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Introducing the Hexa Q500

Introducing the Hexa Q500

Hexa is youthful watch brand that made a decent lot of commotion in the reasonable watch world prior in 2013 with the arrival of their 500-meter K500 jumper . Hexa was established with the objective of creating “purpose-assembled instruments that include inventive and unique plan solutions” and with the K500 apparently they conveyed on that guarantee. Going in cost from $624 to $799, the K500’s are surely moderate, and their particularly uneven, rough plan give them a mark look.

Now, Hexa is back with the arrival of their subsequent watch, the Q500 , a more reasonable quartz form of the first K500. What the brand is warmly alluding to as “a in and out quartz instrument diver” the Q500 offers a similar case configuration found on the K500 at a firmly more spending cordial cost of $350 with custom Italian elastic jump tie and discretionary move up to 5 connection wristband. Additionally like the K500, the Q model is planned, constructed and tried in the US with 2-year producers guarantee by Lüm-Tec and long term battery.  Unique to the Q500 is another dark on-dim colorway in either a brushed or dab impacted finish.

Where the K500 is fabricated and planned considering capacity and sturdiness, the Q500 makes things a stride further and puts forth a solid defense as the one watch you need to wear during your most tricky experiences. The Q500 estimates 44MM in width, 51MM drag to carry and 14.75MM tall, with a 3MM Sapphire Crystal and iridescence by Lüm-Tec, making it one truly burly watch. With the incorporation of a Miyota quartz development, you realize this watch can get hammered and continue to serve you well.

$329 is an amazingly compelling cost for a watch with these components, plan and promoted quality. We’re anticipating getting our hands on one not long from now to tell you our  impressions. For more data on the Q500, K500 or the Hexa brand, head over to their site today.

By Blake Malin

Photos kindness Hexa Watches