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Hands On & Live Photos: MB&F x H. Moser LM101 And H. Moser x MB&F Endeavour Cylindrical Tourbillon | Quill & Pad

Hands On & Live Photos: MB&F x H. Moser LM101 And H. Moser x MB&F Endeavour Cylindrical Tourbillon | Quill & Pad

I love an amazement! What’s more, on account of the recently stamped Moser x MB&F Endeavor Cylindrical Tourbillon and MB&F x Moser LM101, I am astonished not once, yet twice: two particular watches that by one way or another deal with the interesting undertaking of keeping up the center brand character of the lead brand for each while effectively incorporating recognizable signs from the other.

Moser x MB&F Endeavor Cylindrical Tourbillon (left) and MB&F x Moser LM101

Independents are called that for a reason

Nine years prior this week, I had the joy of going to an unbelievable watch occasion: the Purists’ 10th Anniversary festivity in Las Vegas. A highlight of the occasion was a long board conversation among a bunch of driving autonomous watchmakers, including Max Büsser of MB&F, Peter Speake-Marin, Ludovic Ballouard, Bart Grönefeld, and others.

Not too shockingly, when the conversation went to why these makers had picked the autonomous way, a significant subject of their reactions was the craving to go it single-handedly, most having left bigger associations to have the opportunity to seek after their individual visions.

Even Büsser, whose company at that point and now incorporates the words “and companions” in its actual name, was exceptionally certain that while he prized the advantages of collaboration, toward the day’s end the vital choices about each watch were his alone.

MB&F with a Moser curve: LM101

So, while in the background the free thinkers manage job along, (with Andreas Strehler as a perfect representation on development configuration), rarely we see collaborations out in the open, particularly when it includes co-marking that possibly undermines the unmistakable character of each brand.

The Urwerk x De Bethune Only Watch 2019 model and Urwerk x Laurent Ferrier Arpal One for Only Watch 2017 come to mind, as does the Chaykin/Andersen Joker Automaton . In any case, to me these are prominent special cases for the standard. And keeping in mind that MB&F has executed other cross-brand collaborations with Reuge, L’épée 1839, and Loupe System, these have been for things other than wristwatches.

MB&F collaborations over a wide span of time: the new MB&F x H. Moser watches with the creator’s Project LpX loupe rocket

Too frequently, mixture collaborations wind up helping me to remember the Amphicar: a respectable boat for a vehicle, and a good vehicle for a boat, however neither a nice vehicle nor a fair boat. Cheerfully, this pair of joint endeavors by H. Moser and MB&F passage impressively better.

Don’t let this happen to you: vehicle boat mixture Amphicar (photograph kindness

Building on a current collaborations

While the possibility of a two-directional, marked collaboration between these two noted autonomous brands wasn’t a thing I would have expected, it doesn’t come completely from out of the blue.

Precision Engineering AG, an individual from a similar family-drove bunch that possesses H. Moser, has worked with MB&F for over ten years and supplies balance springs to MB&F. At the point when Büsser reached H. Moser CEO Edouard Meylan about the chance of utilizing the Precision Engineering twofold hairspring and Moser-style fumé dial in a watch, Meylan concurred – depending on the prerequisite that Moser could make a hybrid piece of its own.

Crossover style: H. Moser x MB&F Endeavor Cylindrical Tourbillon

As seen over, the subsequent H. Moser observe unmistakably gets from the plan language of MB&F’s uncontrollably effective FlyingT, while simultaneously zeroing in consideration on Moser’s commitments: the round and hollow spring flying tourbillon, in view of a similar spring provided by Precision Engineering to MB&F for the Thunderdome , and the shocking fumé dial.

Moser x MB&F Endeavor Cylindrical Tourbillon: a more critical look

While that burgundy dial on the model I took care of and captured was the principal thing that grabbed my attention, my consideration immediately went to the conspicuous flying tourbillon ascending from the dial at 12 o’clock and its barrel shaped hairspring.

I’m a sucker for dimensionality, however the barrel shaped spring is in any event however practical as it seems to be stylishly engaging as its concentric breathing lessens both horizontal contact on the turns and isochronism, as indicated by Moser.

