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Dandy Watches: What They Are And Why You Might Consider One - Reprise | Quill & Pad

Dandy Watches: What They Are And Why You Might Consider One – Reprise | Quill & Pad

This adventure takes us to a special part of the watch world: the dandy watch.

A typical dandy watch: the ultra-slight Piaget Altiplano with diamond bezel isn’t only for women

What on earth is a dandy watch?

As there is no official, universally accepted, or legally restricting portrayal of what a dandy watch is – I’m going to coin one.

When you consider everything, there are a great deal of terms in Swiss watchmaking that we utilize all the time where we sort of understand what we are talking about, yet there is no general agreement about the exact definition. A great example of this is the ultra-meager watch. Does this term apply to the encased watch or just the development? At which stature does thin become ultra-slight? When does a development go from “regular” to “thin”?

There are no set parameters that a watch should meet before it tends to be called ultra-meager or even flimsy. These make great themes to talk about with watch-disapproved of companions over supper and drinks.

It’s all in the name: the Chaumet Dandy Arty

The three meanings of the word dandy

To figure out what a dandy watch is, let’s start with the word dandy itself.

According to various dictionaries, there are three meanings of the word: shockingly, one is a nautical term for a sort of sloop, which we can disregard for our motivations. The other two terms mention to us what a dandy watch could be.

Dandy alludes to a man who places a particular importance on his appearance. Regularly, dandies like to wear suits, of which they are exceptionally particular about the style and cut, and then combining their flair for garments with a flair for including accessories. Dandies cast a sharp eye toward blending tones and surfaces and are very detail-oriented.

The Van Cleef & Arpels Heure d’ici & Heure d’ailleurs is an ideal dandy watch

In general, a dandy doesn’t follow fashion, but instead walks to the beat of his own drum. This means that although elegant and dressed with great care, a dandy never dresses in an understated way. He will always stand out.

This already says a lot about what a dandy watch may seem as though: it ought to be elegant, dislike a classic dress watch; a dandy watch is a touch more outgoing than that. This can be because of shape, utilization of shading, or adapting a style that is presently not in fashion. While dress watches generally just display hours and minutes, some with the addition of seconds and/or a date work, a dandy watch can easily have additional complications.

Like the details in dandy dress, the details in such a watch shouldn’t be overwhelming yet they can be extraordinary. While practical utilization of these complications is critical, how they are incorporated into the overall look of the watch is considerably more important. A dandy watch should look somewhat flamboyant without taking it over the top.

Louis Vuitton Escale Spin Time Black & Fire for Only Watch 2017: dandy or not?

Another meaning of the word dandy relates to something being awesome or great in its class. That is another important aspect to incorporate into the meaning of a dandy watch. For a dandy, it is about more than looks alone as the quality of the item matters equally as much.

Regarding watches, this means that simply the best will do; dandies have a sharp eye for craftsmanship and quality. They would be familiar with the prerequisites of the Geneva Seal , yet at the same time demand that the straps of their new watches be made of the same leather as their shoes.

A dandy watch

In determination: a dandy watch is of dazzling quality, regards the values of traditional watchmaking, yet at the same time incorporates something of a flamboyant appearance.

Cartier Tank à Guichets in platinum on the wrist: a classic dandy

The dandy watch celebrates individuality and doesn’t always regard a classic plan ethos. This watch usually is an uncommon decision, as the dandy just has to please one individual: the dandy himself.

* This article was first distributed on October 9, 2017 at An Introduction: Dandy Watches .

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