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Decoding Omega References: 14 Magic Digits And Codification Tables Revealed - Reprise | Quill & Pad

Decoding Omega References: 14 Magic Digits And Codification Tables Revealed – Reprise | Quill & Pad

Many watch devotees fantasy about claiming in any event one watch by Omega . Or on the other hand perhaps a second or a third. The Swiss brand unquestionably positions among the most famous watch firms ever.

It is specifically the chronographs – drove, obviously, by the incredible Speedmaster, which commends its 60th commemoration this year – that appreciate a novel standing. Today, vintage and new models the same are like never before looked for after.

The global online community and fanatics of the brand have developed gigantically over the previous years. Whole online gatherings and websites are devoted to the brand’s watches all in all and the famous Speedmaster specifically – the last in incredible part on account of Fratello’s #SpeedyTuesday activity, which even brought forth a restricted release watch.

Omega Speedmaster on the wrist (photograph graciousness Bob’s Watches)

Fans from everywhere the world never become weary of comparing and examining reference numbers, minuscule subtleties, and common attributes, for example, “expansive bolt” or “candy” hands, Snoopy patches on the dial or case back, definite phrasing (or not) on the dial, and the sky is the limit from there, on the practically limitless cluster of new and old watches, restricted and unique releases included.

Keeping track of this is without a doubt a test. What’s more, even pronounced Omega specialists may be at chances with regards to unraveling references.

To give you a thought of the mind-boggling assortment in the current Omega watch world, I have assembled a rule. If it’s not too much trouble, note that the accompanying rundown isn’t proposed to be comprehensive or utilized as buy advice.

I simply wish to reveal insight into Omega’s exceptionally uncommon classification as it applies to the brand’s cutting edge watches.

Omega Seamaster 300

Using numbered references at Omega

For ID, each watch model highlights a supposed Product Information Code (“PIC” for short), which comprises of 14 digits. In the accompanying, I allude to this as AAA.BB.CC.DD.EE.FF. The identical portrayals can be changed over utilizing the “codification table” and the “assortment code” (see below).

The initial three digits of the PIC (the “AAA“) address the assortment: “311,” for instance, represents the exemplary Speedmaster family.

The following two quantities of the PIC (the “BB“) identify with the case and the lash/arm band material; “13,” for instance, implies that the watch is housed in a treated steel case and furnished with a nonmetal strap.

CC” characterizes the measurement, gathered together to the following digit.

DD,” the PIC digits in fourth position, advise us in a more definite way whether it is a quartz or mechanical type. The main D provides data on the idea of the development: regardless of whether it is a chronograph, a co-pivotal chronograph, or even chronometer certificated.

The second digit of the D couple alludes to the quantity of complications, with “complication” being viewed as an extra sign past hour, moment, second, and date.

EE” indicates the kind of the dial: for example, “01” is a basic dark face, while “63” would be an earthy colored dial set with valuable stones.

The last two digits (“FF“) allude to the succession number of the production.

According to this framework, the long number reveals to us that, for instance, Omega’s Speedmaster Gray Side of the Moon co-hub chronograph (311., a dim clay watch on a calfskin lash, is essential for the Speedmaster family (311). The number 93 clarifies that the watch includes a case not further definite and a non-metal tie. The “44” characterizes the width, while “51” educates us that it is a mechanical co-pivotal chronograph with one extra complication. The numeral “99” identifies with the dial material, a “unique material,” while “001” is the arrangement number.

Advantages and disservices of the framework

The following data is excluded from this ID system:

  • caliber types, regardless of whether programmed or manual-winding or whether a silicon escapement is on board
  • special materials utilized for cases and dials
  • whether it includes the new METAS Master certification
  • the creation year
  • the nature of the non-metal ties: from cowhide to material to elastic, anything is possible
  • water resistance

On the other hand, wristbands are exactly characterized. Notwithstanding the kind of metal, it is likewise clarified, regardless of whether it is a two-tone arm band made of tempered steel and gold or whether it is set with valuable stones. Nonetheless, there is additionally no data about whether it is exemplary gold or the in-house Sedna gold.

This is a detail that future clients doubtlessly would need to know.

Let’s do the math

Although it appears to be complex from the start sight and sets aside a little effort to comprehend, the framework actually gives a solid first appraisal and backing before a buy is made. Furthermore, it is somewhat amusing to run a reference through the framework, helping us to remember some early school math that resembled an agony from the outset sight yet ended up being alright with the assistance of some tools.

Nevertheless, the framework leaves a few inquiries foggy, which must be replied by considering Omega’s assortment book or in discussion with an expert retailer. Especially with regards to the development, the ticking heart of the watch.

Omega Product Identification Code (PIC)


AAA          —          Collection code

BB             —          Material of watch head and wristband/tie

CC             —    Diameter/size

DD            —    Movement and complication

EE             —    Dial

FFF           —    Sequence number 

Omega Product Identification Codes (PIC)

Collection code of the guideline item families

123            —    Constellation

231            —    Seamaster Aqua Terra

233            —   Seamaster 300

212             —   Seamaster Diver

215/232    —   Seamaster Planet Ocean

311           —    Speedmaster

331         —    Speedmaster ’57

327             —    Speedmaster Mark II

425         —    Ladymatic

432             —    De Ville Trésor

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