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Damasko DA44 Review

Damasko DA44 Review

For the most part, when we talk about what separates a specific brand it’s an intriguing tasteful plan highlight, or better than normal completing at the cost. Sometimes, however less regularly, it relates to something novel with the development, similar to an in-house complication or broadened power hold. All things considered, what separates Damasko is something altogether extraordinary, the very materials from which they are made and the designing behind them.

Located in Regensburg, Germany, Damasko has been going about watch making distinctively since 1994. Instead of simply making quality watches, which is all that could possibly be needed much of the time, they needed to set every single new norm. Thus, they’ve re-planned and designed everything, claiming many licenses for materials and systems. These incorporate the very steel from which the watches are made to their own silicon hairsprings, all of which they make themselves. In 2010 they likewise turned into an authentic production with two in house developments, the A 35-1 and the H 35, the two of which include EPS springs and a protected winding system.

Of course, now you are presumably envisioning restrictively costly watches, however that’s not the situation. Damasko’s all are under $5k, with section level models beginning at $1,125, making them an outstanding worth. The actual watches have very to matter of certainty plans, drawing generally on military and pilot watches, with an accentuation on intelligibility and use. No goliath signs proposing they are definitely not a normal watch, which is essential for the appeal.

The model we’re going to survey, the Damasko  DA44 , was delivered inside the most recent few years. It’s an exceptionally energetic plan that includes a bezel and a considerable lot of Damasko’s stunning advances. For $1,450 it offers more than most watches 3 or multiple times that cost. Despite the fact that not economical, I am sure you’ll be impressed.

Case: Ice-Hardened Steel Movement: ETA 2836-2 Dial: Black Lume: Yes Lens: Sapphire with AR covering Strap: Leather Water Res.: 100M Dimensions: 40 x 48mm Thickness: 12.3 mm Lug Width: 20 mm Crown: 6 x 4.5 mm Warranty: Yes Price: $1,450


Though downplayed and matter-of-truth, the instance of DA44 is the place where the greater part of the watch’s enchantment occurs. Estimating 40 x 48 x 12.3mm, the matte ice-solidified, without nickel steel case has a dull dim gloss, like titanium. Beside the fascinating hue, the ice-solidified nickel free steel is a novel component to Damasko, who fabricate their own steel… That’s not something most brands do, so let that hit home briefly. Indeed, in addition to the fact that they make it, they created it and own the licenses on it.

At 710 Vickers, the case is around multiple times harder than standard steel, making it exceptionally impervious to scratches and knocks, keeping a “like-new” search for a more extended span. You may be acquainted with Sinn’s Tegiment innovation, which promotes a hardness of 1200 Vickers. The distinction between the two innovations (other than the assembling is very surprising) is that Damasko’s steel is solidified the whole path through, where as Sinn’s is a surface treatment. In the two cases you are getting higher than normal execution, yet it’s worth knowing the difference.

The plan of the case is really clear with a plan that addresses pilot and military watches. From above, it has a round and hollow focal region with long flimsy drags that richly clear in. The drags are bored for simple admittance to the spring-bars, which is a plan highlight I wish each watch had. At 3, two basic and compelling crown monitors jut out, encasing the long, yet proportional crown.

The crown itself has a straightforward stoop with a fluted edge for simple grasping and a Damasko “D” logo on the end. Of course, Damasko has a licensed crown framework. Everything, from the outside of the crown to the stringing is made of ice-solidified steel, which should assist with mileage just as breaking point stripping. The cylinder the crown strings into, likewise strings into the case, for a safer fit than a standard pressing factor fit. The crown is fitted with a Viton gasket (Viton being an exceptionally substance safe material that is “superior to each other gasket material”) and goes through 2 Viton o-rings just as a protected oil cell… Yeah, this is the most genuine crown out there, and you’d never know it just from the looks. more subtleties here

The DA44 additionally sports a surprising bezel, which is one of the other genuine solid purposes of the watch. There are a few fascinating things to discuss here, starting with the capacity and feel of the instrument. Damasko built up their own patent-forthcoming plan that highlights in-house made fired metal balls and a bi-directional 60-click component. Turning the bezel is in a real sense a delight, truth be told, I discovered my self interminably turning it to and fro during the day. The bezel snaps with power starting with brief then onto the next, arranging completely without fail. Basically, this is the best bezel I’ve felt.

