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Hexa K500 + Q500 Review

Hexa K500 + Q500 Review

While considering Hexa’s jump watches, you promptly need to choose whether or not you are down with the crown being situated between the 10 o’clock and 11 o’clock markers. It’s not a customary position, but rather it’s likewise not with respect to the watch that may dive into your hand — a reward in my book. It’s a striking plan choice and since I praise meddling with show, check me in.

But on the off chance that you are that touchy when all is said in done, the Hexa presumably isn’t for you. These watches unquestionably go better with the person who drives a F150, not for the person who conveys a duplicate of “Pride and Prejudice” in his back pocket. Not that there’s anything amiss with that.

Now that the glaring issue at hand has been tended to, let’s will add up to bundle. Hexa’s programmed K500 and its quartz kin the Q500 are utilitarian device jumpers that get viewable signs from the Sinn U1. There are bunches of sharp points all through the watches, what share a similar case shape. On the off chance that these watches were a human body, they would have a low muscle versus fat percentage.

Rated to 500 meters, Hexa offers a profoundly useful plunge watch that will engage individuals who are prepared to rucksack the globe — or the individuals who need to get the swashbuckler look. My trips with the two watches included jungle gyms and swing sets rather than the Great Barrier Reef, and the Hexas served me well in the implicit challenge of fathers who actually need to look cool. Also, there would be no uncertainty the Hexas would be discussion pieces on a gathering dive.

Case: Brushed or Matte Steel Movement: Seiko Instruments NE15 for $750 or Miyota quartz for $350 Dial: Black (programmed form), Gray (quartz adaptation) Lume: Lum-Tec C3 Lens: Sapphire (level) Strap: In-house Italian elastic and 5-interface engineer style arm band Water Res.: 500M Dimensions: 44 x 51mm Thickness: 14.75 mm Lug Width: 22 mm Crown: 6 x 6 mm Warranty: long term Price: $663 elastic just/$738 w/wristband alternative added (programmed), $350/$424 (quartz)

Case Made of 316L careful steel, the stout case is proudly present day. It’s a piece of metal that just has ebb and flow where it needs to. The 45 x 51mm case width fits current game watch principles and certainly takes up the greater part of my 6.5-inch wrist.

The before-referenced crown on the upper left hand side uses incorporated crown monitors that flawlessly coordinate the lines of the remainder of the case. Practically, you can set your watch off the wrist pretty without any problem. In any case, the crown monitors are sharp, so it doesn’t make for the most lovely crown turning experience.

Hexa offers a few bezel finish choices including dot impacted and PVD. It has a simple grasp plan (5mm thick) with jutting squared edges. The look truly pops and from a distant look, it’s clear it’s a genuine plunge watch. The 60-click bezel pivots with solid positive snaps that motivates certainty. The numbers around the bezel sit outwardly of the bezel, making it simple to peruse passed times.

The K500 accompanied a dark PVD bezel that balance pleasantly with the case and matches the dial, which is emphasized with a red moment hand and 500m on the dial. As Michael Jordan demonstrated, red and dark go very well together. As sharp as the K500 looks, the dim dialed Q500 combined with a dab impacted case is a champion shading combo that is significantly repressed. It’s a specific tone of dark that gets seen with no compelling reason to shout.

It’s somewhat of a cop out to not express an inclination for case finish style, however I genuinely appreciate the two completes similarly. Likewise adding to the usefulness of the watches, bored carry openings make tie changing a pleasure.

Dial Hexa tells us that its dial plans utilize “numerical letterforms dependent on highway signage – intended to be retained at fast glance.” Well, it works — great. Truth be told the broad seconds hand with a rectangular tip and straight edge hands and markers all amount to a simple to-understand dial. The Lum-Tec marked C3 Superluminova is quite serious as a brisk night hurry to my neighborhood bodega lit up my whole head back home on dim streets.

Everything about the dial is clear and planned with a commendable moderation. The date window just under 4 o’clock is a cleverly positioned far removed for most extreme time telling ability.

I should spout about the dark dial on the Q500. The specific shade of dim Hexa picked is so tasteful and gives the whole piece a rich air. However much the interchange between the PVD and brushed surfaces chips away at the K500, the dark dialed quartz watch, which utilizes a vertical 500m signifier at 6 o’clock, is a scene stealer. It’s truly extraordinary without making a decent attempt to stand out.

Both watches come furnished with a level 3mm sapphire gem with internal enemy of intelligent covering that coordinates the practical stylish. No complaints in this department.

Movement The decision of the 6R15 development is strong. Hand-windable and hacking, it’s been demonstrated in the field and is referred to be dependable to the extent timekeeping. Fans commend its expressed 55-hour power save. The Miyota quartz had no issues and at the underneath $500 value point is a sensible spec.

Hexa directs its automobiles in 6 situations prior to transportation. That tad of additional exertion will unquestionably acquire a loyalty for this little brand.

Straps and Wearability First off, the wristband is sublime, somewhat hard to change, yet once it’s on it wears well with on-the-fly customizability through a strong tightening fasten. I end up loving the little five-interface (engineer) style for its extreme looks and heave. On the off chance that you are a wristband fellow, get the bracelet.

That said a decent elastic, for example, the Italian ties Hexa gives fit the genuine business theme better. These are thick, solid vanilla-scented numbers, accessible in rich dark, red, dim and olive green. While not every person can pull-off a red elastic lash, the dark and green variants offered an unpretentious pop and stood out well from the watch head.

Paired with elastic was additionally the most comfortable arrangement for me as I have more modest wrists with level tops (for your reference). I never truly saw the heaviness of the watch on my wrist, yet I would not give these watches any additional kudos for comfort. Like most parts of these 500s, the work gets done.


The dark Pelican-style case is a feature of buying from Hexa. I don’t get amped up for how a watch is introduced all the time, yet these watches are bundled to seem as though something Q would hand Bond. With double locks that flip open and a bombproof development, Hexa’s introduction allows its purchasers to feel like they are going to release a reason assembled piece of machinery.


Like the Cubism development in workmanship, Hexa is testing customary types of portrayal of what a plunge watch ought to resemble. For the individuals who esteem accuracy and current looking shapes, the Hexa is a counterpart for your wrist. The two watches are disobediently unmistakable in appearance.

In the extremely competitive $700 jump watch market, I should commend the company for not doing things the protected course. The Q500 for $350 might be evaluated on the better quality with a customary quartz development, particularly with Citizen’s Eco-Drive (sunlight based) quartz innovation contributions that regularly are estimated beneath the $200 territory. For its exceptional plan and dial tone, the Hexa quartz bodes well for those need the look, however aren’t willing to make good at the K500 ‘s asking cost. Thinking of it as keeps the water obstruction and assemble nature of its mechanical kin, $350 really makes a lot of sense.

Behind the scenes I can picture these folks choosing to make a jump watch they would need to wear–not what they figure individuals would need to wear. Both the K500 and Q500 address that new variety of little clump creations that pack in a ton highlights at a reasonable value point. Presently whether you can live with that crown position is an individual choice.

by Li Wang