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Guinand Watches: Helmut post-Sinn

Guinand Watches: Helmut post-Sinn

If subsequent to taking a gander at our Gallery of Sinn and our survey of the Sinn 103 ST , you are not desiring a Sinn chronograph with military roots, at that point possibly you have an extraordinary assortment or exceptionally odd taste. Fortunately, there is another choice out there for the individuals who love the Sinn stylish. The first Sinn tasteful that is, or, in other words the one made by Sinn’s organizer, Helmut Sinn . In the wake of leaving Sinn in 1994, Helmut didn’t quit making watches. Indeed, in 1996 he took over Guinand , a brand and maker that earlier had made all Sinn watches, which he ran until 2006, when he, at 90 years old, at long last gave over the reigns.

But here’s the most awesome aspect: Guinand not just creates watches that any Sinn-ophile will slobber over, they do as such at astoundingly low costs. It was consistently Helmut’s goal of selling observes straightforwardly and not expanding their costs with any pointless showcasing, circulating or what he would consider as unnecessary tech…and plainly, from the vibe of the site, web design… What you have in the end is a line of direct watches, going from pilot chronographs to dressier manual breezes, that also are important for Helmut Sinn’s watch heritage. There are likewise a couple of shocks offered, for example, a remarkable five time region watch, examined later, and a pricier chronograph that is fueled by a Buren 12 movement.

Perhaps the most enticing watches that Guinand offers, regarding both cost and tasteful, are their Valjoux controlled chronographs, which are all accessible with a plenty of choices. First there are the Series 20 + 21’s, which have 38.4mm steel cases, making them about a similar size as the Heuer/Sinn Bundeswehrs, and a surprising beginning cost of 860 EUR…which to a US client, in the wake of eliminating the VAT, comes to around $900. For a bigger model more suggestive of the Sinn 103, there are the Series 40 + 41 models. Including a 40.6mm case and strong drags, this is unquestionably a more current alternative. These ones start at 1,080 EUR or about $1,100 – VAT. Ultimately, is the barrel-cased series 60, which goes for 960 EUR or about $1000. Regardless of what alternative, you will get a Helmut Sinn planned chronograph that unquestionably has the sensation of the more established period Sinn watches. For seriously perusing and some a lot more pleasant photographs look at these posts: Gallery of a custom Series 40  & Series 40 survey and exhibition  & Photo of a series 60

Guinand likewise has a modest bunch of 3-hand watches accessible, most quite are their Series 31 watches, which highlight the Caliber HS 81. The main fascinating thing is the development. The HS 81 (HS for Helmut Sinn) is a changed Unitas manual development with focal seconds. Unitas 6498’s and 6497’s regularly highlight sub-seconds at 6 or 9, making this one of a kind. While an altered Unitas isn’t that unbelievable, it adds to the general allure of the watches. The Series 31’s are accessible in various varieties, from exemplary pilots to brilliantly shaded pilots (kind of) to a couple of dress choices. 31’s start at 1130 EUR or about $1,200 – VAT, making them more costly than the chronos, however that is likely do to the movement.

Easily the most interesting contribution from Guinand would be the WZU-5, five time region watch. Normally, numerous time region watches, GMTs or UTCs utilize a second hand to follow a subsequent time region. For a third time region, the utilization of a 24-hr bezel ordinarily comes into play. Time regions past three, notwithstanding, get interesting. The WZU-5 showcases 5 time regions by utilizing 5 dials. While this is an undeniable and exceptionally straightforward arrangement, it takes an extraordinarily evolved development to do as such, as just 1 development controls the entire watch. Each sub-dial at that point has its own crown. The development is a variation on their in house type called the HS 81 WZ. Despite the fact that this is watch that would most emphatically engage individuals who should know about various time regions, the arrangement and configuration are both exquisite and engaging. It really seems as though a watch you would need to wear, blending formal and pilot components with a trace of a retro tasteful. You are additionally given the alternative of marking each sub-dial with your decision of name…so they could be the names of the entirety of the urban communities your domain has workplaces in, or they could be the name of your 4 children, who now live everywhere on the world. It ought to be nothing unexpected that the WZU-5 conveys a greater cost tag, beginning at 2,435 EUR or about $2,500 – VAT.


One idiosyncratic thing about Guinand that you ought to know about is that they have a requesting cycle that notices to the pre-web time. Or then again, more forthright, to Sinn’s want to sell observes straightforwardly and face to face. To arrange a watch, you need to print and round out a structure, fax or mail(!!!) it in, sit tight for affirmation via mail, and afterward pay by bank move. The potential gain is that it seems like you can demand custom highlights, for example, red hands or white dials. Needless to say, you wont have your watch in seven days from submitting your request, yet given the look and costs of the chronographs, it very well may be a necessary inconvenience.

by Zach Weiss