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Elliot Brown Canford Review

Elliot Brown Canford Review

Brands so regularly attempt to sell you a bill of progressive advancement or a definitive either, that when a brand comes alongside an apparently unassuming objective, it’s very reviving. For Elliot Brown , another UK based watch brand, “It’s about doing things simply a little better”. Established by Ian Elliot and Alex Brown, the two veterans of the reasonable watch industry, Elliot Brown isn’t attempting to waste time, nor are they attempting to refute all other watchs brand. Their objective is basically to take their total watch industry experience and make useful watches that can be worn and delighted in for “…years, not design seasons.”

Elliot Brown’s momentum line up comprises of two watches, the Canford and the Bloxworth, both accessible in different tones and wraps up. We had the joy of investing some energy with the Canford , EB’s take on an advanced pilot watch. With forceful, however repressed styling and a double crown plan the Canford quickly stands apart from the group. It’s natural, hitting on different patterns at various times, however has a novel character and is certainly engaging.

Elliot Brown’s reasoning is promptly present in the feel of the watch, seeming better quality than its cost proposes and a touch more unique than competitors in the value range, however it’s likewise present in the form quality and designing of the watch. Swiss made completely, triple fixed crowns for 200m water obstruction without being screw-down, stun impervious to ISO1413 principles and more make for a genuine watch. The model we had close by, PVD with tan cowhide lash, goes for £312 (about $500). Inside, the Canford features a 3-had ISA Quartz development, so the general cost of the watch is on the higher side for a standard Quartz watch. The inquiry is, do the looks, construct and enumerating make it worth it?..

Elliot Brown Canford Review

Case: PVD 316L Steel Movement: ISA Swiss 331-103 Dial: Black Lume: Yes Lens: Mineral Crystal Strap: Leather Water Res.: 200M Dimensions: 44 x 54mm Thickness: 13.5 mm Lug Width: 22 mm Crown: 6 x 4 mm Warranty: N/A Price: £312 (~ $500)


The Canford has a genuinely exemplary pilot’s watch plan with extents that give it a durable appearance. The 316L PVD case estimates 44 x 54 x 13.5 (to the highest point of the domed mineral precious stone) making this an enormous watch, however it neither looks or feels as extensive as it actually is. From over, the lines are true to form, a round focus is flanked by long tightening drags. From the side, the drags are taller than normal, considering shaped cowhide ties and wristband end-joins. The carries are bored, uncovering the finish of the screw-bars utilized for getting the tie. The screw-head itself is genuinely enormous, transforming it into its very own stylish detail that functions admirably with the plan, adding somewhat of a mechanical edge.

On the correct side of the case, at 2 and 4, are the crowns for the inner bezel and time-setting, separately. One of the more stand-apart plan features of the watch, the double crown configuration (some of the time alluded as ‘super-compressor’, however that’s somewhat deceptive) gives the Canford an exceptionally cool look. In the value range, it’s a lovely novel feature for a pilot watch, the following nearest thing being the Bremont MBII, what begins above $5k. The actual crowns are 6 x 4mm and feature an effectively graspable knurled finish. A detail I especially enjoyed was that each crown had it’s own logo, prone to demonstrate the capacity. The time-setting crown has the brand’s shield logo, while the inward bezel crown features a layout of a triangle.

Quality can be seen, yet it additionally can be felt. Turning the inward bezel of the Canford is a magnificent encounter. It has the perfect measure of solidness and strain to have a sense of safety and solid, yet is velvety. Some of the time inner bezels are excessively solid, or excessively free, or most exceedingly terrible of all have somewhat of a crunchy feel. Fortunately none of those apply here. The component is just about as decent as you’d expect on a watch 10x the price.

The PVD finish on the watch is spotless a dim. It’s applied over a brushed wrap up, giving the watch a decent glossy silk sheen. Despite the fact that there is no unique completing at all, the execution generally is acceptable. The PVD finish likewise stretches out to the case-back, which has a cool plan. Held somewhere around 6 hex jolts, the back features a unimaginably profound help of the brand’s shield logo. It’s a decent detail that one possibly appreciates when the watch is off, making it for you as opposed to something to show off.

Lastly, and maybe the lone dubious detail, is the domed mineral precious stone focal point. Featuring an enemy of intelligent covering, this enormous precious stone is outwardly top notch. At $500, sapphire gems are genuinely common, however I don’t by and by have issue with mineral. Despite the fact that simpler to scratch, it’s likewise simpler to buff, less expensive to supplant and harder to break than sapphire. Sapphire is just harder to scratch, yet in the event that you do, you’ll likely need to supplant it as opposed to get it polished. In any case, it’s to your greatest advantage not to smack your watch into things (duh).


The Canford takes components of current pilot and pilot watches and blends them up barely enough to feel unique, yet bode well inside the class. The primary thing I quickly saw when first seeing the watch, is that they applied roundabout graining to almost the whole dark surface. This gives the watch a ton of surface and profundity. The way that light hits the graining is like a sunburst impact, however more powerful. It likewise makes the different markers that are inside in jump out all the more.

The essential list of the watch comprises of slight, long square shapes in a tan tone, one every hour. At 12, 3, 6 and 9 are exceptionally huge numerals, introduced in an extended, precise textual style. I very like the decision of textual style utilized as it is somewhat not quite the same as the more adjusted textual styles utilized by different brands. The format of the numbers is interested also. The 3 and 9 numerals show up near the middle given their widths. Ordinarily, a brand may have abbreviated the square shapes on one or the other side of 3 and 9, and moved the numerals out towards the edge to make an all the more even circle around the middle. By not doing this, the equilibrium is fascinating, putting even more an attention on the focal point of the dial.

