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Frederique Constant Slimline Moonphase Review

Frederique Constant Slimline Moonphase Review

The cost of a watch is a particularly stacked theme that it’s now and then hard to make head or tails of. There are such countless contemplations, layers, factors, etc… that go into that sticker price. From the area it was made in to advertising and PR to provenance to just the situating of the brand on the lookout, everything impacts the expense eventually. We’ve all seen watches with costs that are unrealistic that generally get disregarded by the watch world just as watches that unmistakably cost excessively, yet have faithful followings. As a site committed to reasonable and available watches (which there is a contrast between) we attempt to discover watches that embody great characteristics from work to plan that have apparently genuine sticker prices (another stacked term).

The watch we will talk about today is costly compared to a lot of what we examine, yet surprisingly all around estimated for what it is. It probably won’t be “affordable”, yet it’s open in that the cost isn’t stratospheric to such an extent that it couldn’t be reached through saving, selling old watches, a reward from a decent year. What’s more, it is as we would see it that this watch, the Frédérique Constant Slimline Moonphase Manufacture , is a watch worth saving for.

Frédérique Constant isn’t care for other Swiss watch brands. They are an overall new comer, being established in the 1988 by Peter and Aletta Stas, who have moved toward Swiss watchmaking with a particular arrangement of qualities, which is best portrayed in their own words:

Of course, brand methods of reasoning are just pretty much as great as their acknowledgment in item structure, and this is the place where Frederique Constant has really succeeded. They have different lines at different value focuses, beginning around $1,000 and halting at $40k for a tourbillon, yet the diamond of their contributions is their mid-level production developments watches. FC has proceeded to do what such countless different brands in the sub $5,000 value section appear to be unequipped for doing, and made accessibly evaluated Swiss made in-house calibers.

Starting at around $2,500 for their Classic Manufacture Automatic, which has 3-hands and a little pointer date, FC has a little, yet developing line of production watches accessible at retail. At the point when you consider a significant number of the supposed passage level extravagance brands you see at a significant watch AD, you’ll discover brands with costs a lot higher than this, and names that are better known, that are utilizing similar ETA developments you’ll find in watches under $1,000. This puts Frederique Constant, and their sister image Alpina, in their very own alliance. The solitary other brand that is accomplishing something comparable is Nomos of Glashuette, Germany, another w&w top pick, however their stylish and way to deal with configuration is unfathomably different.

The Frédérique Constant Slimline Moonphase, which was delivered at BaselWorld 2013, truly characterizes this idea of available extravagance. It’s an exquisite dress watch with a work of art, limited style, fine completing and veritable in-house Swiss made programmed moon stage type beating endlessly inside. This isn’t just cool from a reasonable perspective, the actual development is delightfully planned and enhanced, making flipping the watch over similarly as pleasurable as wearing it. As far as anyone is concerned, this is the most modest contemporary Swiss production moon stage, coming in at $3,550, around a half to 33% of the following most reasonable.


Frederique Constant Slimline Moonphase Review

Case Stainless steel Movement FC-705 Dial Blue Lume No Lens Sapphire Strap Alligator Water Resistance 30m Dimensions 42 x 47.5mm Thickness 11.5mm Lug Width 21mm Crown 6.5 x 3.5mm Warranty 2 years Price $3550


The name “Slimline” alludes to the controlled stylish and richly bending case plan of the watch. Estimating 42 x 47.5 x 11.5 mm (to the highest point of the domed sapphire), the watch has astonishing measurements for a dress watch. This could toss a few group, dress-watch idealists, who accept a legitimate dress watch is nearer to 38mm. I frequently would concur with that slant, however this watch simply works, which is simpler to get a handle on in wrist shots. The bowl-molded calculation has a constant stream to it, which makes a delicate and alluring structure. From the bezel, it rapidly bends under, so the mass of the case is kind of imperceptible, stressing the dial and restricting the general size. On top of this, the extents of the case and the design of the dial (in other words the situating of the date/moon stage complication, the size of the markers, and so on) are simply right.

The streaming case bends are actually very shocking, given the watch the vibe of a cleaned stone. This is especially perceptible in the change from bezel to sapphire precious stone, which is almost consistent. Jutting out of the case are medium estimated straight carries. They point descending somewhat for ergonomics and have an exceptionally basic finger-molded profile. The carries break the progression of the case, yet keep up the limited tasteful. They are, basically, genuinely plain, however for the general impact of neatness and an absence of showy details.

Off of three is a medium-sized push pull onion crown. Maybe the most lavish outer detail, the crown has profound notches which follow the structure to almost a point, looking like the “onion domes” of Russian Orthodox holy places. Thusly, the crown isn’t endorsed (there is no space to sign), yet the structure is extremely exquisite and very pleasant to grasp.

