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Lüm-Tec 300M-2 Review

Lüm-Tec 300M-2 Review

Lüm-Tec , as a general rule, conveys the absolute most extraordinary new watches each year. Exceptional, manly and rock solid, their watches have a character all to their own. We’ve investigated a few distinct models throughout the most recent few years, including the M33 , Combat and V arrangement and are constantly left intrigued. At the point when we saw an early review drawing of the 300M arrangement , we were especially energized by it. Not on the grounds that it is cool looking, and somewhat not the same as different watches in their line, yet in addition since it was accessible in two sizes, 40 and 45mm.

With huge loads of huge watches flooding the market out of the blue, a 40mm device jumper sticks out. The 300M arrangement is accessible in an aggregate of 4 models comprised of 2 sizes in one or the other steel or PVD. Today, we’ll investigate the 300M-2, which is the PVD 40mm rendition. Including a sapphire gem and bezel, 2 lashes, 300M water obstruction and a Seiko Sii NH35 development, this is the sort of over-constructed jumper you’d anticipate from Lüm-Tec.

Case: PVD Steel Movement: Seiko NH35 Dial: Black Lume: Yes, 2-tone Lens: Sapphire Strap: PVD Bracelet + Rubber Water Res.: 300M Dimensions: 40 x 48.75mm Thickness: 14.75 mm Lug Width: 22 mm Crown: 6 x 4 mm screw down Weight Bracelet: 7.5oz/214g Weight Rubber: 4.1oz/117g Warranty: 1 Years w/lifetime timing changes Price: $895


The 300M-2 quickly dazzles with its strong feel and haul. The 40 x 48.5 x 14.75mm PVD steel case is fabricated like a stone and regardless of being on the more modest side for a cutting edge jumper has a commanding presence. The case has a strong mathematical plan with long, wide, rakish drags and a tube shaped focus case. Taking a gander at the watch from over, the plan is overwhelmed by the sapphire supplement bezel, which really gauges a drop more extensive than 40mm. At 3 is a reasonably measured 6 x 4mm screw down crown that is flanked by rakish crown guards.

The bezel is genuinely tall, about 4mm, with wide holds running at the edge, making it simple to handle and turn. The 60-click unidirectional instrument is of amazingly acceptable quality. It feels inflexible and clicks with a delightful and exact snap. Flipping the watch over, you can see the screw down case back, which is doesn’t have PVD covering. Working on this issue back is a profound carving of the Lüm-Tec LT logo in the middle circled by different subtleties. The case back is especially thick on the 300M, seeming like a vault entryway of some kind.

The PVD working on it is profound dark and is applied over a glossy silk brushed wrapped up. This gives the watch a slight sheen that functions admirably with the plan. There is a fascinating point of interest on the external edge of the carries. Each has been sloped marginally, making an erupted level surface along the edge. This surface has then been cleaned, giving the PVD an alternate look. It’s a decent beautifying contact likewise gives the watch somewhat a more keen and more forceful look.

The genuine extraordinary component of the case is essentially the form quality. It has a strong vibe that combined with the overall haul of the watch is certainty actuating. I think the 40mm plan adds to this as the watch in a real sense is more compact than your regular current device jumper, which will in general be in any event 42mm in breadth. The AR covered sapphire precious stone and sapphire bezel likewise help to make a solid package.


Lüm-Tec has a particular striking stylish that they have been adjusting throughout the most recent couple of years. Their dials are normally genuinely straightforward, with larger than usual markers and a contemporary energetic stylish. With the 300M, they’ve proceeded and refined this style on what I believe is one of their best dials yet. The dial of the 300M comprises of two layers, in addition to seemingly the bezel. The most reduced layer, the fundamental dial, is matte dark with a solitary record of striking images. At 3, 6 and 9 there are pyramid or bolt molded markers with little patterns, giving them a feeling of directionality. At 12 is a bigger numeral and different markers are generally enormous trapezoid that tighten towards the focal point of the dial.

The markers themselves, which are all lumed, (more on that later) give off an impression of being applied as opposed to printed. Regardless of whether they are simply thickly applied or shaped is difficult to tell, yet the visual outcome is that they have incredibly fresh edges. There is a touch of text on the principle dial territory. Just under 12 is a Lüm-Tec logo in dull red and “MDV Technology” in dim dark. Simply over 6 says 300M and programmed likewise in dull red and dark. Both of these tones are very dull that initially they can be disregarded totally. Given the force of the encompassing markers, this was a decent decision at the dial would have immediately gotten excessively occupied. In conclusion, somewhere in the range of 4 and 5 is a window for the date, which is introduced as white content on a dark surface.

The next layer of the dial is the part ring, which several millimeters over the fundamental dial, making an incredible feeling of profundity. On this raised ring is a basic file of lumed squares and dull dark lines. The squares line up with the markers beneath, making some congruity between the surfaces. One exceptionally cool impact of the stature of this part ring is that it is practically level with the seconds hand. Where as ordinarily, the seconds hand floats over the markers, here it feels like it focuses straightforwardly at the markers.

The last segment of the dial isn’t actually part of the dial, it’s the bezel, however since its realistic components incorporate with the dial, it’s worth talking about simultaneously. The bezel embed really differentiates the style of the inward dial a piece, by having a slight retro tasteful. The file comprises of numerals for 15, 30 and 45 with a huge spot for 60/0. There are then square shapes like clockwork, and a little arranged for every moment to 15. Such a quarterly list is suggestive of bezels from early plunge watches. The difference between the contemporary dial and the retro bezel is very pleasant. They kind of equilibrium each other out, so the watch neither feels too present day nor like a throwback.

