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Lew & Huey Riccardo Review

Lew & Huey Riccardo Review

Not very far in the past, we acquainted you with the Lew & Huey Riccardo . By then, the brand was attempting to fund-raise by means of kickstarter to get the watch going, which unmistakably was fruitful. Chris Vail, the brand’s organizer, worked really hard of building community uphold through WUS and different blog entries, making an after before the watches were at any point even made. Presently, the Riccardo is basically sold out and individuals are anticipating his next watches, the Acionna and Spectre.

There were a couple of exceptionally energizing things about the Riccardo , so we were very glad to get the opportunity to give it an audit. To begin, it’s a programmed chronograph that costs $550 because of the Seagull ST1940 development inside. We love it when brands faces challenges, and in the Swiss and Japanese development ruled watch-o-circle, utilizing a Chinese made chronograph is a touch of striking move, particularly for a first watch. However, it’s an extremely cool development and one of, if not the most, reasonable approach to make another mechanical chronograph. Thus, we were glad to see it being used. Aside from that, the plan was roused by 60’s and 70’s rally chronographs, can’t turn out badly there, and featured a case that glanced extremely hot in photographs. So, let’s simply get into it.

Lew & Huey Riccardo Review

Case: Steel Movement: Seagull ST1940 Dial: Blue Lume: Yes Lens: Sapphire Strap: Leather Water Res.: 10ATM Dimensions: 42 x 49mm Thickness: 15.5 mm Lug Width: 20 mm Crowns: 7 x 3mm Warranty: 1 year Price: $550


The 42 x 49 x 15.5 mm (to the highest point of the domed sapphire) steel instance of the Riccardo has a shockingly exquisite plan that is a champion feature. Regarding size, it’s a truly decent medium/enormous that functions admirably for a lively chronograph. The breadth is large enough for presence, while the drag to-carry is sufficiently little to fit reasonably. The breadth is outwardly stressed by the moderately little 20mm carry width, which I think work pleasantly with the case, giving the watch an additional feeling of width and mass.

The most striking feature of the plan, which is genuinely standard in many regards, are the flawlessly bent drags. Promptly inferring the notable instance of the Omega Speedmaster, the carries add interest and a sculptural component that rejuvenates the case. It likewise adds a touch of 60’s – 70’s style that addresses the watch’s motivations. Math aside, the completing and execution here is additionally very acceptable. Fresh edges add to the emotional structure while a blend of cleaned and brushed surfaces play with light.

At three is a properly estimated 7 x 3mm screw-down crown with a Lew & Huey canine logo carved as an afterthought. Flanking the crown at 2 and 4 are elliptical chrono-pushers that add a la mode and ergonomic detail. Like the curved drags, this is another component that one doesn’t see over and over again that is very appealing. The long pushers mirror the shaping of the case for a general more smoothed out appearance and have some variety in width themselves, making a decent surface to push on.

The Riccardo additionally features a presentation case back, which shows off the complicated and appealing ST1940 section wheel chronograph development inside. Chronographs are especially engaging to have the option to see since there are such countless extra components inside, and the ST1940 has the additional advantage of blued screws, gold tone gears and a periodic spot of surface for a truly agreeable view. Around the window is a scratched region with different insights concerning the watch.


The dial of the Riccardo has a genuinely straightforward design with a retro vibe. Accessible in one or the other dark or blue, the sunburst metallic blue surface has an energetic and rich tinge. The blue is exceptionally extreme and very brilliant, skirting on a regal tone. All things considered, you best like blue a dreadful part in the event that you get this watch, as it’s going to champion. It’s additionally highlighted by red and silver, which both have a ton of presence.

The essential list of the Riccardo comprises of applied rectangular markers with lume filling, which ride the blue focal region and the silver external edge. Between every marker, on the silver edge, are dark lines for the individual minutes/seconds. Since the watch is a mechanical chronograph, I wish there had been more noteworthy exactness that just to the single second as the chronograph can be halted between. The applied markers have great neatness and an exemplary look, however somewhat more variety would have been nice.

Framing the dial is a blue section ring with little white numerals at time periods. Like the silver ring, I wish the accuracy here was higher or that the ring had been utilized in an unexpected way, as there is all in all too much void space. A tachymeter scale would have been an overall quite important touch too. What is pleasant is the way the layering of the blue section ring, to the silver edge then to the blue dial surface makes a completed vibe. The external blue ring makes the internal silver ring truly pop, which has a pleasant effect.

At 3 and 9 are sub-dials for the 30-minute aggregator and dynamic seconds, individually. The two dials feature a similar plan, which comprises of a silver ring with a printed file of dark lines around a focal blue zone that has white numerals. The blue regions inside additionally have a concentric circle graining on top of the sunburst surface for an emotional play of light. In spite of the fact that there is no lume present here, they are entirely neat sub-dials for genuinely simple perusing at a glance.

