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Dubai Watch Week 2019: Talking With Hind Seddiqi And Reflections On The Fair | Quill & Pad

Dubai Watch Week 2019: Talking With Hind Seddiqi And Reflections On The Fair | Quill & Pad

Dubai Watch Week (DWW) resembles no other fair. There is no conspicuous commercial viewpoint to the occasion, and watches (and watchmakers) are there for the public’s appreciation instead of that of retailers and merchants (like at Baselworld and the SIHH). The express objective of the Seddiqi family, who is behind DWW’s creation and improvement over now four ever-progressively bigger fairs, is to additionally develop the UAE and Middle East’s information on the masterfulness that is horology.

Dubai Watch Week 2019 was open until 10 pm

“This occasion is 100% subsidized by the family,” Hind Seddiqi, chief general of Dubai Watch Week affirmed. “Also, it’s costly; Dubai is amazingly expensive.”

‘State of Affairs’ Horology Forum panel: (L-R) Carlos Alonso, Director SIAR; Michel Loris-Melikoff, Managing Director Baselworld; arbitrator Ian Skellern, Quill & Pad; Hind Seddiqi, Director General DWW; and Raymond Loretan, President GPHG

Hind Seddiqi has clearly acquired her dad’s adoration for watches: Abdul Hamied Seddiqi is the second-age top of the Middle Eastern extravagance realm, while Hind – the main lady from the family to join the Seddiqi Holding leader board – is the head advertising and communication official. She is likewise now brilliantly the face and psyche behind this generally unconventional watch fair.

So my first unavoidable issue was what does Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons , which will commend its 70th commemoration in 2020, get from Dubai Watch Week?

“It’s something we reward the business,” Hind Seddiqi said. “We’ve generally been very much treated by the brands, and when we fly to them they’re more than welcoming. We see a stunner in it that we need others to see, so truly we simply need to show individuals why we love what we do.

“I realize it’s difficult to accept, and I have individuals saying that can’t be, there should be a concealed plan. There is no concealed plan. For what reason is it so difficult to accept that there’s somebody who truly cherishes this industry, who needs to serve it and accomplish something for it? It’s our method of offering in return. We truly love the business and we need to exhibit the best.”

Dubai Watch Week 2019 was held at the DIFC, under and around that huge cubic curve left of center

How the 2019 release has varied from the past three

Dubai Watch Week 2019 was the fourth release of this stunning occasion, and it was entirely different from the others in the two subtleties and feel.

Brand exhibition hall at DWW 2019

Put on right in the focal point of the compositionally intriguing DIFC, for me probably the greatest change was the expansion of the huge brand exhibition hall at the focal point of the goings-on.

Inside the brand exhibition hall at the core of DWW 2019

Though there was at that point an exhibition hall at the 2017 release of the fair, it was a lot more modest and less conspicuous. This meant development to me, however Dubai Watch Week, being exclusive, has no compelling reason to deliver participation numbers.

Jean-Claude Biver conversing with DWW chief Melika Yazdjerdi in the Horology Forum at DWW 2019

“It has developed a lot,” Hind affirmed to me. “Limit insightful the size of the Horology Forum has developed with 50 additional seats – not so emotional – nonetheless, the Creative Hub has developed incredibly enormous. Furthermore, this is on the grounds that the brands needed additional room to have the option to plan what they want.”

The ‘Apocalypse II’ panel: (L-R) Stephen Forsey, prime supporter Greubel Forsey; arbitrator Gary Getz, Quill & Pad; Benoît Mintiens, author Ressence; and Lucien Vouillamoz, fellow benefactor HYT, creator and entrepreneur

The Horology Forum is home to non-denominational (which means not brand-supported) talks and panels, while the Creative Hub is the place where the brands may decide to hold a discussion, host a mixed drink gathering, or present another watch as a paying participant.

Attentive crowd at Vacheron Constantin’s Creative Hub introduction at DWW 2019

“And then we have the two scenes that are on the water, which are currently the independent spaces for Chopard and Rolex,” Seddiqi continued.

Gaining Rolex as an exhibition accomplice was a serious overthrow as the Genevan brand has not yet every joined any occasion in the UAE. Thus, normally, I was interested with regards to how Dubai Watch Week had the option to persuade them.

“I pushed for that,” Hind Seddiqi replied. “We asked all the brands that are not yet with us to kindly come, and Rolex found out if they could give something other than what’s expected that nobody has done. So we proposed the scene. They additionally permitted [our] family to grandstand the vintage watches that we have in our assortment. Rolex appreciates the family and how the family has been doing the brand – that is the reason I think they had a feeling that they trust us and can come with us to a position of value. We’re truly regarded and lowered by their presence.”

Buy used: Watchbox at Dubai Watch Week 2019

One other exceptionally huge expansion to Dubai Watch Week was used business Watchbox, which was profoundly noticeable with two independent constructions: the Watchbox Studios, where watch media star Tim Mosso and his group went through the week taping live meetings, and a popup store with an incredibly excellent determination of used pieces accessible for individuals to examine (and afterward buy at the close by lasting boutique).

Tim Mosso talking with Elizabeth Doerr at the Watchbox studio at DWW 2019

This went ahead hot closely following Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons’ declaration of a joint endeavor with Watchbox in the Middle East. Also, the kickoff of the recently referenced lasting store in the DIFC.

“We’ve consistently considered recycled watches and affirmed used watches, and we have a ton of customers who come to us needing to recharge the stock that they have, needing to update the assortment that they have, something they purchased ten years prior, and now they’re into something different,” Hind Seddiqi clarified the explanations for the joint venture.

“And we couldn’t help them, we couldn’t advise them, alright give me that watch and I’ll give you something different. At the point when we met with [Watchbox cofounder] Danny Govberg, it just made sense.”

Watchbox’s store in Dubai’s DIFC Center

This is without a doubt a more than fascinating event for a conventional retailer, and I was keen on knowing whether there had been any pushback from the brands they work with.

“The used market exists, and we are really making a place of refuge for authorities also and for individuals who are intrigued in light of the fact that we are a dependable channel. We own the watches – it is anything but a commercial center – and we give two years’ assurance after customers buy the watch.”

One of the numerous active meetings permitting guests to encounter a part of watchmaking with a master

The eventual fate of Dubai Watch Week

The next version of Dubai Watch Week will occur in 2021, however Hind Seddiqi and her chief Melika Yazdjeri have just reported that there will be a second voyaging Horology Forum in 2020 demonstrated after the two-day occasion that occurred related to Christie’s in London in 2018 .

“I’m not going to make it greater. We should be inventive in the manner we show the brands, yet I don’t think we need to develop,” Hind Seddiqi clarified her musings about the following edition.

“I realize that for 2021 I will have more brands needing their individual spaces like Rolex and Chopard have; we’ve just gotten a couple of solicitations, and we will investigate it, yet they have to bring to the table something other than what’s expected, put forth an attempt and show something new? However, we can’t develop greater, we’re not Baselworld, it’s not our mandate.”

However, Hind Seddiqi said that she will welcome everyone.

“We simply need to ensure that they comprehend Dubai Watch Week and they come with content that suits its order: uniqueness and innovativeness. What’s more, conversing with the intended interest group that we need. Today the overall population is vital to us, and the adolescent are critical to us. So that will develop, and the content will change, yet measure will not.”

Now that the 2019 release has finished, we get back with positive musings and dreams of excellent restricted versions. What’s more, a craving to get back to the excellent city of Dubai for the following release in 2021.

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