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Hermès Arceau Harnais Français Remix: Colorful Horseplay | Quill & Pad

Hermès Arceau Harnais Français Remix: Colorful Horseplay | Quill & Pad

One of the things that I appreciate most about Hermès is the brand’s nuance in plan. Regardless of which of the articles you take close by, it has that feeling of downplayed luxury.

Hermès accomplishes this by combining top notch materials and craftsmanship with a specific restriction in articulation. That additionally makes this brand the primary that comes to my psyche when discussing Parisian chic.

In this light, the Hermès Arceau is a stroke of brightness. It is uncommon that a hilter kilter watch case functions admirably – and for a particularly extensive stretch of time. The Arceau was initially planned by Hermès’ amazing imaginative chief Henri d’Origny in 1978 and has withstood configuration patterns crossing a few decades.

At a similar time he likewise cunningly coordinated the equestrian legacy of Hermès into the Arceau as the state of the carries assist it with looking like a stirrup. It has a quality that numerous Hermès plans appear to have: it doesn’t fit in, yet it doesn’t stick out; all things considered, it appears to involve its very own domain unaffected by the progression of time. Today the Arceau is however satisfying and stylish as when it might have been first created.

Hermès Arceau Harnais Français Remix

Extravaganza in execution

For Hermès, the Arceau has likewise demonstrated to be the ideal material for a fairly huge assortment of watches. Generally, they follow a similar limited style for which the brand has become well known, yet at times, as with the Arceau Harnais Français Remix, Hermès considers a touch of “horseplay.”

Don’t botch this for playing around, however, as Hermès is consistently sincere about having a touch of fun.

For the Harnais Français Remix, Hermès’ watch fashioners, who work under the attentive gaze of Philippe Delhotal, discovered motivation in a couple of perfectly tackled ponies that shaped the focal point of a silk scarf planned by Hugo Grykar, who filled in as Hermès’ in-house architect from the 1940s until 1959.

Hermès Arceau Harnais Français Remix

Grykar himself was motivated by a painting that was essential for Émile Hermès’ private assortment. The artwork included ponies with bright, feathered saddles pulling the mentor of Napoleon I at his crowning ritual in 1804.

Hermès might have selected to deliver the dial in stove terminated veneer, yet picked something other than what’s expected to that furnished the scene with more profundity: the craftsmans utilized for their material unglazed, matte Limoges porcelain , otherwise called bisque, to cut out the horses’ profiles.

Engraving the Limoges porcelain dial of the Hermès Arceau Harnais Français Remix

This is a fastidious occupation with no space for mistake. It can take as long as a month to etch all the fine subtleties in bas alleviation prior to preparing the dial for the following stage: adding shading. This is finished by applying a large number of lacquer layers, again not a task for the weak of heart.

Painting the veneer tones on the dial of the Hermès Arceau Harnais Français Remix

As the last picture was imagined to be dynamic and colorful, the dial requires numerous exact firings in the oven, with each round of warmth adding another layer of danger of breakage. Applying progressive layers of shading and terminating are for the most part steps in which the dial can without much of a stretch be ruined.

Painting the polish tones on the dial of the Hermès Arceau Harnais Français Remix

In that way the Arceau Harnais Français Remix is likewise a tribute to marvelous craftsmanship. The outcome is a smooth and sparkly porcelain that appears to be unequivocally unique from a polish dial.

Painting the finish tones on the dial of the Hermès Arceau Harnais Français Remix

Does it truly need diamonds?

The eye-getting dial of the Arceau Harnais Français Remix is outlined by a bezel set with 82 dreary, splendid cut jewels. It is just about a staple these days to set a bezel with jewels on very good quality women watches, and I do contemplate whether it is necessary.

In my assessment, the Harnais Français Remix doesn’t require extra shimmer, however of course there is additionally no compelling reason to fit ponies with such stunning tackles while marching them around. Starting here of view, the precious stone set bezel is practically required as it puts the case on similar level as the picture on its dial.

A watch like this merits a genuine development, so under the dial beats Caliber H1912, a programmed mechanical development made solely by Vaucher, which is co-possessed by Hermès and Parmigiani’s parent company. Vaucher additionally makes developments for other very good quality brands including Richard Mille.

The development isn’t the fundamental fascination of this watch, however it offers dependable timekeeping, excellent completing, and a liberal force save of 50 hours.

Hermès has made the Arceau Harnais Français Remix to be worn and delighted in, not as a protected sovereign possibly to be worn on uncommon events if at all.

Hermès Arceau Harnais Français Remix

A fitting last little detail regarding shading and quality is thusly the crocodile skin lash in a dazzling raspberry tint. It complements the dial wonderfully and, similar to the quills on the ponies’ bridles, it further underscores what an extraordinary creation the Arceau Harnais Français Remix is.

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Quick Facts Hermès Arceau Harnais Français remix

Case: 38 mm, white gold, bezel set with 82 dreary, splendid cut precious stones

Dial: engraved and plated Limoges porcelain dial

Development: programmed Hermès Caliber H1912, 4 Hz/28,800 recurrence, 50-hour power save

Capacities: hours, minutes

Restriction: 24 pieces

Cost: $53,300/CHF 55,000/€48,000/£40,670

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