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Dubai Watch Week Horology Forum Videos: Pump & Dump, Environmentally Friendly, Conspiracy & Authenticity | Quill & Pad

Dubai Watch Week Horology Forum Videos: Pump & Dump, Environmentally Friendly, Conspiracy & Authenticity | Quill & Pad

While Dubai Watch Week didn’t occur this year, the famous Horology Forum conversation boards were luckily held basically. Here are three recordings from it you may enjoy.

Pump & Dumping 24K:  Shehab Gargash, Mishal Kanoo, Adam Craniotes, and Jonathan Darracott

This board examines brands and retailers informally selling extravagance on the dim market to recover investments.

Questions presented:

Have you at any point put items on the dim market? – 0:02:19

How would you manage stock that won’t sell? – 0:08:30

What is the achievement of your business dependent upon, amount or quality? – 0:19:00

What do you think happens to the estimation of a brand name when it sold on the dark market? – 0:31:00

Do you judge individuals who purchase on the dark market? – 0:45:00

Purchasing from a retailer/official channels shows the customer thinks often about nature of method, regards brand esteems, and gets extravagance. What’s your opinion about that? – 0:53:35

On the off chance that your companion gave you a blessing that you found later was purchased on the dark market, would this effect how you feel about the blessing? – 1:01:00


Shehab Gargash is the overseeing chief and gathering CEO of Gargash Group and the originator and executive of Daman Investments

Mishal Kano is the administrator of the Kanoo Group

Jonathan Darracott is the worldwide head of watches at Bonhams

Adam Craniotes is the author and leader of RedBar gathering and the proofreader everywhere of Revolution

Means to the End of the World Panel: Aline Sylla-Walbaum, Christophe Nicaise, Edouard Meylan (H. Moser), and Stephen Forsey (Greubel Forsey)

As one of the world’s driving contaminations, discover how extravagance, craftsmanship, and watchmaking are affecting the climate in this Means to the End of the World panel.

Questions presented:

How has the presence of your vocation dirtied the climate? – 0:01:22

How are you effectively doing stop it, aside from discussing activities? – 0:11:42

Have you at any point accepted on occasion that your expectations are not lined up with the real world? – 0:32:31

What is the greatest triumph for the extravagance world regarding natural or potentially human help? – 0:44:19

Would you carry on with the existence of a priest on the off chance that you realized it would have an effect to saving the climate? – 0:39:33

What is your number one brand and how can it hurt the climate? – 0:50:32


Stephen Forsey is the fellow benefactor of Greubel Forsey

Aline Sylla-Walbaum is the worldwide overseeing chief at Christie’s

Christophe Nicaise is the main methodology and business improvement official at Seddiqi Holding

Edouard Meylan is the CEO of  H. Moser et Cie

Servants of Serpents: Ali Khadra, Marie-Cécile Cisamolo, Ian Skellern, and Gary Getz

This is a board about intrigue and genuineness and whether the core of the extravagance business beats in a natural market or is twisted up and constrained into ticking by explicit entities.

Questions presented:

Does anybody by any chance truly take a gander at the item being sold any longer? – 0:01:22

Have you at any point settled on a choice dependent on another person’s assumptions repudiating your own assessment? – 0:23:46

What is the most genuine approach to see whether a piece/workmanship is in reality acceptable or not? – 0:35:54

Is it true that you are a supporter or a pioneer? – 0:45:09

What’s your opinion about the thought: another word for contemporary craftsmanship is difficult work overlooked while waste is commended? – 1:01:28

Have you at any point been in a position where you enjoyed something nobody else did freely? – 1:12:12


Ali Khadra is the author and distributer of Canvas and Sorbet

Marie-Cécile Cisamolo is the adornments expert at Christie’s Geneva

Ian Skellern is the prime supporter and specialized supervisor of Quill & Pad

Gary Getz is the occupant authority at Quill & Pad

For more recordings from the Dubai Watch Week Horology Forum, if it’s not too much trouble, visit .

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