The headliner: center around Moser’s flying tourbillon with round and hollow hairspring

I had a lot of opportunities to see the tourbillon in real life: whoever ready the escapement did a hell of a task as the smallest development of the watch, so slight the rotor didn’t move, was sufficient to put the tourbillon into action – and the development doesn’t hack, so I had heaps of time to appreciate the swinging of the spring before each time it continuously eased back to a stop.

Now you see it, presently you don’t: straightforward sapphire precious stone dial giving a reasonable perspective on Moser’s fumé dial and flying tourbillon

Depending on your preferences, you will either cherish or loathe another mark highlight of the Endeavor: the slanted, straightforward sapphire precious stone dial with “watermarked” H. Moser logo and its vanishingly little hands demonstrating the hours and minutes.

The idea is to permit the wearer to appreciate the perspective on the tourbillon and the scene of the shaded primary dial; the impact is cool, yet certainly places this watch into Horological Machine an area all things considered, as Büsser is attached to saying about those pieces, a machine that gives the time – unquestionably not a watch that tells the time at a brief glance.

Ten past ten, correct? H. Moser x MB&F Endeavor Cylindrical Tourbillon on the wrist

On the posterior, the Caliber HMC 810 programmed development gives a genuinely conventional and satisfying look clean yet not excessively rich wrapping up. And keeping in mind that we’re on the development, on the off chance that you haven’t saw at this point it shares something practically speaking with the other 800-arrangement H. Moser types – the tourbillon is situated 90 degrees clockwise from the crown as seen from the dial side of the watch.

Given the decision to put the slanted hours and minutes dial at 6 and the tourbillon behind it at 12 o’clock, the outcome is a crown that is set at 9 o’clock. As you can find in the photograph over, one satisfying result for left-gave wearers is the perfect edge on the correct side of the watch; yet it takes some getting utilized to!

Caliber HMC 810 tourbillon movement

The Endeavor Cylindrical Tourbillon will be offered in five restricted releases of 15 models in steel each, with dials in Ice Blue, Funky Blue, Burgundy, Cosmic Green, and Off-White fumé, the last with blued hour and moment hands.

In a fascinating turn, the Ice Blue rendition will be sold by Moser solely online at .

MB&F x H. Moser LM101 in more detail

I’ve been an enthusiast of MB&F’s LM101 since its presentation and have come close two or three events to purchasing either the yellow gold or pink gold variations. It’s a straightforward, clean-looking watch that actually has the provocative look we’ve come to anticipate from Büsser and his group. Also, on the development side we’re welcomed by dipping shapes and sensational completions determined by maestro Kari Voutilainen.

Same, however unique: MB&F x H. Moser LM101 with moderate “Idea Watch” influences

For this rendition of the LM101, MB&F took motivation from H. Moser’s super-straightforward “Idea” arrangement, introducing to us a dial-side view without discrete subdials and even of a brand designator or brand logo. All we see is the dipping wishbone connect holding the offset with its new-determination twofold hairspring; little, straightforward hands demonstrating the time and force save; and an expanse of fumé shading and shadow.

On the converse, we’re welcomed by the natural look of the LM101 development with its sensational shapes and astounding completing quality, presently with a hint of NAC treatment and a change from dark filled inscriptions to unfilled ones, yielding a somewhat more contemporary look compared to the developments of prior LM101 versions.

Movement see, LM101 MB&F x H. Moser

Like the Moser piece, the LM101 doesn’t surrender its data on what time it is that effectively, at any rate not at a quick look. In the event that it’s imperative to know, you can generally spend an additional second or two looking cautiously. Furthermore, meanwhile, you can appreciate the superstars, the Concept-style dial and moderate swinging, suspended balance.

A machine that tells the time, not very tell the time: LM101 MB&F x H. Moser

LM101 MB&F x H. Moser is offered in four 15-piece hardened steel restricted releases, with dials in Funky Blue, Red, Cosmic Green, and Aqua Blue.

On the wrist . . .

Both of these watches are striking in the light tent, yet they possibly truly arrive at their full visual potential when seen on the wrist and with the play of normal light.

