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Hands-On: Triwa Nevil

Hands-On: Triwa Nevil

I went over Triwa on mishap. I was perusing tumblr and this strange watch grabbed my attention. I investigated and thought, “wow, that’s different”. What I saw was an abnormal blend of exemplary watch components, style tones, peculiar materials, and a value point equipped towards mass-market utilization. At that point I took a gander at the brand and thought, by and by, “wow, that’s different”. A Swedish brand that makes watches, watch ties and shades and presents them with the eye and bearing of a design brand. Obviously, I was sufficiently fascinated to compose and get an example for survey, which they generously gave. The watch I got is a vintage enlivened quartz chronograph considered the Nevil that runs $285. It’s accessible in a modest bunch of shadings, yet I went for an exemplary blend called “The Havana”, which adjusts silver, a couple of shades of earthy colored and spot of orange for a decent 70’s vibe. Getting it, I was very satisfied with the degree of detail they put into the watch, the different components, and in addition, the refined-look. Yet, for the most part, I was satisfied to discover a brand in this market specialty that was not making light of their plans for unenlightened customers.  As they put it in their documentation:

Case: Brown Acetate Movement: Miyota OS21 Dial: Silver Sunburst and Brown Lume: N/A Lens: Mineral Strap: Organic Leather NATO Water Res.: 5 ATM Dimensions: 42mm, 50mm carry to-haul Thickness: 11.3mm Lug Width: 20mm Crown: 5.5mm screwdown Weight: 68g on cowhide Warranty: country specific


The Triwa Nevil features a 42mm earthy colored acetic acid derivation case, with a cleaned metal bezel, pushers and crown, just as a mineral precious stone focal point. The earthy colored acetic acid derivation has a fascinating straightforwardness to it, giving it a dull golden like appearance. Despite the fact that acetic acid derivation is surely not as strong a material as steel, or likely even ABS, its remarkable material properties loan the watch a fascinating look just as a comfortable light-weight. The state of the actual case is very common, with a section sided chamber and slim three-sided hauls. The two chrono-pushers are themselves unadorned, yet the screw down crown is endorsed with a Triwa pike logo. The chrome plated bezel that circles the dial adds a decent final detail to the case plan. Despite the fact that the watch is principally plastic, it doesn’t feel wobbly using any and all means, however I would be reluctant to do anything too physical while wearing it.

The caseback, which is for the most part taken cover behind the NATO-style lash, is hardened steel and screw down. Around the border of the back they have carved a couple of things, most prominently “Designed in Sweden” and “Made in P.R.C”.


The dial plan of the Triwa is thoroughly examined and executed, catching the tasteful of 60’s-70’s chronographs without feeling invented or like a duplicate of anything too specific.  The shading variety I got has a silver sunburst face with earthy colored recessed sub-dials running level from 9 to 3.  The hour file is set apart with little rectangular metallic applied markers, which add some profundity and surface to the dial. Around the edge of the sunburst is brief list in railroad track style that is imprinted in one or the other dark or dull earthy colored. Moving out to the non-turning inward bezel, there is a white seconds record, as a feature of the chronograph work, of different estimated ticks at 1-second spans and 1/5th second stretches. While I appreciate the specialized look of the 1/5th exactness, the actual chronograph is a regular quartz chronograph and just measures in entire seconds, making that list only to look good. The inside bezel itself is a pointedly slanted earthy colored plastic that stands out pleasantly from the sunburst underneath and integrates the dial with the case.

The recessed sub-dials are a chocolaty earthy colored tone with white records and little cleaned steel stick hands. The register at 9 is important for the chronograph, estimating slipped by minutes as long as an hour. The file here is genuinely thick, with marks for every moment, numerals each 20 and bigger lines each 10. The register at 3 is a 24hr dial, with numerals at 8, 16 and 24, just as characteristics of shifting load for the individual hours. The hour and moment hands are cleaned steel straight implement shapes with extremely gentle lume filling. Over them is the eye-getting splendid orange chrono seconds hand. Not that this is the sole plan feature of the watch, however the abrupt presentation of hot orange adds a great deal of character. There is no dynamic seconds hand on the watch, which is indeed a feature (or absence of feature?) of the Miyota OS21 development at the watch’s heart. Actually, I don’t mind the absence of a seconds hand on a quartz watch.