The fun doesn’t stop there however, the bezel, which has enormous teeth for simple holding is additionally made of ice-solidified steel. The supplement is ceramic with Damest coating… It’s another restrictive treatment created by Damasko that layers materials to make a ridiculously hard and scratch safe surface, that additionally has sufficient versatility to not break. By and by, it simply resembles an even matte dark surface, belying the measure of innovation present.

The case back has a plan that is suggestive to military watches, with a not insignificant rundown of realities profoundly engraved into a generally plain surface. As you would expect, the case back is likewise fabricated of ice-solidified steel. The last piece of tech engaged with the case is completely stowed away from site being an inside iron packaging for the development, which gives against attractive security up to 80,000 A/m.


The dial of the DA44 is straightforward and clean, yet shockingly forceful. The surface is matte dark and highlights a solitary non-mathematical file in white. The hours are demonstrated with long fence-post style markers that bend over at 3, 6, 9 and 12. The sharp plan gives the dial a serious and practically mean look. They pull the eyes towards the focal point of the dial, which thusly has an enormous cross hair, sending the eyes back out. Between every hour marker is a little white line for the individual minutes/seconds.

The twofold marker at 12 is red rather than white, apparently to get down on it and help with arranging the watch initially. Sadly, the red marker is somewhat dull in shading. I think this is because of the red being a clear layer over a layer of lume. The final product is kind of something contrary to what is planned, in that the red marker is less evident than the white markers. Elaborately it’s cool, adding a touch of shading consequently separating the other shrewd highly contrasting dial.

As referenced, there is a white cross hair that runs from 3 to 9 and 12 to 6. There isn’t a ton of text to discover on the dial, so the dark region would have felt excessively void without these lines. Situated at 3 are the Damasko logo and windows for the date and day. On cool detail of this watch, and other Damaskos, is that they alter the date wheels of the ETA 2836’s to have askew dates. As opposed to being in accordance with 3, the day and date, which are white on dark, sit just beneath. This allows them to adjust the logo arrangement better just as make an interesting hilter kilter look that adds to the generally designed reasonableness of the watch.

The bezel embed likewise goes about as brief record when situated effectively. The plan of the list here is likewise extremely direct with white lines for consistently and numerals each 5. The 0/60 marker is a part triangle with a red lumed pip.

The DA44 highlights intense, roman blade style hour and moment hands that work relatively and tastefully with the general dial plan. The hands are truly clear, being white, edge-to-edge for around 2/3’s their length. The seconds hand is a thin stick that tightens somewhat and is splendid red and dark. Apparently a plan mark of the brand, the stun of shading on the seconds hand livens up the watch and gives a point of convergence. The brilliance of the red hand underlines the bluntness of the red markers, unfortunately.

The dial highlights lume on the markers just as hour and moment hands. The lume is utilitarian, charging rapidly, however not exceptionally brilliant or enduring. It’s additionally patchy on the hands, getting somewhat blurred towards the edges. I really am to some degree frustrated in this part of the watch. Considering the excellent designing and care seen on all the other things, I expected lume that would consume my retinas, sadly it’s simply normal at best.

Movement: ETA 2836-2

The ETA 2836-2 development inside the DA44 is basically a day/date variant of the ETA 2824-2 we see frequently. The development highlights 25 gems, hand winding, hacking seconds, bi-lingual day (German and English), date and a recurrence of 28,000 bph. It is hazy what grade 2836-2 is available, however it is portrayed as having an embellished rotor and plated development. As recently depicted, the development has been adjusted to have an unbalanced date and has against attractive protection.