Flipping the watch over, you are given an enormous presentation window showing the dazzling FC-705 development inside. We’ll get to the enhancements later, yet this is a development you’ll wind up ogling at regularly. The sort of development that will incite you to take the watch off when you are at your work area and lay it face down (on a delicate surface, obviously) so you can essentially appreciate the metal. Around the window is a slender cleaned steel edge with dark content demonstrating different insights concerning the watch.

The Slimline Moon stage case is totally cleaned. This functions admirably with the appearance of the watch, stressing the bends just as the markers on the dial. All things considered, some portion of me wishes there was an unexpected detail or two some place. Maybe brushing on the carries or a slanted edge some place. It’s not that the cleaning looks plain even, simply on a watch this value I’d actually like a smidgen more completing to talk about. Obviously, controlled methods keeping down, and the development is a long way from lacking, so maybe their order is to be commended.


The dial of the Frédérique Constant Slimline Moon stage proceeds with the quieted tastefulness of the case with a straightforward yet rich plan. The watch is accessible with a couple of dial shading alternatives, chocolate earthy colored, silver/white and, what we have here, dim blue. There is an oil paint tone called “prussian blue”, which is the most comparable shading I can consider. At the point when thick, it’s almost dark, with unobtrusive traces of a virus tone. Dispersed, it goes from 12 PM to a profound naval force. Basically, its perhaps the most stunning blues I’ve seen on a dial. The tone is stressed by both a slight sunburst and a somewhat domed structure, which toss of flares of naval force as the light changes. The scope of shading gives it a lot more noteworthy profundity than a dark sunburst dial may have achieved.

The essential file comprises of slight cleaned steel applied stick, multiplying at 12 and somewhat more at 3 and 9. That’s it, not much, simply a cudgel each hour/five-minute augmentation. The actual cudgel all have a marginally pyramidal shape, so they flash in the light pleasantly. The watch does not have a functioning seconds hand, so there is no seconds track, and the entire thing is very quiet and still.

The weight of the dial is put on the date and moon stage complication at 6. As opposed to having a date window, as we see substantially more frequently, FC planned their developments to have a little pointer date. Accordingly, what may resemble a little seconds initially is truth be told the date marker. Around the slanted sub-dial, which gauges a few millimeters in measurement, is a list of numerals and specks in white for the date. The textual style is exceptionally perfect, with some fascinating plan subtleties, like the spiraling 9. My solitary issue with the appearance of this territory is that the “31” and “1” are close, nearly read “311”, and appearing to be somewhat jumbled, however this equivalent issue can be appear to be on different watches with comparative complications. In spite of being more modest than the normal windowed introduction, the date is not difficult to peruse at a glance.

Within this sub-dial is the moon stage show, which comprises of both a circle and the window shape. The circle underneath features the moon (or two moons to be exact) and a sprinkling of stars in a brilliant tone and a profound blue-green night sky. This turns inside the explicitly formed opening, which mimics the Earth’s shadow and hence makes the stages. The execution of the moon stage is old style and looks extraordinary inside the held dial. As a complication, a moon stage isn’t the most commonsense, a long way from it, yet it has eminence and just about an otherworldly air. Out of nowhere, you’re not identified with a second on the work schedule, yet something heavenly and far bigger than you. Moreover, as a piece of design, it’s cool that it has function.

The hour and moment hand are long, slim leaf shapes made of cleaned steel. The structure works consummately with the plan, integrating the thin rod with the streaming case. A decent detail here is the moment hand bends down somewhat with the vault of the dial. The date hand has comparative shape, however has all the earmarks of being a touch more faceted and has a stabilizer. By and by, these support the limited class of the watch as a whole.

Regarding the size of the watch, the design and extents of the dial legitimize the size all in all. This is a dial where nothing is strange and everything possesses the perfect measure of landscape. In particular, the date/moon stage sub-dial. On the off chance that the case distance across changed, the focal point of this dial would continue as before as it is constrained by the development plan. In this way, either the breadth of the territory would need to diminish, or the markers at 4, 5 and 6 would need to be overcome, so, all things considered the date file would almost certainly be excessively near the edge… it’s a difficult exercise, and I think the bigger size was the better choice.

Movement: FC-705

Everything we’ve talked about so far in regards to the Frédérique Constant Slimline Moon stage has ideally shown it’s a decent watch, however the genuine sorcery and a significant part of the worth and value come from the development inside. As far as both plan and execution, the FC developments are a genuine treat for the eyes, and unquestionably among the best improved of anything we’ve seen on the site. The development is a 26-gem programmed with manual breeze, hacking seconds (however there is no seconds hand in play), little pointer date, moon stage and a recurrence of 28,800 bph.

The first thing that struck me about the development was its design. It’s completely even, with an accentuation on the enormous and completely uncovered equilibrium, which sits focus, behind 6. Having taken a gander at other FC looks just as Alpina watches, I accept the plan of their types is secluded, as the overall design appears to remain genuine paying little mind to the watch. In any event, when you take a gander at their Slimline Tourbillon development, you’ll see a similar design, with the equilibrium eliminated, the plates skeletonized through to the dial and the tourbillon in their place. From an assembling viewpoint, this is shrewd for the brand, as it permits them to make more types without beginning without any preparation on each one.

