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Halios Tropik SS Review

Halios Tropik SS Review

Only a couple months prior we checked on the Halios Tropik B , one of the really intriguing bronze plunge watches to drop in ongoing memory. With a moderately little pad case, an exquisite vintage propelled dial and a fascinating bronze composite, it’s the sort of exceptional plan that comes along on occasion and has an enduring effect. This is by all accounts the MO for Halios , whose watches are consistently not the same as the group and evaluated very fairly.

In pair to the Tropik B, Halios delivered the Tropik SS, or stainless steel model. Despite the fact that similar watch regarding general DNA, the diverse material, and consideration of a pivoting bezel, make the Tropik SS an alternate encounter. At the point when you peruse contemporary sub $1000 plunge watches, you are probably going to discover something missing; dress jumpers. Indeed, there are brands that make more modest or scaled back models, yet they are as yet inconvenient, instrument watches. Noticing to the mid twentieth century, the Tropik SS has a tastefulness that while not a “dress watch” in the classic feeling of the word, is refined and unassuming. A piece of what makes a 60’s Rolex Submariner or an Omega Seamaster 120 or a Wittnauer Super Compressor so wearable and trendy is that they were from a time where game watches were considerably more unobtrusive; they were gentleman’s sport watches.

The Tropik SS successfully rethinks a large part of the characteristics that made those watches effortlessly cool and still well known today, while not inclination subordinate. It’s humbly measured, however not minuscule, perfect, straightforward and adaptable. It’s likewise worked to an exceptionally elevated requirement, with current components like an artistic bezel, domed sapphire gem and Miyota 9015 development. What’s more, despite the fact that this is as near an advanced dress jumper as we’ve seen as of late, the watch sports 300m water obstruction and a very sizable amount of toughness to stand its ground. At the a shockingly tempered cost of $650, the Tropik SS is likewise a decent value.

Halios Tropik SS Review

Case: Steel Movement: Miyota 9015 Dial: Black Lume: BGW9 Lens: Sapphire Strap: Sharkskin Water Res.: 300m Dimensions: 41 x 48 mm Thickness: 14mm Lug Width: 22 mm Crown: 6.5 x 3.6mm Warranty: 1 year Price: $650


Like the Tropik B, the SS has a 41 x 48 x 14mm pad case plan. This makes it little for an advanced plunge watch, however entirely comfortable as a medium sized game watch. 22mm hauls give it expansive shoulders, which adds some manliness. The pad case structure makes for a more extraordinary watch than a section sided plan. In spite of the fact that from over the bezel rules, the somewhat squared mid case adds mass, while looking after tastefulness. From the side you can make out adjusted surfaces, beginning at the base, hopping up to the bezel and proceeding across the domed sapphire, giving the entire case an intriguing, streaming geometry.

Other than the steel it self, the turning bezel is the greatest visual change from the Tropik B. Standing genuinely tall, the wide toothed bezel is not difficult to grasp and all around articulated. The 120-click uni-directional instrument is tight, positively. There is no squirm and zero chance of coincidentally clicking over. At the point when you do turn it, it’s smart and precise.

Off of 3 is a 6.5 x 3.6 mm screw-down crown, which relatively suits the case. It has a straightforward notched plan for simple hold, and a tightened side, towards the case, for a flush fit. On the external side is a domed dark supplement with Halios’ 3 bow metallic moon logo. It’s a pleasant detail that enacts a generally plain area.

The case back is strong and straightforward. In the middle is a line drawing of a capricorn, enclosed by different subtleties. I like that this unobtrusively plays off of the Omega “sea monster” that you’ll find on a large number of their case backs, alluding to vintage jumpers, yet being their own.


The dial and bezel plans are the place where the greater part of the vintage sensation of the Tropik comes from, also the dressier components. The dial specifically feels like it very well may be taken out and set into an alternate case, maybe one like the Hamilton Intra-matic, and feel comfortable. In other words, it works in a dress plunge setting, however doesn’t have the normal intense jump markers. The essential file comprises of applied steel rectangular markers with lume fillings, multiplying at 12, longer at 3 and 9. The silver edges of the markers get and mirror light, for a touch of decoration.

At 6 is a hole with a little lume speck and the date window. On the Tropik B, the window is at 3, however I think 6 bodes well outwardly, keeping balance flawless. Halios goes the additional mile and alters their date wheels to coordinate the shade of the dial and additionally have right extents for the window.

