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Initial Impressions: Citizen Nighthawk

Initial Impressions: Citizen Nighthawk

The Nighthawk is an element stuffed pilot’s watch with striking glances at a reasonable cost. For under $250 you get an inside slide rule bezel, a GMT hand, date, standard 3-hand time keeping and a steel arm band. As a site that centers around moderateness and great plan, this list of capabilities alongside the extraordinary stylish of a pilot’s slide rule settled on the watch decision out to us. Having had the chance to see one face to face and live with the watch for a period, I should say it is truly a fabulous watch. The form nature of the watch is without censure, everything is tough, the dial is perfect and the interior bezel floats easily. The nature of the steel arm band the watch comes on was a wonderful shock too. I think that its both truly comfortable and all around styled for the watch. The actual watch is very light, however it’s not ailing in substance. Like each Citizen observe right now underway (with the exception of their top of the line Campagnola line) it is fueled by their particular “Eco-Drive” development, which is a sun oriented controlled quartz development. The absence of a mechanical development represents the generally lightweight.

The genuine star of this watch, in any case, is the edge-to-edge dial, which contains sufficient data for a few watches. I’ll save the point by point breakdown for the full audit to follow, yet to some up my overall sentiments on it, the dial is turbulent, hypnotizing and sort of splendid. Despite the fact that the watch isn’t garish, the sheer force of the dial alone has drawn numerous a complement from both watch lovers and the unenlightened. Basically, it’s exceptionally cool looking and very unique.

Keep an eye out for the full audit where I’ll get into the different elements of the watch, including that obscure slide rule bezel.

Thank you to for providing the Nighthawk survey unit

By Zach Weiss