Then, the completing strikes you. Everything here is adorned somehow or another, making an excellent, layered showcase of fine watchmaking. Under the equilibrium is a plate featuring a little distance across perlage. Venturing up from that point, you have a few plates each with what gives off an impression of being various checks of perlage, making a bunch of dynamic surfaces, every one of which are studded with heat blued screws. Venturing up one more layer, you have the programmed winding extension which features roundabout Cote De Geneve, with a delightful spiraling grain and an inclined edge. Finishing everything off is the skeletonized gold tone rotor with engraved Frédérique Constant Manufacture text.

Another pleasant feature of the FC-705 is the manner by which you collaborate with it. Not at all like many moon stage watches, all capacities are controlled through the one crown (versus indented pushers along the case). With the crown pulled out one stop, you dismiss it from you to change the date, moving advances as it were. Additionally in first position, you turn the crown towards you and you will bounce the moon stage circle clockwise a modest quantity. This makes setting it, should the watch run out of juice, simple. All things considered, moon stages are introduced in different terms and rates which aren’t going to help you set it with incredible accuracy, so you’ll be eyeballing it. Fortunately, a somewhat off moon stage is presumably not going to cause you much trouble.

Straps and Wearability

The Slimline Moonphase comes mounted on a 21mm blue Alligator tie. It’s a lovely tie with a decent, unbending feel that compliments the watch well. The dull blue has a slight sheen, which brings out dark blue dial, while the unpretentiously grayish sewing mirrors the steel. The differentiation sewing is in reality somewhat of a fascinating decision, as it’s maybe less formal, however I think it functions admirably. With the bigger case measurement and dial that addresses mid-century plans, there is an easygoing twist to the watch also. Not shirt and shorts easygoing, but rather office fitting clothing. The 21mm carry width is somewhat of a bother, however it very well may be worked around. The blue tie functions admirably, yet for assortment and flexibility, I’d search out a mid-dull earthy colored gator for this as well.

On the wrist the watch wears delightfully. The 42mm measurement is enormous, however it works, particularly as a result of the manageable drag to-haul. Indeed, it’s large for a dress watch, however it’s unobtrusive and exquisite enough to come across as formal, while the additional width makes it even more attractive and manly. For those of you with bigger wrists who find more modest watches are overshadowed when on, this is a pleasant other option. All things considered, on my moderate sized 7″ wrist, I actually thought that it was very appropriate.

Aesthetically, this watch is tidiness in bodily form. It’s tranquil, hesitant, possibly being seen when required. Furthermore, when seen, it uncovers gradually. To begin with, the dark blue dial attracts you, at that point the glimmers of light off of the markers and hands, finally the pointer date and moon stage add some surface and complexity. It’s sort of all that you need in a proper watch. Furthermore, as an open extravagance watch, it additionally hits the imprint. It’s not competing for consideration, it doesn’t shout its sticker price, it simply oozes quality and confidence.

The blue is additionally a fascinating tone to match with. It’s adequately dull, or near dark enough, to work with a dim blue suit, however dim is most likely ideal as conflicting is conceivable. In business easygoing clothing, it becomes a smidgen more lively. Wear this with a designed shirt with some blue in it, and it will come alive, or a strong oxford and the difference will be more prominent. Since blue shoes are most likely not your go to, I think this actually functions admirably with medium to dull earthy colored just as burgundy.


Well, it ought to be really certain that I am a major enthusiast of the Frédérique Constant Slimline Moonphase . It’s essentially an exquisite watch that could without much of a stretch be one’s go-to formal watch. That’s separated from the noteworthy actuality that it features a veritable Swiss made production development, one that is a delight to see. Combining those two things transforms this watch into something exceptional and extremely uncommon in the watch market.

Of course, that must be something you are searching for to think often about. It unquestionably raises the cost of the piece significantly, regardless of whether it’s still one of the incredible arrangements presently accessible. At $3,550 the Slimline Moonphase is a long way from cheap, a long way from a watch one purchases spontaneously. However, in the event that there were ever characteristics, particularly in an advanced watch, that would make it stick out and be deserving of putting something aside for, this has them.

Even if this particular watch doesn’t do it for you, Frédérique Constant is plainly a brand worth watching out for. It’s difficult to underline sufficient how outstanding it is that this genuinely youthful brand who is simply getting their name out there (in any event in the US) can make developments, let alone in Geneva, Switzerland. Furthermore, that the watches with these developments are capable have a beginning cost of $2,500 at retail, which swells cost unto itself. As it seems like their business is doing well overall, I accept they delivered more than 120,000 watches a year ago, it is likely extremely energizing things will be around the corner.