Around the external edge is a moment/seconds record of white lines and spots. It’s a basic execution that adds some neatness during the day time. Under twelve is an enormous however fitting Halios text logo or more 6 are two lines, “TROPIK” and “300m”. The word Tropik is written in a pale gold tone, which unobtrusively recognizes it from the other text.

The dark clay bezel embed is outright attractive. It’s light on markings, giving it a moment vintage feel, however the markings that are there are all around adapted to add character. Essentially comprising of dabs and numerals with a triangle at the beginning, there is a significant measure of negative space, which permits you to value the artistic. The textual style utilized on the bezel is alluring too, with pencil meager lines and pleasant, wide zeros.

One thing that could be viewed as a negative, maybe relying upon your utilization of the watch, is the manner by which intelligent it is. The dial is gloss dark and the fired is reflexive as well. On one hand, this makes everything fresh and the blacks extremely profound. The sharpness and gleams of light work towards the dressier tasteful. On the other, it reflects everything. Along these lines, when you gaze directly toward, you are probably going to see yourself thinking back. This can be a piece diverting (likewise difficult to photo) and at times clouds the dial.

The hands proceed with the controlled tastefulness of the watch, with a plan that additionally could be found on a non-jumper. The hour and moment hands are slim tightening swords with a crested focus, making sides that reflect in an unexpected way. Their lume fillings are precious stone formed for an additional and first rate detail. The seconds hand is then a slight stick with a lume filled square shape towards it’s tip. Like the Tropik B, the SS features BGW9 superluminova, which shines a cool blue. Despite the fact that maybe less powerful than C3 green, the BGW9 is dependable, readable, and essentially decent looking.

Straps and Wearability

The Tropik SS at present comes with a 22mm certifiable sharkskin lash (morally gathered). There will be an arm band that can be bought independently accessible soon. The sharkskin is certainly an intriguing decision, with an articulated surface that is among reptile and cowhide. It’s hued dark to dull dim with a gold/khaki shaded fasten that gets the Tropik logo on the dial. While I appreciate the uniqueness, I didn’t love the vibe or cut of the lash. It’s somewhat plasticky, and is plainly loaded up with froth filling. It doesn’t have the heartiness of calfskin. It’s additionally a straight cut, which I don’t believe was the correct decision. 22mm drags are very wide for a 41mm case, which should be tempered with a tightening tie. Else, it kind of out gauges the watch. The pre-v style clasp comparatively felt excessively huge, diverting from the case. One pleasant detail here however is that within surface is marked Halios.

Luckily, a watch like this will look great on various kinds of tie. Individuals have posted pictures of them on Milanese style networks, reseller’s exchange tightening Oysters, NATOs, elastic lashes, and so forth, consistently to extraordinary impact. A lash we thought looked truly cool was an Italian tan/khaki softened cowhide tie, which can be found on ebay (from dealer colareb ). The tightening shape draws out the case math, while the dim tan tone stresses the dark dial and the gold Tropik logo. The sueded calfskin is then a touch more rough/easygoing and talks towards the pattern of Subs on suede.

On the wrist, the Tropik SS wears well. The size and pad shape make it entirely comfortable. It’s sufficiently large to look lively, however little enough to feel like a more easygoing plan. Since it actually flaunts 300m water opposition, and there is added scratch obstruction from the sapphire and clay, it’s additionally absolutely utilitarian as a deft game watch. All things considered, what is generally interesting to me is the stylish and style of a vintage propelled dress jumper. Given proclivities towards more modest watches and vintage watches, it’s elusive a cutting edge plunge watch that isn’t a praise, that suits my taste. The Tropik truly accomplishes this well. It’s the sort of jumper that is as at home with a shirt and pants as in an office or in any case more conventional setting. The exquisite dial blended in with the robustness of a bezel, makes it very versatile.


If you’re searching for a more modest jumper that has the style of a vintage watch, yet the form of a cutting edge watch, the Halios Tropik SS is for you. The fit, finish and tasteful all truly come together for something fun, simple to wear and flexible. For $650, the watch is additionally competitively evaluated for an extraordinary piece accessible in little amounts with a Miyota 9015, particularly one with an artistic bezel.

At the hour of composing this survey, the dark dial/bezel model is tragically sold out, however will be accessible again in the spring/summer. There is a blue form too, which is quite extraordinary looking, yet splendid, so you must be truly into blue to pull that off. I’d love to see more forms/minor departure from the Tropik, maybe a plated dial adaptation with golds hands and applied markers (wink, push poke) for a considerably dressier variety.

Be sure to peruse our audit of the Tropik B too, as that rendition is exceptionally energizing and different.

by Zach Weiss