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F.P. Journe Young Talent Competition 2019 Winner Tyler John Davies Shows His Equilibrium | Quill & Pad

F.P. Journe Young Talent Competition 2019 Winner Tyler John Davies Shows His Equilibrium | Quill & Pad

The Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) is a position of numerous sights and sounds, filled all things considered with the manifestations of the business’ top watchmakers and innovative personalities. It is not difficult to become mixed up in the corridors looking at the exhibition of extravagance and craftsmanship so unmistakably in plain view for the meeting authorities, columnists, and retailers.

Over the previous few years, the SIHH has set more accentuation on training and offering concealed points of view. The improvement of the theater, which made its introduction at the 2018 SIHH, into a really usable component space carried some extraordinary content to participants and advanced an assortment of points and occasions during the show.

One include that stood apart was the introduction of the F.P. Journe Young Talent Competition victor, which is in its fourth year. The competition is currently put on in organization with the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH) and, starting at 2019, The Hour Glass . It features the unprecedented work that young watchmakers can do while at the same time allowing those equivalent watchmakers to get their work before some exceptionally regarded names in the present industry.

The jury passing judgment on the submitted works comprises an assortment of individuals, starting with talented watchmakers Philippe Dufour , Giulio Papi , Andreas Strehler , and Marc Jenni . It additionally contains the secretary general of the FHH Cultural Council, Pascal Ravessoud; Michael Tay, overseeing overseer of The Hour Glass; our own personal supervisor in-boss, Elizabeth Doerr; and, obviously, the incomparable François-Paul Journe.

With these characters coming together to assess the sections by the young horologists, we make certain to be acquainted with some talented work.

The reason for this competition isn’t just to feature young talents however to help them on their course to autonomy. Beside the chance to grandstand their manifestations at the SIHH, the champ gets a certificate of accomplishment from F.P. Journe and the FHH just as a 10,000 CHF award from The Hour Glass to buy instruments and hardware to additional their horological development.

This prize cash, expanded from that of earlier years, unquestionably goes far to raising the victor’s capacity to create ideas.

Equilibrium clock by Tyler John Davies, victor of the 2019 F. P. Journe Young Talent competition

2019 F.P. Journe Young Talent victor: Tyler John Davies’ Equilibrium

The victor of the 2019 release of the competition is the talented 27-year-old Tyler John Davies hailing from Birmingham, England. He is an alum from the School of Jewelry of Birmingham University.

Davies’ accommodation is called Equilibrium, an eight-day weight-driven divider clock with bum escapement, displaying his enthusiasm for clock making and a longing to make something precise.

Davies started his excursion in horology when he was younger, having worked in an assortment of enterprises and finding that he appreciated working with his hands. At 19 he started working in a clock shop, assisting with reestablishing classical clocks and building up an adoration for the systems and movements.

After three years spent there, he chose to seek after a craving to make his own clocks, despite the fact that he had a lot of benevolent guidance in actuality. Zeroed in on his enthusiasm, he started his excursion toward making his own pieces.

Eventually he enlisted at Birmingham University to start his formalized investigation. His last school project is the one he submitted to the competition: Equilibrium was created around balance and, as Davies portrays, it is “a statement of the harmony between at least two forces.”

The clock was worked over a time of around four months during a period in which he was likewise centered around other coursework, so the genuine development presumably required around two strong months of effort.

Dial detail of Tyler John Davies’s Equilibrium clock

His task was to plan and manufacture a mechanical clock with an obvious escapement and the choice of adding a complication if so wanted. Furthermore, he added his very own couple necessities: an instrument that is open and effectively saw, the utilization of conventional procedures and development practices, and he needed to make 90% of the components from crude material.

According to Davies, the escapement was the most difficult and fulfilling part to deal with. A watch’s escapement directs exactness as it breaks time into ordinary (isochronic) spans. It is the most basic component in the development as it is liable for accuracy.

He has had experience making draw back escapements before, so he needed to propel himself and accomplish something more troublesome, realizing that the lowlife escapement is less lenient and requires a considerably more exact construction.