Between the hour markers are little light dark lines for the individual minutes/seconds and between those are white lines at 1/fifth second accuracy. In spite of the fact that I like the appearance of the extremely barely recognizable differences, they bode well on a mechanical watch with clear seconds. On the external edge, there are likewise little white lume dabs, one every hour, besides at 12, which has three.

The range of the dial hit the nail on the head. The tan/dark pattern is genuinely famous at the present time, as it gives watches somewhat of an artificial vintage feel. In this occasion, I don’t think they were going for a matured impact to such an extent as something gritty and manly. The tan comes off as somewhat like a disguise tone, underlining the military legacy of a pilot’s watch. It’s additionally more controlled than white, giving the watch a more quelled feeling.

Located at 4.5 is a roundabout date window. The date wheel is matte dark with tan printing that coordinates different markings on the dial. The date is additionally point adjusted to show up right in the window. As something or other that is only somewhat better, this has an enormous effect and looks incredible. I’m honestly very burnt out on seeing watches that disregard the date detail. On the off chance that new brands making watches in this value range (additionally see the Halios Tropik B ) can figure out how to alter their date wheels to coordinate their dials, at that point enormous brands coming up with pricier watches have no rationalization any longer. In all honesty, nobody does. Brands, fix your date wheels, period…

The inner bezel looks extraordinary with the dial also. The profoundly calculated ring features a list of lines and numerals in coordinating tan. On the off chance that you have it adjusted to the birthplace, the numerals can likewise give a second reference to the minutes. I for the most part truly appreciate the additional profundity and the play with extents. By having the inside bezel, the fundamental dial contracts somewhat, giving it a pleasant compact feel. Basically, everything is in its privilege place.

The Canford features dark roman sword style hour and moment hands with tan lume filling, playing off of the ordinary pilot style. The seconds hand is a tan shaded stick with a jewel molded lume territory towards the tip and a stabilizer on the converse side. In general, the lume is quite scanty and disappointing on the watch. Being left to the little white spots on the dial, and the filling on the hands, it’s not especially clear. The lume at the top of the hour and moment hands are additionally somewhat inconsistent. Tan lume appears to consistently be a piece troublesome.


The Elliot Brown Canford utilizes an ISA Swiss 331-103 5-gem quartz development with 3-hands, date, end of life pointer and 5-year battery life. I asked about their decision of development, to which Alex Brown clarified that is it “tough, rich, repairable and permits us to utilize 4 x dial feet”. A dial foot is the little segment that is bound the lower part of the dial that situates it on the development and keeps it in position. Numerous developments, likely more commonly, take into account two dial feet.

Having seen many bowed feet, which can meddle with essential usefulness, on watches that were utilized forcefully, the organizers of Elliot Brown settled on the 4x adaptation. This probably adds to the general stun opposition of the watch and positively its longterm durability.

Straps and Wearability

The Canford model we picked came mounted on a 22mm tan cowhide tie with shaped end pieces, making it fit a smidgen more like a wristband. The tan cowhide consummately coordinates the tan components on the dial, stressing them. The actual lash is made of a decent quality calfskin and has white detail sewing. The coolest detail, be that as it may, is the PVD sending fasten. It’s not the system or shape that is fascinating, truth be told it is by all accounts pretty norm. Is fascinating that their shield logo is processed in, and afterward loaded up with cream lume. Thus, indeed, the clasp glows.

As I referenced previously, the watch looks and feels somewhat more modest than 44 x 54mm, similar to its a 42mm or something like that. This could be from the PVD or the extents, yet notwithstanding is welcome. It’s a truly wearable enormous watch that doesn’t seem like it needs to be a piece of the huge watch pattern. All things considered, it’s discreetly manly with solid lines and a genuine, however not extreme look. The framed tie adds some mass to it however, as the zone at the drags is a piece enlarged (an issue that appears to be common with this assortment of strap).

The look truly works. It’s energetic and cool, however limited and even modern. A decent game watch should fit in both easygoing and more conventional circumstances, and the Canford appears to have accomplished that. The blend of dark and tan likewise makes for a flexible range to work off of. This watch looks incredible with pretty much any tone, and works with anything from a shirt to an Oxford and Cardigan, however likely great hard-wearing materials will make the most sense.


There is a ton to like about the Elliot Brown Canford . The looks, assemble and subtleties all come together for an extraordinary entirety. I additionally truly loved wearing a pilot/pilot that didn’t feel subsidiary. This watch has it’s own character, and it’s one worth becoming more acquainted with. Elliot Brown satisfied their own way of thinking in that the Canford appears to be an advancement of the watches that were maybe beginning to appear to be the equivalent, and obscure into one another altogether too much. They didn’t reevaluate, they just improved.

In all ways however one: the development. Quartz has its time and spot, they keep extraordinary time, are strong and expect practically no upkeep. Yet, they just don’t have the wizardry of mechanical. The positive characteristics of all that is so effective with the Canford are a piece minimized by the development. There is something material and material about the watch that doesn’t mean the fake heart inside. The cost is adequate in view of the nature of the form and tastefulness of the deisgn, however I’d rather pay more for a mechanical version.

In the day’s end, I do think there is room in everyone’s assortment for a quartz or two. One with fascinating complications and another that you can wear bravely. In that setting the Canford is the last mentioned, and bodes well all things considered. Along these lines, you’re not going to be disillusioned by this watch at all on the off chance that you generally approve of quartz or are explicitly searching for one. Maybe the most energizing thing is truly the presentation of another brand in this market space that is doing energizing things. I truly anticipate perceiving how Elliot Brown develops.

by Zach Weiss Review unit provided by Elliot Brown Watches , Page and Cooper