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Introducing the MeisterSinger Pangaea Day Date

Introducing the MeisterSinger Pangaea Day Date

For those new, MeisterSinger is a German watch brand that in only 12 years of activity has built up the standing as a main producer of one-gave watches. Their basic, exquisite plans reflect not just a commitment to stylish and quality craftsmanship, yet in addition the idea of Ur-Uhr, or unique watch, which is at the center of the company’s brand character and plan theory. All MeisterSinger pieces are propelled by the first and most basic time telling gadgets, for example, a sundial or hour glass, and the new Pangaea Day Date uncovered at Baselworld 2013 proceeds with this MeisterSinger custom by combining utility, effortlessness and refined tasteful seamlessly.

The Pangaea Day Date follows the natural plan of a MeisterSinger watch, with huge needle hand coming to the actual edge of the dial. Printed hash markers line the external edge of the dial for every moment, with lengthened and strong pointers every five minutes and mathematical markers at every hour. This no nonsense way to deal with one-gave time telling, while not creative or energizing, takes care of business well, and presents a shockingly usable one gave watch.

With the Pangaea, two separate plates, recessed underneath the principle dial surface, show the date and day of the week. As these plates pivot, a red line marker at the 12 o’clock position and three-sided pointer toward the focal point of the dial attract your eye to a middle position where the circles adjust and show the right day of the week and day of the month. While this plan expands upon the current Perigraph model which includes a date ring like the one found on the Pangaea, the expansion of the day wheel is by all accounts a characteristic development of a compelling center design.

The Pangaea is fueled by a Sellita SW 220-1, incorporates sapphire gem over the dial and sapphire showcase case back and quantifies 40 mm in breadth by 10.5 mm tall, making it a truly wearable and dependable piece. In the hand, all MeisterSinger watches we’ve took care of feel all around made and neatly completed, and the Pangaea is no exemption. Accessible with white and creme dials with dark content or dark dial and white content, the Pangaea will retail for 1,890 € (incorporates vat).

In option to looking at the new Pangaea, we got our hands on a couple of extra MeisterSinger pieces including the cool Singulator, their interpretation of a controller. What separates the Singulator is that, not normal for most other controller models accessible with concentrated moment hand, it includes a brought together hour hand to keep with the customary MeisterSinger look. We additionally investigated a fascinating “6-hour” dial watch that highlights two hour rings, with the first showing 1-6 and the second showing 7-12.

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by Blake Malin