On the wrist: H. Moser x MB&F

I took the LM101 out into the nursery and never prevailing with regards to finding a point at which the encompassing trees and sky weren’t some way or another reflected by the precious stone or dial; yet for me that just added to the dramatization given by the combination of MB&F’s components and shapes and Moser’s dial magic.

In the nursery: MB&F x H. Moser

. . . also, side by side

As long as I had the two pieces, I accepted the open door to do some one next to the other shooting, beginning with an arrangement including one of my #1 things from MB&F’s M.A.D.Gallery .

Give them a hand: collaboration watches from MB&F and H. Moser

On the development side, getting these two together showed the considerable contrasts in plan and completing methods of reasoning. To my eye, each has its benefits: while the MB&F appears nearly to blast out of the case back and profits by the utilization of inside points, gold chatons, and adjusted angles, the more severe (might I venture to say “Swiss”) Moser plan with its reasonable perspective on the underside of the tourbillon system stood its ground for visual interest.

Movement comparison, H. Moser x MB&F (left) and MB&F x H. Moser

Are they ideal for you?

I’m speculating that neither one of these watches will fill in as the first, or even second, watch in anybody’s assortment – despite the fact that I’m glad to be refuted! I haven’t put down my cash on it is possible that one – yet – yet I think they are more than deserving of your (and my) thought if:

  • These striking, and restricted, combinations of mechanical ability and tasteful pop thump your socks off.
  • You’ve appreciated the two brands before (however never fully arrived at the purpose of taking out your wallet), yet there is something in particular about the combination of styles that calls to you.
  • Your interest in disparaging free watchmaking incorporates an appreciation for such a collaboration and you’re quick to see a greater amount of it.
  • You appreciate the endeavors (counting the utilization of steel cases) made by the two brands to make intriguing watches at value focuses all around coordinated to their value.

On the other hand, you may look somewhere else if:

  • You’re a lover of one brand or the other and favor that brand’s “unadulterated” look to both of these hybrids.
  • You’ve purchased watches with sensational dials previously and ended up putting them available to be purchased soon after.
  • Your interest in taking a gander at your wrist is tied in with timekeeping in a customary sense.

I had a ton of fun taking care of, shooting, and wearing these two watches. I’ll anticipate hearing your impressions of them in the comments; meanwhile, upbeat hunting!

Parting shot: MB&F/H. Moser collaboration watches with a “companion” from the M.A.D.Gallery

For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, visit

Quick Facts Endeavor Cylindrical Tourbillon H. Moser x MB&F

Case: 42 x 19.5 mm, hardened steel with high domed sapphire precious stone; stature without gem 9.4 mm; crown at 9 o’clock, sapphire gem on case back

Dial and hands: fundamental dials in sunburst-design fumé: Funky Blue, Burgundy, Cosmic Green, Off-White, and Ice Blue; hours and minutes showed on 40-degree shifted sapphire precious stone dial at 6 o’clock; leaf-formed hour and moment hands blued on the Off-White reference and with lume on others

Development: programmed Caliber HMC 810; 21,600 vph/3 Hz recurrence; one-minute flying tourbillon with round and hollow hairspring; power hold 72 hours

Capacities: hours, minutes

Impediment: restricted arrangement of 15 models in every one of five dial tones (75 absolute models)

Cost: $79,000 through approved vendors; Ice Blue release accessible just online from

Quick Facts LM101 MB&F x H. Moser

Case: 40 x 16 mm, treated steel with high domed sapphire gem; box sapphire gem on case back; twofold sided hostile to intelligent covering on gems

Dial: sunburst-design fumé: Funky Blue, Red, Cosmic Green, and Aqua Blue (the last for retailer Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons)

Development: three-dimensional in-house manual-winding MB&F development; feel and completing determinations by Kari Voutilainen; Straumann twofold hairspring; gold chatons with cleaned subsets, nineteenth-century style hand-completing; 18,000 vph/2.5 Hz recurrence; power save 45 hours

Capacities: hours, minutes; power hold marker

Constraint: restricted arrangement of 15 models in every one of four dial tones (60 complete models)

Cost: $52,000 by means of approved sellers; Aqua Blue version accessible through Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons

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