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Living on Plastic – for a Month: Episode 1

Living on Plastic – for a Month: Episode 1

Thus it begins…

As a self-admitted watch fanatic, I realize I invest a lot energy, cash and exertion seeking after the most recent Ideal Watch. I go through hours conversing with watchie companions, comparing thoughts and musings on new and vintage watches. I even invest a lot of energy in the first part of the day choosing which one to wear. It’s not obscure for me to take an extra along in the satchel simply in the event that I extravagant a change part of the way through the morning.

This is a compulsion. Clearly.

So I have an arrangement. A test, on the off chance that you like.

I’m going to perceive what happens when I lock the watchbox (toybox?) and put my allegorical checkbook away.

I’m going to be a one-watch chap for the following month.

But an extraordinary watch. Good gracious. That would be nothing but bad by any means. It should be the absolute opposite of everything that’s at present in the collection.

My thing is for traditional, clean-lined and vintage. So a Reverso sits close by a 1964 overlaid dial 1016, an early GMT II, an Exp I, a HEQ Grand Seiko and a chasing pair of Nomoses (Nomoi?) alongside a couple others.

The ideal foil? A Casio, obviously. Also, an extraordinary Casio all things considered. It should be modest, pitch and advanced. The complete inverse of the current mob.

So it’s going to be a Casio F-91W .

And it’s not in the soul of the thing to purchase my new, plastic Casio from a legitimate shop by the same token. Once more, this should be something contrary to my standard watch exchanges. These are normally either over a glass of wine with an individual watchnerd in a nation bar, a London lodging or in a shrewd, vintage watch dealer.

So, with scarcely two ticks of a mouse, I’ve requested a pristine Casio F-91 from Amazon. It shows up, kindness of Royal Mail any day now. Also, I’ll be turning the key in the watchbox, offering it to Pip for protection, and tying on, er, a plastic Casio F-91W-1YER. Smart. What’s more, I’ll be wearing it – regardless of what the event – for a month.

Fellow watchies will comprehend the extent of the errand. Non-watchies will just have affirmed their perspectives on my sanity.

I’ll keep you posted.

by Mark McArthur-Christie

Come back next Thursday for Episode 2: The Arrival