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Follow-Up: Hager Watches Crowdfunder Effort Ends

Follow-Up: Hager Watches Crowdfunder Effort Ends

Half a month back we included Hager Watches exertion to become an American watch fabricate . They were utilitzing the Crowdfunder site with the expectations of raising $134,000 dollars to first being making a line of Swiss made watches, with additional objectives towards assembling watches inside the United States.

If you visit the Crowdfunder page for their mission you will presently see a note that the mission has not started:

Hager author Peter Covingtion took to the gatherings to clarify the Hager Watches Crowdfunder situation:

Update on Hager’s Crowdfunder Campaign

“Just needed to give everybody an update. On Friday we chose to end the Crowdfunder lobby right on time after meetings with Crowdfunder. Crowdfunder needed us to broaden the mission however we chose to end it early. While the mission to fund-raise for our new Swiss line of watches was ineffective, the mission to bring issues to light about America, and Americans competing in this market was a triumph just dependent on the sheer number of comments on this board alone. I think this looks good for American watch companies.

The crusade was likewise an accomplishment in that we have been reached by two notable American watch companies to see where we can cross team up later on (these aren’t little companies yet two of the bigger ones here in the U.S., so thank you for getting us taken note). We have additionally started investigating conceivably delivering cases here in the U.S. just as some assembly.

As large numbers of you know our company was financed by proprietor value, the entirety of this will require some serious energy and cash. Talking about cash, I’m looking out for the last insights from Crowdfunder yet I’m advised that had everybody navigated to help the mission we would have raised near $55k. Clearly we were requesting undeniably more than we had the option to raise.

So where does that leave us and what does the future hold? We will keep on making our two lines of reasonable watches, our Swiss line which will be considerably more moderate when compared to other Swiss watches made of a similar type, and our Far East line which will likewise be more moderate for those that can’t manage the cost of a Swiss Made watch yet might in any case want to possess a quality programmed. We will likewise keep on pursueing our fantasy about creating watches here in the US, and as I expressed before we will likewise be hoping to accomplice up with one of the two enormous American firms who reached us. This would be an enormous arrangement for us and would bring us one bit nearer to American Made. We need to thank each and every individual who upheld us in this mission. While we didn’t accomplish the objective that we were searching for we actually left away fruitful. Once more, because of every individual who upheld us in the mission and God bless.

In the interim, you can look at our new watch called the Hager S.E.R.E. made for individuals in a USG Agency restricted to 100 PVD and 100 Bead Blasted. These aren’t accessible to general society yet. You can see it being worn here by Jason Blevins, National Geographic Channel Doomsday Prepper and Author of Survival & Emergency Preparedness Skills, on the TODAY show with Kathie Lee and Hoda  here . Starting in June there will be a Discovery Channel unscripted television character who, he and his group, will be wearing the S.E.R.E. too on the show. We will likewise be giving a portion of the S.E.R.E.s to a portion of the Special Forces framework down in FT Bragg for conceivable consideration in their packs. What’s to come is splendid for us and we trust you will go along with us in our journey.”

Although it appeared to be the Crowdfunder project was to permit them to deliver the Swiss made watches it shows up they will in any case do so even without the financing they were looking for. So albeit the real raising of the ideal assets was not effective, in wording advancing Hager’s objectives towards proceeding to deliver watches and past the interaction gave some helpful associations with Hager to leverage.

Source: WatchUSeek