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How To Make A Milanese Bracelet (Video) | Quill & Pad

How To Make A Milanese Bracelet (Video) | Quill & Pad

Our companions at The Watches TV as of late visited Laurent Jolliet, the last “chain creator” in business in Switzerland as indicated by Marc-André Deschoux.

As Jolliet creates his bracelets and chains completely by hand, Deschoux and team had the option to discover in detail how Milanese bracelets are made, a fine art presently don’t officially taught.

Laurent Jolliet exhibiting how to make a Milanese bracelet

Jolliet was prepared in gems making when chain making was still important for the coursework and shows here the different methods needed to create an almost perpetual exhibit of bracelet types.

This video is interesting in its bit by bit clarifications and visual exhibits of the way toward making a few sorts of chains – a work of art that is drilled no place else on the planet along these lines. Wherever else, making each sort of bracelet, yet particularly Milanese, is presently done either by machine or possibly halfway by machine.

Jolliet likewise makes bespoke bracelets on commission.

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