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Gavox Legacy Navy Review

Gavox Legacy Navy Review

It’s in every case extremely energizing when a brand shocks you. Regardless of whether through the nature of a piece that gives a false representation of its cost or the mindfulness of a plan, it’s consoling when a brand appears to outperform what you anticipate. Gavox’s freshest deliveries, the Legacy Navy line , are an illustration of a brand accomplishing something very surprising that caused me to change my opinion about them.

The Gavox watches we explored last January were really straight forward quartz pilot’s watches. They had a couple of exceptional turns, at the end of the day utilized the jargon of present day pilot’s that we are extremely acquainted with. As is regularly the case, when a brand’s first watch is of a specific sort, the procedure watches are an advancement on that thought. Be that as it may, with their freshest watches, Gavox has taken an altogether unique course. The Legacy marine watches have a traditionally motivated plan that is exquisite and refined, with dials that have extremely fascinating unevenness and texture.

Loosely dependent on marine chronometers and the exemplary feel of any semblance of Breguet, there is a particularly pre-20th century vibe to the Legacy Navy watches. Obviously altogether different than a cutting edge pilot, what’s much more fascinating is the way they are altogether different from nearly all the other things in their value range. Regardless of their high-forehead looks, sapphire precious stones and Miyota programmed developments (likewise a first for Gavox) these watches come in the middle $400 and $450, which is very moderate in the plan of things. We had the chance to invest energy with two models, one with an intricate 24-hr subdial, the other more restrained,

Gavox Legacy Navy Review

Case: Steel Movement: Miyota 8218/8219 Dial: White/Cream Lume: Yes Lens: Sapphire Strap: Leather Water Res.: 50M Dimensions: 41 x 51mm Thickness: 11.7 mm Lug Width: 20 mm Crowns: 6 x 4 mm Warranty: 2 years Price: $400 – 445


The Legacy arrangement uses a solitary case plan that is basic, however has a couple of exquisite subtleties. Estimating 41 x 51 x 11.5mm (our measure) it’s a pleasant medium size, being somewhat more modest than marine watches ordinarily are, however somewhat bigger than a regular dress style. The focal territory of the case is a chamber of cleaned steel with a moderately wide bezel and chunk sides, pretty standard fair.

Things get a touch more intriguing at the carries, which have a huge plan with a tightened shape and sloped edge. Where the drags meets the case outwardly, it unexpectedly cuts in, making a lip as opposed to a smooth progress. This adds a little yet viable decorative detail, that talks alludes to the authentic motivations of the watch. The carries additionally feature a blend of completions for a rich touch. On the top surface the steel is brushed, differentiating the cleaned bezel. On the inclined edge of the carry, it is cleaned once more, at that point as an afterthought it is softly brushed. The dash of clean from the slant is extremely decent, however the edge where the two completions meet might have been sharper.

One of the more odd features of the Legacy watches is the crown arrangement at 2. Plainly a consequence of the development being calculated to put the sub-seconds at 4 (more on that when we examine the dial), having the crown up top takes a touch of becoming acclimated to, particularly with regards to the old style tasteful. The crown is little medium estimated estimating 6 x 3mm and features a straightforward scored surface for hold. On the level side of the crown is a scratched “G” for Gavox. I think the plan of the crown misses a piece, as something more similar to an adjusted onion would have felt more agreeable. The scratched G is likewise somewhat strange, feeling excessively present day and plain, yet it’s a little a barely noticeable detail.

The Legacy observes additionally feature a presentation case back which shows off the Miyota 8218 and 8219 developments inside. The developments have a bit of embellishment as Geneva stripes on the plate under the rotor. There is additionally a custom gold-conditioned Gavox rotor, which adds some pop. With everything taken into account, more than one expects at this price.

