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Introducing Rossling & Co.

Introducing Rossling & Co.

Superior grade, ultra meager, adaptable, stylish and reasonable. Does that depict a watch you might want? Provided that this is true, Rossling & Co. has something to show you. Rossling & Co. is another watch company began by a couple of brothers who are utilizing Kickstarter to help get their new watch going and in your hands. *Update: the task got financed in a little more than 1 day! The thought for the new company began of the longing for a trendy watch that was likewise flexible: one that would be useful for work and then making the rounds later around evening time. The majority of the watches considered were either useful for one job, yet not the other, or if pertinent to the two situations were simply excessively costly. Thus, the siblings set out to attempt to plan a watch to accommodate their needs:

  • An moderate watch under $250USD
  • One that was flexible and could be worn in dress or easygoing environments
  • A exemplary and immortal style to the watch

The plan of the watch is especially in the spotless and negligible school. No unnecessary content or markers are on the dial giving it a very interruption free look. Stick markers and dainty stick hands were picked and give a presentation of evenness to the plan. It’s a traditional look which is reasonable given they drew quite a bit of their motivation from watches from the 1920’s and 1930’s. The dial will be accessible in one or the other dark or white and the case in silver or gold. Talking about the case, because of a “special producing process” it comes in at a thin 7mm thick. On the breadth side the case is 40mm which by today’s standards may be just about ideal for a dress watch just as a unisex watch. The measurements are particularly as opposed to a ton of what is accessible today and give a pleasant option in contrast to super-sized watches.

One fascinating component to this watch is the lash, really the decision of material for the tie: tweed. The siblings felt that calfskin ties, while incredible on dress watches, are not easygoing. On the opposite end nylon, material or silicon ties are bounty easygoing however not exactly in the proper domain. The siblings picked tweed for it’s adaptability and use in extravagance style. They cooperated with a tie producer to make a tie with a calfskin backing that gives a truly special look. It is a pleasant compliment to the watch and seems as though it would be truly comfortable to wear.

Inside the watch, accomplishing all the work, is a Swiss Ronda 1069 quartz development with the seconds at 6 o’clock. Picking a quartz development was positively essential for holding the expense down, and adds to the magnificently slim plan. Balancing things is a sapphire gem covering the dial and hands. A pleasant expansion to the watch, particularly with a last anticipated value (post-Kickstarter) of $159, well underneath their objective of under $250.

And that is the manner by which you can get one presently, accepting they make their subsidizing of $19,200, is through their Kickstarter page. There are a handful of vow levels beginning at $29 for a lash in particular and $99 for the initial 100 for a watch. After the initial 100 the following 200 individuals can get in at $119. It appears to be a decent arrangement for a very much planned watch for certain interesting highlights, and you’re a few people who are taking a gander at making their fantasy a reality.


  • Case distance across: 40 mm
  • Case thickness: 7 mm
  • Lugs: 20 mm
  • Crystal: Sapphire
  • Material: Stainless steel 316L
  • Movement: Swiss Ronda 1069
  • Strap: 20mm Tweed lash, with calfskin backing
  • WR: 3 ATM (30m) water resistant

by James Enloe