The hour and moment hands of the 300M are matte dark roman blades with lume filling. They did something intriguing here where they split the topping mostly off each hand, making a more remarkable plan. The seconds hand is a meager candy style with a red lumed filled circle towards the tip. The utilization of red here is a pleasant touch as there is generally almost no tone, during the day, at least.


They don’t call it Lüm-Tec to no end. With their MDV (Maximum Darkness Visibility) technology, and the name of the actual brand, they plainly set a high bar for their shining abilities and the 300M satisfies hopes. During the day, the markers all seem, by all accounts, to be a light green tone. Around evening time, nonetheless, the lume uncovers that it is two conditioned, green and blue, making an energizing and dynamic play of shadings. The enormous twelve and the pyramid molded markers are altogether green while the trapezoids between are brilliant blue. Likewise, on the bezel the numerals and huge dab are green and the markers between are blue. The hands and the section ring are simply green.

The lume is very brilliant, charges quick and keeps going some time. I saw the watch sparkling splendidly even after momentarily being outside and coming once again into a structure hall. The two-tone lume is lovely and not just makes things really energizing; it practically recognizes markers at look much more without any problem. Despite the fact that I stay above ocean level, I could envision that two-tone lume would be profitable under water.

Movement: Sii NH35

The 300M-2 is controlled by the Seiko fabricated NH35 development. This 24-gem programmed highlights hand winding, hacking seconds, date and a recurrence of 21,600 BPH. This is a popular and vigorous programmed, however it appears to be not to be utilized as commonly as comparable Miyota automatics. Lüm-Tec themselves appear to switch to and fro between the two. Regardless of whether this is an inclination or sourcing issue is un-clear. While the development capacities appropriately, keeps extraordinary time, etc… one does normally discover this development in more affordable watches. Eventually, quality is the thing that is important and this is a decent development, however it’s worth referencing. Additionally, Lüm-Tec supplies lifetime timing changes on their mechanical watches, should things escape whack.

Straps and Wearability

The 300M-2 comes with two ties; a PVD steel wristband and a shaped elastic lash. The steel wristband, which comes previously mounted to the watch, is truly astounding though hard to get off of the watch. It has an exemplary 3-interface/shellfish plan, however the connections are oval formed instead of level. This gives the arm band somewhat of a scaled look, as light and shadow play contrastingly on the molded surface. The round shape additionally makes the arm band a smidgen more comfortable than a level plan as the connections are not flush to your skin. Stylishly, the arm band functions admirably with the actual watch, expanding the roughness of the design.

Perhaps the best component of the wristband is really the catch, which is a bigger than normal square shape with a “LT” logo. What makes this fasten unique is that it has an incredible tightening jumper expansion worked in. There are two arrangements of catches close by of the fasten, two open it up and two actuate the augmentation. By essentially squeezing the catches, you can broaden the arm band by almost 2 connections. What’s extraordinary about it is that you can really measure it in a lot more modest additions, about 2mm per, also. Thus, during the day, when you’ve been perspiring and the arm band out of nowhere feels tight, you can change it somewhat to be more comfortable.

The elastic lash is a genuinely thick shaped dull dim elastic. There is a gridded design alongside a Lüm-Tec logo shaped into the outdoors of each side of the tie. The underside is then really burrowed out, apparently to make a zone for dampness to move away from the skin. Generally, it’s a beautiful comfortable lash, however it has that sort of tenacity that elastic ties will in general have. In any case, it’s an incredible substitute lash to have as a change from the wristband. It keeps up the energy of the watch, and makes it somewhat lighter as well.

On the wrist the 300M-2 has astounding presence and is maybe the most wearable present day apparatus jumper I’ve experienced. The more modest case configuration is a genuine champ regarding ergonomics and fit, particularly on a fairly more modest wrist. That being said, I think it is as yet monstrous enough to fit bigger wrists. The watch looks savage, especially on the wristband, with a lively disposition that entices to be utilized in a functioning climate. Stylishly, this isn’t for individuals who need something unobtrusive. The huge markers champion and the long rakish carries seem as though they could take a shot. Truth be told, in PVD the watch has somewhat of a strategic/military vibe that makes it even more forceful looking.


There is a great deal to like about the 300M-2 , from the form quality to the tasteful, yet the size, basic as that is, is the thing that makes this a genuine champ. I know I’m not the only one by feeling baffled when I see another apparatus jumper come out with great watches just to discover its 47mm wide. Tremendous watches just can’t be worn by everybody, and there is something extremely engaging about the compactness of more modest watches. That being said, the 300M-2 is not tiny in the plan of things, and positively doesn’t act little. It’s a stout, mean-looking device jumper that is definitely not petite.

Apart from the size, the astonishing lume, sapphire gem and bezel, amazing wristband and workhorse Seiko development make this an overall incredible watch. At $895 this isn’t reasonable, and is in reality somewhat more cash than many competing brands’ watches. While the incentive is still excellent for a watch under $1,000, regardless of whether the watch is great is truly up to you. As I would like to think, in the event that you like the tasteful and highlights this is a watch you will truly enjoy.

By Zach Weiss audit unit provided by Lüm-Tec Watches