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Last Drop 1971 Blended Scotch Whisky: Is This The World’s Most Exclusive Whisky? | Quill & Pad

Last Drop 1971 Blended Scotch Whisky: Is This The World’s Most Exclusive Whisky? | Quill & Pad

After recognized professions in the spirits business, and past, James Espey and Tom Jago felt that they had somewhat more to bringing to the table. They were resolved, in the event that you will pardon the quip, to extract the absolute last drop from their talents.

Espey was associated with J&B, Chivas Regal, and other star spirits, while Jago, after a period with the Royal Navy, gone through 60 years in the spirits business and was pivotal to the improvement of items, for example, Bailey’s Irish Cream and works of art like Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Sadly, Jago died at 93 years old in October 2018. In any case, not before both of them set up Last Drop Distillers in 2008, presently run by their particular girls, Beanie and Rebecca.

Last Drop: what’s it about?

The thought is to source uncommon and top of the line spirits, generally with impressive age, and offer them to intrigued buyers. This is a fundamentally the same as idea to what the group at Equipo Navazos has finished with sherry. Some of Last Drop’s items – and in the company’s decade of tasks, there have just been 13 deliveries – are very restricted and genuinely expensive.

Last Drop 1971 blended Scotch whisky

The first delivery in quite a while a 1960 blended Scotch whisky. A mix of in excess of 80 unique components, it was made to be delivered as a 12 year old. While a large portion of it met that destiny, three containers were not utilized and sat overlooked and disliked until the Last Drop group arrived.

Those containers gave sufficient whisky to 1,347 jugs. A fast hunt uncovers two or three retailers around the planet do stock a jug or two, with the cost somewhere in the range of $3,400 and $3,900.

There has been a sluggish stream since then.

The second delivery was a 1950 cognac (478 containers). At that point came a 50-year-old blended Scotch whisky (388 jugs); a 48-year-old blended Scotch whisky (592 jugs); a 1967 Glen Garioch single-malt whisky (118 containers estimated somewhere in the range of AUD$8,000 and AUD$9,000 as per an inquiry across the web of stockists, of which there were two); a 1961 Dumbarton single-grain whisky (32 jugs, and best of luck discovering one of them); a 1972 Lochside single-grain whisky (106 jugs); a 1947 Hors d’Age Cognac (186 jugs); the 1971, which we will zero in on, being the 10th delivery; a Centenario Duo of Tawny Ports, 1870 and 1970 (770 sets – up until now, the lone delivery that is a move away from unadulterated spirits); a 1968 Glenrothes malt whisky (from two distinct barrels, so 168 jugs from one and 141 jugs from the other); and the most recent, the 1982 Buffalo Trace whiskey (44 bottles).

It is significant that some of these incorporate a 50 ml sampler so you can attempt your prize without opening the bottle.

Last Drop 1971 blended Scotch whisky

The 1971 Last Drop blended Scotch whisky , from a year that the group likes to remind us was when Disney World initially opened in Orlando and the Apollo 14 space travelers were rehearsing their chip shots on the outside of the moon, offers more freedom than most as 1,352 containers were delivered. The value, a hunt uncovers, settles down anyplace among AUD$4,000 and more than twice that.

Is Last Drop 1971 worth it?

The interminable inquiry gets the unceasing answer: altogether up to the person. It is all family member, yet what isn’t being referred to is that this is a whisky of extraordinary extraordinariness and positively splendid quality.

It was initially blended back in 1983 for delivery to the American market as an exceptionally fine 12-year-old mix. Not everything was required, and the rest of moved to eleven ex-Oloroso sherry butts to sit undisturbed for a further nine years.

A minuscule amount was eliminated for packaging as a 21-year-old mix and the rest of put in nine “ex-American oak barrels.” One accepts that what they mean is that they are ex-whiskey, as clearly a barrel, when American oak, will stay American oak. No matter.

Twenty after four years, Last Drop freed them and packaged the contents for its program. Also, in the event that you are snappy, you can join the party.

So, how great is Last Drop 1971 blended Scotch whisky?

Some extraordinary spirits are definitely intended to be tanked – tasted respectfully – acting with great humility. This is one of them. Raisins, sultanas, glacé natural product; it is still incredibly new and dynamic, yet inconceivably complex.

The sign of this soul is, notwithstanding, its incredible length. The length shares more for all intents and purpose with one of the superb old Rutherglen muscats . It is awesomely long and the force never falters for an instant.

More flavors unfurl on the sense of taste: stone organic products, figs, orange skin, even florals. The surface offers some fire and force. This is debauchery in a glass.

The others? Unfortunately, at this stage, I can’t comment explicitly, yet in the event that you find the opportunity, don’t miss them. Furthermore, kindly let us know.

For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, visit .

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