Dials and Hands

With the dials of the Legacy Navy watches, Gavox truly accomplished something phenomenal. They are spotless, even, pleasantly finished and outwardly enamoring. They nailed the traditional style they were going for, while additionally doing things their as own would prefer, making for something genuinely interesting. The dials start with a somewhat grayish background that takes after veneer, giving it a smidgen more extravagance and profundity than regular white. Adding to this is a solid utilization of surface that covers the whole surface, giving the watch the vibe of Guilloché.

The essential record comprises of tall, meager roman numerals that are elegant yet intense. Roman numerals interestingly affect a dial as they are innately more enlivening than the standard Arabic numerals and clean text styles utilized on watches. Accordingly, when you take a gander at the legacy, you can either consider them to be numbers, or just ornamentation. This is particularly evident with the textual style they picked, which I like a ton, as it abstracts the numerals much more. The numerals are additionally somewhat raised over the dial surface, which has been given a concentric circle graining, making more profundity and play in light.

This contrasts the focal point of the dial, which features a Geneva striping of sorts. Wide vertical stripes slice through the generally undecorated district making an unobtrusive yet appealing surface. The region likewise seems to have a slight 3-dimensionality to it, giving it a wave-structure look that does fascinating things when light hits it. On the top edge of this zone, just beneath the 12 numeral it peruses “Gavox Watch Co.” in content that bends. It’s a pleasant execution of the brand name that works with the plan while additionally unmistakably alluding to the Breguet Classique watches.

On the external edge of the dial is a calculated part ring with a minutes list. It comprises of a stepping stool type plan with encouraged markers like clockwork. Simply over the stepping stool list are numerals each 5 too, this time in an Arabic text style. By and by, the textual style picked was very much chosen as the somewhat more calligraphic and humanistic style works with the traditional aesthetic.

Off of 4, or IIII in this case, is the sub-seconds dial. Another top notch detail, the sub-dial comprises of a stepping stool record with huge numerals at 10 second spans in a similar textual style as on the section ring. The entire surface here has a concentric roundabout graining too, which gives it a decent partition from the remainder of the dial. The off kilter arrangement functions admirably in this plan, helping me to remember watches by haute horology brands like F.P Journe, Jaquet Droz and Breguet without feeling likes it attempting to duplicate or gorilla those brands. It’s truly a brilliant thrive that adds interest the in general design.

On the reference 358.5 model, there is an extra, and huge, 24 hour sub-dial. In spite of the fact that the plan here probably won’t work for everybody, I need to praise Gavox for truly taking the plunge. The sub-dial comprises of a list with numerals at 2 hour increases which sit on roundabout graining. The insane part occurs inside the sub-dial, where you are given an engraved scene demonstrating day and night. From 18 – 6 is a light blue night sky with stars and a moon, and from 6 back to 18 is a rising sun, with strong pillars projecting out of it. It’s a ton of surface in a little space, which gives it a ton of weight inside the dial, however it’s first rate and sort of fun.

I by and by favor the spotless and straightforward form, reference 346.5, without the 24-hour dial, yet I think for a person who needs somewhat more stylistic theme and likes a busier dial, this will be engaging and just isn’t something you will discover on another watch in this value point. There is another model too, reference 358.9 (how they come up with these ref numbers is past me) which features a brilliant star theme rather than an etching. It’s somewhat unusual practically looking like imagery for day and night from an antiquated progress. I’m not certain how I feel about it, but rather it surely is unique.

Regardless of the choice, each dial features a date window at 6 which is illustrated in dark. The date is introduced as dark content on a white surface, merging with the dial. Incredibly, Gavox redid the date wheels to have their own text style as to suit the watch better. They have my undying appreciation for doing this as it’s the little subtleties that have a significant effect. Thus, it looks great, works with the idea and is not difficult to peruse. All things considered, I would have gotten a kick out of the chance to see a no date alternative also, as even the least complex rendition of the dial actually has bounty going on.

