned, with white sewing, dark edges and red covering. It additionally includes snappy delivery spring bars. The solitary to some degree frustrating point of interest was the nonexclusive Pre-V clasp utilized. It works with the vibe of the watch fine and dandy, yet at this value point I don’t need to discover stock parts or subordinate plans. Thinking about the strong language of the case, there is plainly math they might have worked with.

The City Racer, and likewise the entire CT Scuderia line, wears pleasantly. It’s substantially more decent than I anticipated given the huge measurements, sitting pleasantly on top of the wrist. It’s still comparatively gigantic, yet comfortable and simple to wear. This is to a great extent because of the carry to-haul length (52mm) and bullhead crown situating. The PVD additionally causes it to appear to be a touch more modest than a steel adaptation would.

Bold, forceful and directly up cool, the plan of this watch truly comes to life on the wrist. It’s a watch, however it seems and looks like gear. The multi-part case has a solid, machine-like tasteful that has a great deal of essence and will stop people in their tracks. The dial is brilliant and vivacious, giving the PVD case to a lesser degree a mean, strategic look (as PVDs can be inclined to) and even more a lively tone, mirroring the cruisers the watch draws from. Unmistakably, given the size and styling of the watch, it’s best worn with tough and easygoing dress. It’s got a cowhide coat, Levis and work boots sort of feel.


For me, this watch is about the bullhead case. It’s novel, professional and captivating. It addresses vehicles, vintage sport watches and timing gear. It’s the sort of plan that you can simply continue staring at and getting a charge out of. The multi-part development is smart, underlining the possibility of a changed over stopwatch, yet figures out how to entirely wearable for an enormous watch. It additionally takes into consideration blended completions, what while not present on the City Racer , makes a much more unique design.

That said at $3,095, it’s extravagant and in intense competitive landscape. There are numerous excellent mechanical chronographs that can be had for less, just as a couple in house 3-hand developments from both German and Swiss brands. Thinking about the case, the watch’s principle claim, is additionally accessible on their most affordable models, the expense should be coming from elsewhere.

On a 3K watch you’d maybe anticipate a more significant level of completing or special case materials, however that isn’t what’s occurring. Thus, I think the cost a few unique things; the scarcity of new Swiss made mechanical chronographs, driving up industry costs and the brand’s want to go retail. It’s not a mysterious that ETA isn’t making developments accessible to new brands, and is limiting amounts to its current clients. That leaves brands like CT Scuderia several choices for development sourcing, and a ton of competition for those movements.

Given Enrico’s history with brands like Fossil, his objective for the company is very enormous. He needs to advertise this watch to innovators, and however maybe a gradual process, make a suffering brand. For appropriation, they are right now accessible on the web, however they are investigating enormous watch retailers and extravagance retail chains. Unmistakably, in the event that they are introducing at Basel World, their objective is openness and to draw in purchasers from bigger retailers internationally. Despite the fact that on w&w we are utilized to little brands that do basically web deals, this is the more commonplace model, which makes higher prices.

That said, CT Scuderia has a scope of quartz-chrono models, some of which have dial plans that are maybe somewhat more grounded than the City Racer’s, like the Red Zone , with it’s beautiful range and vintage lume, or the Cronoscalata Pikes Peak with it’s square sub registers and spotless, non-mathematical list. Thus, if the case has prevailed upon you, yet the cost hasn’t there are more affordable (however steep for quartz) and still beautiful options.

By Zach Weiss