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Introducing the L.E.S. Series 2 by Stanton Watch Co

Introducing the L.E.S. Series 2 by Stanton Watch Co

Stanton Watches is an intriguing youthful brand situated in Hoboken, NJ that we’ve had our eyes on for some time. Indeed, we set up an introduction to them a couple of months prior that you can peruse here. Makes Stanton Watches fascinating that they are accomplishing something pretty unique in relation to every other person. No massive jumpers, no pilot’s watches, rather they center around dress watches. Which are all made with German cases, Swiss developments, sapphire precious stones and moderate prices.

Today we have the joy of acquainting you with their freshest model, the L.E.S (Lower East Side) Edition Series 2. As the name recommends, this is a development to their L.E.S. 1, which sold out quite a while in the past. What sets the L.E.S. aside from the remainder of the Stanton line is that it incorporates a genuinely formal dial plan with a somewhat lively 40mm case that includes a held edge bezel and crown watches. The outcome is something a touch more manly and tough than your common dress watch, yet still rich and appropriate.

The Series 2 has a completely new dial plan that is very appealing. The dial includes an inward silver sunburst territory that contains an hour record of slim dark roman numerals, an extravagant Stanton logo and a date window. A white section ring that has a list of dark lines and little gold half-circles borders the middle zone. The gold vaults are a particularly pleasant detail, without a moment’s delay sprucing up the watch and alluding to vintage plans. The hands are dainty dark pointed sticks that keep in-accordance with the game/dress blend. All things considered, it’s an attractive watch that I for one accept is an enhancement for the first L.E.S.

The L.E.S. Arrangement 2 will cost $1,095 and include sapphire gems front and back, a Selitta SW200 programmed development and a certified crocodile lash. The watch will be accessible by means of Stanton Watch’s site inside the following not many days, yet should you as of now be influenced into a buy you can pre-request by messaging [email protected] . Remember that like the first, the L.E.S. Arrangement 2 is a restricted edition.

By Zach Weiss