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Exclusive: Habring2 Foudroyante-Felix 38.5 mm: Lightning Fast, Dead Accurate, And Now Perfect For Smaller Wrists | Quill & Pad

Exclusive: Habring2 Foudroyante-Felix 38.5 mm: Lightning Fast, Dead Accurate, And Now Perfect For Smaller Wrists | Quill & Pad

Fans of Habring2 may recollect the dispatch of Felix in 2014, a watch fueled by Austria’s first in-house development, Caliber A11, made to praise the tenth anniversary of the free Austrian brand. With a name like Felix – Latin for “glad” – this watch can just have come from the most bright watchmakers I know: Maria and Richard Habring.

Caliber A11 was the main watch development created, collected, and predominately delivered in Austria. It turned into the base development for Habring2 going ahead, presently having generated nine emphasess. The An in the base development means “Austria,” while the “11” represents 2011, the year the watchmaker couple started building up the movement.

Now, following the Doppel-Felix, Chrono-Felix , and Chrono-Felix Panda , which was as of late shortlisted by the 2020 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève , Habring2 presents Foudroyante-Felix in another 38.5 mm case .

Habring2 Foudroyante-Felix 38.5 mm on the wrist

Maria and Richard Habring

Foundroyante hand of the Habring2 Felix

I asked Maria Habring for what valid reason she and Richard chose to bring a foudroyante into the Felix family, and as normal she had an incredible answer. “The foudroyante has been a Habring2 ‘relative’ as of now for a very long time; we like to say it’s the thinker in our family,” she replied with what I’m sure was an extraordinary smile through the e-mail.

“It reminds us how quick the time goes,” she proceeded. “Furthermore, precisely that is the reason we should esteem each and every second in our days. I generally say when I wind a watch – particularly a physically wound watch – give the time some time. Carpe diem, consistently counts!”

And you can wager that this capacity is pretty much as enchanting as that answer was.

Habring2 Foudroyante-Felix in 38.5 mm with black dial

The lightning speed – which makes up the cause of the complication’s name as foudre is French for “lightning” – of the hand is outwardly charming. In some cases the foudroyante is classified “flying seconds,” and there is a valid justification for that: the hand shows every individual tick of the departure wheel by lattice with another toothed wheel joined to it.

This foudroyante wheel has similar number of teeth as the beats each second of the equilibrium, so one pivot of the stuff approaches precisely one second – which makes a blazingly quick hand that races around and around, however stops completely (however not recognizably with the unaided eye) with each tick.

The alluring back of the Habring2 Foudroyante-Felix 38.5 mm

The specialized difficulties accompanying the foudroyante incorporate fast force utilization, the likelihood of presenting critical planning mistakes, and the requirement for a very even and lightweight hand to forestall wear or drag on the escapement (part of those planning inaccuracies).

Visually this capacity is unfathomably great, yet not at all like a scope second or miscreant second hand, it doesn’t have a lot of true use since it basically moves excessively fast to recognize where it is at a given time. Be that as it may, it catches the consideration of eyes looking at one’s watch. Also, how: it makes 86,400 complete upheavals around its subdial in a 24-hour time span. In one month this is more than 2.5 million revolutions!

Habring2 Foudroyante-Felix 38.5 mm with silver dial

But this would not be a Habring2 watch if there weren’t one more small bend, discussing loser seconds: beside the fascinating lightning second hand in the subdial at 9 o’clock, you may see that this watch additionally has a “standard” clear second hand.

Turns out it isn’t so much that “regular.”

The focal second hand is the Habring2 protected miscreant seconds. How’s that for the sake of entertainment complication? In real life, the watch appears as though it was arranged with the lightning rate of the foundroyante hand in the subdial and the consistent, strongly clear tick-tick-tick of the miscreant hand that not just permits the eyewitness to know the specific second, yet in addition demonstrates the extraordinary precision of the development notwithstanding the “drag” of the small lightning hand.

Habring2 Foudroyante-Felix 38.5 mm with silver dial

Habring2 Foudroyante-Felix with 38.5 mm case

Foundroyante-Felix previously existed in the Felix family, however just as a 42 mm watch. Presently it shows up in a 38.5 mm hardened steel case much the same as its parent, Felix. Also, this size is ideal for both enormous and little wrists, staying smooth in both breadth (38.5 mm) and stature (11 mm).

The look is generally exemplary Felix: unique, perfect, sensible, and moderate with an exemplary plan in the downplayed, nearly Bauhaus style that Germanic watches are renowned for, straightforward methodology notwithstanding. The dial is accessible in a grained shimmering shading with exemplary blued steel hands or a black dial with a silver subdial (amazing, approach to feature the lightning!) and cleaned steel hands.

Like a much needed refresher, Foudroyante-Felix races along its ceaseless way, demolishing the time and reminding us by and by that Carinthia, Austria couldn’t be a lovelier spot – particularly for watchmaking.

For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, visit .

Quick Facts Habring² Foudroyante-Felix

Case: tempered steel, 38.5 x 11 mm, 30 m water opposition

Development: physically twisted Habring Caliber A11F with chronometer-quality non-attractive Carl Haas balance spring, 28,800 vph/4 Hz recurrence, 45-hour power hold

Capacities: hours, minutes, hacking foudroyante seconds, hacking loser seconds

Cost: €6,550

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