Straps and Wearability

The DA44 comes mounted on a 20mm dark cowhide lash that is all around made. I expect it is fabricated by Di-Modell, which is a German lash brand, as it has a portion of their unmistakable plan highlights, like remove spaces for the hauls, making a feeling of a more extensive tie, and a fold under the clasp to keep the clasp from contacting the wrist. The cowhide utilized is unfathomably delicate and flexible, full-grain calf calfskin with an exceptionally decent surface. It’s additionally twofold sewed right around, once with red string and again with dark. The clasp utilized has a standard shape, yet with a profoundly engraved “D” logo and a matte completion to coordinate the watch.

Though tone coded to the watch, truly comfortable and superbly made, I for one discovered the red sewing to be a touch of needless excess (completely an individual inclination). As such I wore the DA44 on NATO ties all the more frequently, which additionally work impeccably with the military/pilot impacts in the plan. One extraordinary alternative to truly draw out the forceful components of the watch is a Crown&Buckle cover NATO. The additional shadings work pleasantly with the dull steel, and the pass-through plan stresses the math of the case.

The DA44 is entirely measured to be an ordinary game watch. The 40mm distance across and 12.3mm stature make it truly comfortable, huge enough to have pleasant presence, yet smooth enough to not be a weight. The tasteful is unquestionably striking and forceful, be that as it may, as most German game watches, is still very saved, not pointing out a lot of itself. It’s similar to an Audi S4, manly and downplayed on a superficial level, yet packs genuine execution within.

Though plainly not a dress watch using any and all means, the DA44 is genuinely adaptable given the correct tie decision: cowhide for more traditionalist occasions, NATOs toward the end of the week. Wear it with dark jeans and a dim chambray shirt for something current, yet work suitable, or with a shirt and shorts when on a long bicycle ride. Given the entirety of the extraordinary materials associated with the case, bezel and the 100m water obstruction, this is a watch that ought to be worn when you need something durable.


When you wear a Damasko, you truly aren’t wearing a watch. Certainly, it reads a clock, day, date, and so forth and resembles a watch, but… that is actually a fantasy. Actually, you are wearing a piece of hardware that without any assistance flaunts the unimaginable endeavors of a group of splendid specialists. This isn’t a watch, it’s an illustration of what a watch can be with additional exertion. Subsequent to perusing this audit, you’re likely reasoning; how can it be that a little brand in Germany can do these astonishing things, while enormous brands can’t? While the appropriate response is clearly very complicated, it actually merits inquiring. Damasko is one of those brands that advises you that reasonable watches can not exclusively be incredible, they can be standard bearers.

The DA44 is actually an extraordinary watch and is characteristic of what Damasko can do as their whole watch line include a significant part of a similar tech, plus or minus a detail or two. Certainly, I found the lume baffling, yet it’s still practical and doesn’t impact wearing the watch more often than not. The main thing for the situation configuration, designing and work, from the solidified steel to the orientation of the bezel to the licensed crown, it’s simply magnificent. At the point when you pay a good sum for a watch, you need to realize it was awesome. Considering most watches that cost $1,450 have almost no extraordinary highlights, the Damasko is an incredible worth. Furthermore, it ought to hold its worth, in light of the fact that it’s almost scratch proof.

Should the DA44’s forceful markers and red accents not do it for you, the DA46 is a similar watch with an alternate dial. Both are likewise accessible with dark Damest covering for $100 more. At that point there are likewise the without bezel models for extensively less. Obviously, if the tech has enticed you and the plans address your style, they have a model that will suit you. Concerning us, we’re anticipating getting our hands on one their DK14 models including the in-house A 35 development, which may very well be a definitive games watch.

By Zach Weiss

big because of Paul Hubbard ( watchotaku ) for connecting us with the DA44!