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De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels: An On-The-Wrist Review (With Lots Of Photos) | Quill & Pad

De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels: An On-The-Wrist Review (With Lots Of Photos) | Quill & Pad

De Bethune positions among the most exciting independent watch brands surviving. Despite “only” 17 years in business and a yearly production somewhere in the range of 100 and 300 pieces, De Bethune covers gigantic creative ground. Between its bewildering exhibit of past models (more than 150) and calibers (27 and counting), the sheer fecundity of De Bethune can overpower even the most dedicated watch aficionados and industry watchers.

Fortunately, the 2011-present DB28 collection has expected the part of brand icon, anchor model, and catalog constant. An investigation of the DB28 Steel Wheels , a critical model inside the DB28 territory, uncovers the numerous facets of De Bethune design and the core estimations of the brand.

De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels

De Bethune DB 28: a conceived winner

The first DB28 launched in 2011 and quickly won the Aiguille d’Or (the top prize) at that year’s “Oscars of watchmaking,” the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève . No single component or advancement clarifies the accolade; the DB28 just looks and works like no other watch available at that point or now.

Like clarifying Dada without pictures or relating a fantasy, profiling De Bethune’s particular watch is a challenge – where does one beginning with a subject so alien?

The drifting lugs of the De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels

Start with the lugs and work from the outside internal. On the off chance that there is one component that defines De Bethune’s provider, it is the “drifting” lug framework that fluctuates its math to fit the proprietor’s wrist.

Although inextricably connected to the DB28, this spring-loaded, ergonomic diamond was protected in 2006 and launched on 2008’s DB26 ceaseless calendar. Indeed, even casual onlookers notice the portable lugs and frequently focus their fascination on the component; watch lugs simply should move this way.

Less noticeable however pervasive on over a wide span of time De Bethune products are the tightened cabochons toward the finish of the lug swingarms.

These prospers, differently described as “ogival,” “cones,” “slugs,” and – anachronistically – “Dagmars,” are the sole excess relic of the first 2002 De Bethune DB1 chronograph, the brand’s first product.

As with all De Bethune models up to 2018, the DB28 reflects broad design contribution from Italian watch veteran and brand co-founder David Zanetta. His hand drew the DB1 just as the conical shapes and influenced essentially every De Bethune product up to his retirement from the brand in 2018.

A brief history of De Bethune

“Heritage” can be a jail and De Bethune’s lack of history pre-2002 permitted the practically yearly change of the brand’s watches. While Rolex models arise and advance in cycles crossing decades, the De Bethune esthetic changed so dramatically that a year was sufficient to render a past product basically unrecognizable from its successor.

De Bethune DB1 Chronograph on the wrist

Consider the contrast between a 2004 DB15 never-ending calendar and the 2006 DB22 power save: just the brand logo denotes these as products of the equivalent brand.

De Bethune DB15RT (photograph courtesy Christie’s)

De Bethune D22TIS5 (photograph courtesy WatchBox)

The De Bethune DB28 is a refining of components spearheaded in past models.

At 6 o’clock, the spherical moon stage is a legacy of 2004 when the primary model landed on the DB15. This is no mean phase de lune: two parts of metal comprise the circle, one is blued titanium and one is white palladium.

A close glance at the moon period of the De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels

A little pusher dimple on the 3 o’clock side hides underneath the lugs, yet because of the unprecedented precision of the De Bethune moon stage show, the pusher and its accessory pointer just become necessary once at regular intervals (see The 8 Most Accurate Moon Phase Wristwatches Today ).

Dial style: blue titanium and clear sapphire crystal

Previous De Bethune watches have utilized non-structural titanium as a techno-modern adornment, and the DB28 is no exception. The first warmth oxidized dye process for De Bethune titanium was spearheaded in 2004, and the outcome is available in force on the DB28 Steel Wheels.

The hour track is composed of a blue titanium ring riding the two sides of the balance connect. Detachable of the blue strip, a bunch of cleaned spherical titanium “hour indices” provide a natural reference for perusing the time. A slatted spine is ensconced around the dial and provides an inclining change from the bezel to the dial base; depth of field is excellent.

Hour track of the De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels

In the center of the dial, hour and moment hands coast on a delta-style skeleton connect blazon with a micro-surface named côtes De Bethune. The sapphire crystal hour hand guarantees that no obstruction will compromise the perspective on the skeletonized barrel extension and orderly openworked fountainhead barrels.

A close glance at the sapphire crystal hands of the De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels

As with different components of the Steel Wheels, we’ve seen the sapphire crystal hour hand previously, which launched on the DB26 of 2008 as a way to manage the cost of unobstructed perspectives on the never-ending calendar. On the Steel Wheels, the outcome is an ethereal grace and the impression of a dial in suspension.

A specular-cleaned canal of metal flanks all sides of the cog wheels and evacuated expanses.

DB28 Steel Wheels: a machine designed to be seen

It is difficult to delve any deeper into the DB28 Steel Wheels without acknowledging the central part of the actual development in the style scheme of the watch.

De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels

Caliber 2115V4 incorporates various time-tried yet truly advancing De Bethune mechanical developments. The most clear is located simply over the moon circle at the base of the dial: an extraordinary balance bridge.

Working from the outside in, the eye meets flanking shock springs that serve as the anchors for the balance connect; this is De Bethune’s “Triple Pare-Chute” framework. First offered in 2005, the framework refreshes Abraham-Louis Breguet’s spearheading pare-chute protection with a bunch of detachable springs enhancing the Incabloc shock protection spring on the balance staff.