At 12 and 6 are the logos and unmistakable content. As I had referenced when we previously discussed this watch, the canine logo at 12 is an affection it or leave it detail. It’s an enormous and realistic logo that overwhelms the upper segment of the dial. On one hand, it’s important marking and remarkable for a watch face, on different its diverting. I like the logo on the crown and fasten, which I believe are proper and keen employments of a realistic logo, yet it’s just a lot for my eyes on the dial. The content “Lew & Huey” underneath that is then again very exquisite and would have been all that anyone could need all alone, or with an abridged rendition of the graphic.

The hands on the Riccardo are straightforward and suitable for the plan. The hour and moment hands are huge cleaned square shapes with a slight shape and bit of 3-dimensionality. They each have little bits of lume for late evening seeing. The sub-dials both have red stick hands, which stand apart well against the blue surface. The chronograph seconds likewise is a red stick, however features a squiggly tail stabilizer which integrates with the logo plan. Here as well, I think this is an astute utilization of marking that makes the full printed canine a touch of overkill.


At its heart, the Riccardo has the Seagull ST1940 programmed segment wheel chronograph development. The ST1940 is similar as the ST19’s we’ve found in the Seagull 1963 arrangement, however with a programmed winding framework and 33 gems. These developments are extremely cool in principle and consistently amusing to discover in a watch. They depend on a Venus chronograph from the mid 60’s and are kind of a living relic. They are likewise right now the most affordable approach to get another programmed chronograph and they end up being “column wheel” style, which is a more complicated instrument to fabricate (however not really better).

In use, the development appeared to be exact and had no force save issues. All things considered, I saw that when the chronograph was activated, the moment counter moved somewhat past nothing, which moved where it arrived on continuing minutes also, however it reset to nothing. I likewise have discovered that these developments have a uninspiring sensation when utilizing the chronograph. The beginning and stop has a little snap, yet the reset has basically no snap, which simply bugs me.

Strap and Wearability

The Lew & Huey Riccardo comes mounted on a medium earthy colored 20mm calfskin lash. The quality is alright, yet not extraordinary. It’s a delicate, comfortable calfskin, yet the white difference sewing is lopsided which detracts from it. The subsequent manager is likewise excessively huge for the tie, so it will in general buoy around. It accompanies a marked organization catch, notwithstanding, which is a decent expansion. I like the utilization of the canine logo here as it’s a great detail to see when putting on the watch.

Most critically, the lash looks great with the watch. The medium/tan earthy colored works out positively for the blue dial and draws out the red hands. It’s additionally a lively/vintage style, suggestive of the Hirsch Liberty, that works with more strong watches like a chrono. The watch would likewise function admirably with a calfskin large opening meeting style lash, which a few group on instagram have been testing. Or on the other hand put this on a splendid multi-shaded NATO for a summery look.

I was amazed by how well the Riccardo wears. I expected given its size and stature that it would be somewhat unwieldy, yet it’s truly comfortable and fitting. The curving carries put forth the defense look somewhat more modest as well, accentuating the focal territory. The proportioning of everything, from the components of the dial to the carry width, truly comes together when you see the watch as a whole.

I was likewise astounded by the amount I preferred the blue dial. As somebody who isn’t commonly attracted to them, I anticipated that it should not actually reverberate to me, yet when on the wrist it’s extremely engaging. It’s splendid and enthusiastic, giving the watch an energy that is startling. It additionally looks great with more clothing than I suspected. A dull dark shirt made the watch truly pop, while something with more tone in it mixed with the dial.


The Lew & Huey Riccardo is one of those watches that bodes well when you are wearing it. Off the wrist, there are things that you’ll notice might have been refined plan astute. Specifically the logo on the dial and a touch of conventionality in the markers. Be that as it may, you, or I all the more explicitly, disregarded them when the watch is on, just in light of the fact that it’s a pleasant watch. The case is cool, it fits well, the blue dial is vivacious and it’s a programmed chronograph, which is alway a decent time. What’s more, everything being equal, that’s the more noteworthy test.

Over all, it’s very much fabricated however the tie could utilize a touch of QC and the ST1940 development had some arrangement issues. Having utilized other Seagull chronos, I realize that isn’t generally the situation so it very well may be a one time concern. At $550, the Riccardo is a good arrangement for a programmed chronograph however on the higher side for a Seagull controlled one, on the other hand. Truly, $550 seems like the correct value in light of everything. The watch is likewise exceptionally restricted, being a version of 150. At the hour of composing this, there were just 20 units on blue left so there is additionally somewhat of a collectable faction item.

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by Zach Weiss