The get away from wheel was troublesome, requiring an exceptional shaper and cautious arrangement to physically cut the arms, yet the departure switch end up being the genuine trouble. Davies needed to make his own dances to painstakingly cut the exact points needed for the miscreant switch bed. This took a couple of attempts before he got it on the money, however the fulfillment of accomplishing that truly stood apart to him in the development process.

But not all things be done completely by hand. Davies likewise utilized the task as motivation to extend his capacities in CNC machining and etching for different components. The dark pecan case was CNC machined prior to being amassed and wrapped up by hand, and the huge dial was engraved utilizing a modern laser machine called a gravograph prior to being done physically on a lathe.

Overall, the development comprises a genuinely straightforward stuff train that was made to exclusive requirements. The style is fairly conventional, and completing was kept basic. Davies needs to grow his completing capacities with every future clock so it can coordinate the degree of craftsmanship in the mechanism.

Increasing commonality and abilities with more creation methods is additionally an objective for him, however his genuine energy lies in the escapements.

Tyler John Davies (left) gets the F.P. Journe Young Talent Competition 2019 honor for his Equilibrium clock from François-Paul Journe and The Hour Glass’s Michel Tay; Pascal Ravessoud (FHH) looks on

Tyler John Davies’ future

Davies as of now has a business dealing with clock rebuilding and desires to extend it by building one clock each year in the middle of reclamation work. The objective is to grow more complicated escapements with each clock, progressively driving himself to develop as a clockmaker and fabricate a portfolio.

He additionally needs to shift the style with each clock, permitting him to investigate the numerous thoughts he has for future pieces. Preferably, this could prompt bespoke ventures from customers wishing to make something to address their own taste, a business structure enlivened to some extent by Struthers Watchmakers , a Birmingham institution.

Just a couple of the components in Tyler John Davies’s Equilibrium clock

Davies plainly has a dream for what he needs to accomplish and given his prosperity with the Equilibrium clock and winning this competition, that future seems to be a feasible path.

And that is accurately why this competition exists: Journe himself realizes that it is so difficult to arrive at a point where a talented individual can assemble a business around their own innovativeness, not to mention have the ability to make novel thoughts. The prize has consistently been proposed as a lift to young watchmakers that have talent however might not have a road to really seek after what they desire.

Back of the Equilibrium clock by Tyler John Davies

Focusing on antique clock reclamation and building bespoke clocks, particularly in the UK, seems like a truly conceivable profession way, and with the reward of the 10,000 CHF award from The Hour Glass the street becomes a lot simpler to travel. During a time where many battle to discover any ways they really appreciate, being the place where Davies is now in his life exhibits that talent and inventiveness simply should be coordinated with the privilege opportunities.

Mechanica Tempus Pendulette Tourbillon by Rémy Cools

One of the 2018’s victors, Rémy Cools, has just started plans for his own watch image and is caught up with making pieces to dispatch his own future. Other past victors have proceeded to work for different brands, unmistakably epitomizing the talent and energy that this competition attracts.

The competition’s new organization with The Hour Glass hopes to help backing and openness for the victors also, transforming it into something that is nearly ensured to become a take off platform for some young horologists.

The F.P. Journe Young Talent Competition, beforehand an element of Baselworld related to the AHCI, makes certain to become a feature of the SIHH should the relationship proceed. The new changes to the two fairs, including the move for 2020 to reconnect the dates of the two shows, may change precisely when and where it is held, yet the outcome, I am certain, will be the same.

Dial detail of Tyler John Davies’s Equilibrium clock

I stretch out my congrats again to the current year’s victor, Tyler John Davies, and wish him the most amazing aspect karma with his future plans!

Tyler John Davies and his Equilibrium clock, victor of the 2019 F. P. Journe Young Talent competition

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Quick Facts Tyler John Davies Equilibrium

Case: 585 x 200 x 200 mm, American dark pecan

Development: 8-day weight-driven pendulum clock with loser escapement, Harrison looking after force, breakaway bolster, beat setting change, invar pendulum bar with temperature compensation tube

Capacities: hours, minutes

Restriction: remarkable piece school clock

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