De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels, balance extension and balance shock protection spring details

At center, the degree of De Bethune’s manufacture mix becomes obvious. The balance wheel is a blued titanium spiderweb set with singular white gold masses. Its objective is a most extreme polar second, greatest warm strength, and least aerodynamic drag.

More than about six in-house De Bethune balance designs have been offered since the principal model was introduced in 2004. The model on the Steel Wheels is the 2016 model. Have confidence, there make certain to be more.

Under the guidance of founder, accomplice, and watchmaking chief Denis Flageollet, De Bethune regularly appears to be more similar to a startup technology incubator than an equipment manufacturer.

Denis Flageollet: scientist and watchmaker

Any profile of a De Bethune watch should acknowledge Flageollet, a man who occasionally is by all accounts more research-and-development scientist than watchmaker.

If François-Paul Journe is the current watch world’s Thomas Edison – the standard name and foundation innovator – at that point Flageollet is the watch scene’s Nikola Tesla. He’s neither a brought into the world self-advertiser nor inclined to be the existence of the GPHG after-party, however he is a horological genius.

De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels hairspring detail

Additional evidence of the ingrained pioneer’s hand can be found in the hairspring of the 2115V4. This strangely asymmetrical level design is a tranquil advance in hairspring architecture. While conventional overcoil profiles are effective at centering hairspring mass to stay away from positional timing variety, they are thick, powerless against shocks, and more subject to harm during service.

The level hairspring by Flageollet is designed to achieve the concentric beating of an overcoil with the slimness, shock resistance, and sturdiness of a level hairspring. De Bethune developed and manufactures this hairspring in its own facilities.

De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels dial detail

For great measure, a restrictive silicon escape wheel reduces friction at the time and the fluctuation of mechanical resistance between services.

Traditional haute horolgerie finish in unconventional form

While the Starfleet-chic De Bethune house style and techy allure deserve their due, conventional bienfacture is perfectly healthy in L’Auberson, Switzerland.

Black clean – the best quality of finish – is omnipresent on the Steel Wheels’ dial. The most great execution can be seen on the continuously rounded balance bridge.

De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels center scaffold detail

The dial base highlights such a lot of black (or level) clean that it could serve as a sign mirror. Even more black clean is available inside the limits of the côtes De Bethune beneath the hands. Screw heads include both poli noir (black clean) and chamfered screw slots.

Titanium – both terminated and blued – rules the dial. The skeletonized titanium barrel connect at center displays a-list anglage on its periphery.

De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels connect detail

De Bethune’s design group has gone all out on the dial side, however the case back view has likewise received a ton of consideration. A blue titanium spine includes the scale for the DB28’s six-day power hold indicator, and the noticeable mechanism includes abundantly straight-grained glossy silk finish.

Massive scopes of noticeable motor turning occupy the space across the primary plate and the extensions of the force hold system.

De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels tie and buckle detail

No detail is sufficiently little to escape consideration. The thin and comfortable croc cowhide lash includes high-grade ‘gator scales on the two sides for longer-enduring toughness than the more normal half and half gator calf calfskin ties utilized by practically any remaining brands.

The little scales of the tie’s underside contrast mindfully with the huge rectangular example on the top. A profoundly adapted De Bethune titanium pin buckle echoes the sculptural type of the lugs in a smart presentation of equal design.

Real steel: DB28 Steel Wheels in the genuine world

How does the DB28 Steel Wheels wear? Comfortably – and comfortably secure.

De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels wristshot

Technically a 42.7 mm round case, the DB28 wears broader because of the extra width bestowed by the lug turns. Despite the out-sized wrist presence that outcomes (think 46 mm), light grade five titanium construction guarantees that the eyes-closed impression is of a far more modest timepiece.

The gliding lugs satisfy their charging and keep the range across the wrist very much customized to the client. In standard structure, the lugs can grow from about 58 mm to 53 mm. Various sizes of lugs and ties are accessible from De Bethune, so the watch’s fit can be calibrated to a given wrist during service. The DB28 wears astounding great even on little wrists.

De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels profile

Hand-wound watches are known for their slender profiles, and the DB28 Steel Wheels is no exception. Despite the stacked dial and ergonomic gymnastics, De Bethune’s champion estimates just 11.4 mm thick. That is a veritable shock and a joy to discover as it renders the DB28 reasonable with most shirt cuffs, formal sleeves included.

For reference, the current Rolex Daytona midpoints 12.3 mm across its different metals.

The just practical challenge associated with wearing the Steel Wheels is the custom of unscrewing the bullhead-style crown. Its location between the highest point of the case and the drifting lug outline implies that care is necessary to forestall unintentional contact of one by the other. All things considered, winding this watch once each week in any case is a joy and an advantage that couple of will know.

De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels crown detail

At the day’s end, individual taste and circumstances will dictate when and where the Steel Wheels is worn. It is comfortable, thin, decipherable, and tough. Many will shrivel from the prospect of wearing such an obvious and noticeably extraordinary style explanation to the office or the children’s soccer practice. Furthermore, there’s no denying that this looks like something a starship commander would wear.

Parting shot: De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels

Still, the underlying equipment is ordinary practical. In the event that you have the individual panache and zeal to make this work as an every day, check your restriction at the Stargate, launch, and never look back.

For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, visit .

Quick Facts De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels

Case: grade five titanium, 42.7 x 11.4 mm; 53-58 mm lug-to-lug variable math

Development: manual-wind De Bethune Caliber DB2115V4 with restrictive silicon escape wheel, 144-hour power hold, 4 Hz/28,800 vph frequency, titanium-white gold balance wheel, Triple Pare-Chute shock protection with Incabloc

Functions: hours, minutes; moon stage, power hold indicator

Restriction: 25 pieces

Long periods of manufacture: 2018-present

Retail price: $91,000

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