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Initial Impression: Seiko 5 SNZH53 Diver in Blue

Initial Impression: Seiko 5 SNZH53 Diver in Blue

As I referenced in my post on the J.Crew x Timex Andros , I as of late obtained a Seiko 5 SNZH53. It took me a touch of chasing to get it, and I ultimately got it from Skywatches , which is based out of Singapore, yet it was exceptionally great. The SNZH53 was only one of those should have looks for me.

The first time I saw a picture of it, when I was exploring legacy jumpers, my jaw dropped opened, I murmured “oh dear” and afterward I searched out where to get one. For what reason did I have this response? Indeed, every other comparative watch, that has the highlights and vintage style focuses as this watch, is in any event $500 and regularly uncommon (see M2k Stingrays). Additionally, this is a Seiko 5, and as I definitely knew from my SNK803k2 , which implied it would be an all around assembled and dependable watch. Furthermore, obviously, there are the vibes of the watch. Despite the fact that the entirety of the different shading ways are worth note, I was especially pulled in to the 53, as a result of its blue face and bezel, which I felt made it somewhat more dark, fascinating and would give it an interesting spot in my collection.

So, it showed up, fervor overpowered me and I opened up the bundle. The subsequent I removed this from the crate, I realized I was infatuated. Like my other Seiko 5, the principal thing I saw was the weight and the form quality. This watch has a significant heave to it, one you can surely feel when wearing, that tells you are not playing with a toy or impersonation. It is likewise is a fair size at 42mm x 14mm, which I discover to be a legitimate “large” watch for my wrist, though 45+ starts to be curiously large. Everything on the SNZH is actually pleasantly assembled. The bezel is tight and clicks with a delightful sound. The crown is overall quite solid. The domed hardlex precious stone has an exquisite shape that inclines down to where it meets the bezel, which is such a specifying that truly makes this watch so loveable. Furthermore, obviously, it is essentially beautiful.

So far, so great. One thing to take note of, the watch comes on a metal arm band that, let’s simply say, is more required than it is implied as a genuine wristband. What I mean is, I at the same time requested the blue/dim striped NATO lash, as I probably was aware I wasn’t going to utilize the nonexclusive metal arm band it accompanied. I’m anxious to give it a shot a light/nectar earthy colored calfskin lash too. Full survey and exhibition to continue in 2 weeks.