Lastly, the Legacy watches feature Bregeut style hands, for the ideal completion. Regardless of how often you see at that point, Breguet hands are simply consistently an exquisite decision, and they normally are at home on a dial this way. The entirety of the hands are blue steel, and seem, by all accounts, to be genuine fire blue steel and not a compound or film (can’t say without a doubt), however they do seem dark now and again and blue at others. The something abnormal is that they chose to fill in the roundabout holes on the moment and hour hands with lume… It’s barely strange and doesn’t truly make the watch that intelligible in the dark.


The Legacy Navy watches feature either Miyota 8218 or 8219 developments, the distinction being the 8219 has a 24-hour hand. Both are automatics with 21 gems, date, hand winding, 40 hr power hold and a recurrence of 21,600 bph. The developments have been modified by Gavox to incorporate a gold-tone rotor and interesting date wheel. In our experience with the watches, they were precise and generally approved of force reserve.

These are somewhat cool developments that very few individuals use, so I was happy to see them here. Little second automatics are genuinely uncommon, as there aren’t numerous development choices out there. For a more slow development, the falter of the second hand is alleviated by being little and askew. The 8000 arrangement of Miyotas, while not as loved as their more up to date partners the 9000 arrangement, are still extremely nice and clearly modest. With regards to this watch, I think they were an extraordinary choice.

Straps and Wearability

When you request any of the Legacy watches, you have a decision of 6 diverse 20mm lashes, 3 smooth calfskin choices in dark, cognac or maroon and 3 artificial croc cowhide alternatives in dark, imperial blue and tan. For assortments purpose, we went with smooth cognac and regal blue croc, both of which suit the watches impeccably. The lashes have a basic tightening plan with a sharp tip and sewing running at the edge. The cognac lash has a differentiating white/cream while the illustrious blue has coordinated stitching.

The cognac has a lovely rich nectar tone that functions admirably with the marginally grayish dial. It gives the watch a perfect and light look that compliments the tasteful. The illustrious blue, which I’d call more 12 PM, gives the watch a more cut off look, stressing the markers and hands. The plan and size of the Legacy make it a flexible watch, inclining towards formal, that can be worn nonchalantly or moderately relying upon the lash and setting. On the cognac, I needed to wear it with a wrecked in blue shirt, khaki pants and deck shoes for a loose however ordinary look. On the blue, I needed to put on a blue or dim suit, as the differentiation and foundational layout would function admirably in that context.

On the wrist, the watches wear pleasantly. They are bigger than you expect, yet passable and not so huge as to double-cross the plan. the watches are additionally slender enough to not be awkward under a shirt. The one marginally risky thing is that carries felt somewhat long on my 7″ wrist, so I’m not certain how they would do on a more modest wrist.

Beyond wearing great, they basically look awesome. They are attractive altogether the correct ways, manly, yet exquisite and a joy to look at on your wrist. You’ll end up genuinely enchanted by this one during the day. The variant with simply a seconds sub-dial especially worked for me as the deviation of the dial and the finishing was more accentuated. In both cases, the dial surfaces profoundly affect the wrist, as the dials feel like they are truly changing in the light.


The watches accompanied a marginally unique sort of pocket that merits taking a gander at. Made of false calfskin that is fixed with a miniature fiber like material, there is something enjoyably natural about what it looks like and works. The straightforward plan has a long pocket for you to place the watch in, un-collapsed. You then close the fold on the pocket and utilize two lashes to tie the pocket shut. It’s not the most wonderfully made thing, but rather I like the thought and as straightforward travel pocket or approach to guard you watch in a sock cabinet, it will do the trick.


There is a ton to like about the Gavox Legacy Navy watches. They are exquisite and refined, attractive and exemplary. They feature dials that you can simply lose all sense of direction in, sapphire gems and programmed developments. When you’re wearing this watch, it’s simple to fail to remember it costs only north of $400 bucks. On top of all that, it’s one of only a handful few watches in the marine style under $1000, and it stands apart as interesting among them, given the finishing and imbalance and expand 24-hour dials. Thus, if you’re searching for a cool option in contrast to those instrument jumpers and pilot watches we as a whole love, this is an incredible option.

watches provided by Gavox by Zach Weiss