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Initial Impressions: Steinhart Nav B-Uhr II B-Type

Initial Impressions: Steinhart Nav B-Uhr II B-Type

We’re truly eager to have another Steinhart up for survey on worn&wound. Back in March, Zach set up his survey of the Steinhart Ocean Vintage Military (OVM) , which has since become one of our most read, shared and talked about articles. This time around I’ll be bringing you my musings on the Nav B-Uhr II B-Type , Steinhart’s take on the vintage German military pilot observe first found in the 1940’s. 

The Nav B-Uhr II B-Type is a watch that I chose to buy not very long ago.  If you’ve looked at the w&w bios page, you realize that I’m a sucker for pilot watches, particularly those in the vintage style, so the B-Type is directly in my wheelhouse.  And similar to the case with all Steinhart watches, the B-Type is a take, coming in at roughly $400 shipped.  For that value you get a beautifully styled observe consistent with its vintage roots, ETA 2824-2 programmed development, domed sapphire gem with against intelligent covering, marked crown in your decision of onion or precious stone and superb build quality.

The Steinhart shows up in a similar bundling we saw with Zach’s OVM. A white box with silver lettering encompasses a straightforward matte black calfskin box containing the B-Type.  As Zach put it, “it’s bundling that fills a basic need, to get the item to you in great condition and afterward let the item represent itself.”  When my B-Type showed up I was astonished to find that it had come on a lash other than what was advertised.  Rather than the double-studded brown cowhide tie imagined on Steinhart’s website, I got a non-studded chocolate calfskin tie which itself is very pleasant. So I sent Steinhart a fast email clarifying the misunderstanding and they sent the right lash quickly, gratis (beside customs).  Both of the ties are very quite comfortable to wear, with some weight and rigidity.

The Nav B-Uhr II B-Type itself is an amusement of the first pilot watches delivered during WWII. Back in the 1940’s, companies any semblance of IWC, Laco and Stowa were accused of creating looks for the German military, a significant number of which keep on delivering this style of watch today.  The Steinhart B-Type is explicitly styled after the observer’s style pilot watch, which includes a little inward hour ring on the dial, with minute/second pointers along the external dial, and roman sword style, blue steel hands lining up with each.  The Steinhart stays devoted to the first pieces even in its oversight of any non-time related markings on the dial, including a logo.  The outcome as I would see it is a spotless, utilitarian dial with a bit of radiance in the cleaned steel hands.

The Nav B-Uhr II B-Type is a comfortable wear, estimating 44 mm in measurement with 22 mm lugs.  I’ve found that I most as often as possible wear it with a nylon NATO in one or the other green or brown, since the warmth of the late spring is upon us.  I’ve found that keeps twisted very well, and with its non-screw down crown, is not difficult to toss on the in morning, wind and set the time.

All in all, hitherto I am altogether making the most of my experience with the Steinhart Nav B-Uhr II B-Type.  Make sure to inquire half a month when I’ll have my full audit, complete with video and full photograph gallery.  In the interim, if it’s not too much trouble, let me know whether there is anything explicit you’d like me to examine in the survey by leaving a comment below.

By Blake