Strap & Wearability

One of the most intriguing features of the watch is truth be told the calfskin 20mm NATO-style tie it comes on. I say “NATO-style” instead of NATO as there are a couple of configuration subtleties that Triwa has transformed from the regular plan, to both separate, and maybe make it a smidgen more customer well disposed in the mass market. The lash is an alluring medium earthy colored cowhide, which they call natural, with solid red tones. It has incomplete edges and a genuinely smooth entire grain top surface. The cowhide is flexible out of the container, however somewhat plastic inclination. The lash is fitted with regular square ring equipment in unadorned cleaned steel except for the ring on the “return” segment of the tie, which is set apart with a logo.

The first purpose of genuine separation among this and a common NATO is that as opposed to sewing at different focuses, for example, to hold the rings back from moving, they went with little darkened bolts. In spite of the fact that a slight contrast, this progressions the sensation of the tie, adding a touch of enrichment to it. I end up reasoning it is an incredible touch that adds to the general character of the watch and essentially looks cool. The other huge contrast is that the tie is planned so the watch will sit towards the focal point of the lash, instead of more like one side. What this does is put the obvious NATO lash return zone under the wrist as opposed to as an afterthought. Indeed, however this maybe deceives the first stylish, it removes the occasionally off-kilter mass a NATO can add. Considering this is a unisex watch that is likely frequently offered to individuals with no information or involvement in NATOs, I think it was a shrewd proceed onward their part. It additionally keeps up spotlight on the watchcase and dial when on the wrist. It’s important too that an entire part of the Triwa site is committed to NATO lashes , coming in different calfskin tones just as Nylon varieties, urging individuals to get another tie or two with their purchase.

The Nevil is very wonderful to wear. It’s at the 43mm sweet spot of being an enormous watch, yet not awkward or depleting. The acetic acid derivation case and quartz development make it light, coming in at just 68g, and the calfskin lash is delicate and comfortable. The looks are right on the money with this watch. It’s lively yet refined, vintage however not dated; it’s something you could wear in any easygoing circumstance, and most likely slip into not exactly easygoing ones without notice. What’s more, that’s not actually amazing given that Triwa unmistakably adopts the strategy of a design brand, putting looks first.


It’s not frequently that we get a watch with cool bundling. Without a doubt, we get them with wonderful and collectible boxes of wood and leather…but seldom are they cool, or might I venture to say, fun. Indeed, Triwa went for entertainment only and succeeded victoriously. From the start, it gives off an impression of being a moderately plain medium dim box with a Triwa logo in white. On the base, taking all things together covers, is composed “Designed in Stockholm for companions, similarly invested and individuals with incredible taste”, as though to say “welcome to the club”. Indeed, that’s simply the sleeve around the container. Slip that off, and you promptly notice the hot orange inside that was stowing away from see: decent touch. The container inside is a similar medium dim on a now finished substantial stock that sits over an internal box. There are little semi circles patterns on one or the other side to get a handle on the internal box. This territory is in a similar hot orange as the inside of the sleeve, however flip the crate over and you see that the hot orange region was a trace of shading, yet rather the remainder of splatter, implying that the moderate outside is only a façade, and that you are drawing nearer to the gathering. Eliminate that and you are at long last given the watch, sitting in a thick froth support. Within the top houses the guidance manual, a dim booklet, and behind that another hot orange board expressing gratitude toward you for your buy. In general, the development of the container is excellent, it is compact and dissimilar to most watch boxes, it constructs expectation for the item within.


The Triwa Nevil is basically a pleasant watch to wear that looks incredible. Is it the best an incentive at $285? No, yet it’s unquestionably has one of a kind characteristics that will separate it from different watches in that range. As a watch that is equipped more towards easygoing watch wearers and not us fanatic geeks, I think it accomplishes a great deal for what it is. For a certain something, they paid attention to the dial plan and plainly were seeing exemplary watches while planning it. Also, they put a NATO-style tie on it that looks and feels extraordinary, adding a touch of toughness to the watch just as urging purchasers to trade out lashes and attempt various looks. Ultimately, the acetic acid derivation body has an altogether different look from anything I am utilized to on a watch; and it’s a cool look. The Nevil is accessible in different tones, some more manly than others, however all very intriguing. I realize that Triwa has tested in mechanicals previously, with a restricted release called the “Herr-Judit” and ideally, they will keep on pursueing that course as well.

Review unit provided by Triwa

by Zach Weiss